Takedown Drills

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Gripping Drills For Judo By Ilias Iliadis

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The Weird Grips & Throws That Made Illiadis One Of The Greatest Judokas In History. Shown On Film For The First Time – The Takedown Machine Finally Reveals His Gripping, Setups & Throws That No One Could St...

Shoot and Lift Drill For High Crotch Takedowns by Dan Vallimont

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Revolutionize Your High Crotch Takedown Strategy By Covering Basics, Drills, Set-Ups, Finishes, Shot Variations, And Even How To Defeat The Crackdown Position With 2x All-American Dan Vallimont! Lay a solid foun...

Important Fundamental Throwing Mechanics from Travis Stevens

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Build a rock solid foundation using Travis’s shadow footwork and floor exercises to get your lower body working towards the perfect Osoto Gari. Go from beginner to advanced at the Osoto Gari with Olympic Silver me...


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Discover a wide array of variations to the Ouchi Gari that transform this powerful technique into a foundational part of your game. Use battle-tested setups that will leave your opponent defenseless – seamlessly t...

Kuzushi The Principle Of Off Balancing – BJJ Basics by Fernando Yamasaki

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Learn how to grip, move, and attack takedowns for Brazilian jiu-jitsu with these classic judo concepts and techniques. Move with more comfort and efficiency in your gripping and footwork with these little de...

Tape Drills by Zach Tanelli

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Win From The Opening Seconds With These Wrestling Strategies And Attacks From Zach Tanelli. Master incredible hand fighting principles and strategies with the head coach of the Columbia University wrestling te...

5 Essential Wrestling Drills For NOGI BJJ

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When the lockdown first started I was completely inactive not believing we can train Jiu Jitsu without a partner. Then I started drilling virtually with my friends & this is what I do every day. Use these drills to ma...

30 Fun BJJ Conditioning Drills

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Some of the best BJJ conditioning drills that you will ever see!

Jiu-Jitsu Drills | Conditioning and Mobility Partner Drills

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Here are some great partner drills for conditioning and mobility that can be combined for a workout or used simply for a warm-up before a training session. You can mix, match and modify as needed, but these are some o...

André Galvão: Jiu Jitsu Drilling Concepts

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André Galvão's shares insights on drilling and Jiu Jitsu as a sport

Stop Holding Your Breath in BJJ ( Easy Drilling Tip ) – Nick Albin

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Have you ever found yourself just constantly holding your breath in BJJ? Have you ever had one of your coaches to tell you to breathe but never really offer any advice on how to do that? Here's a tip that's hel...

2 Things You Should Never Do In BJJ Or Wrestling

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Kyle Cerminara us 2 things that we should never do in wrestling or jiu jitsu

Double Leg Drill – Renzo Gracie Wrestling

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 Double Leg Drill: •Your lead-leg-knee has to hit the mat 2x. • Penetrate • Step Up • Penetrate Again at an angle       Double Leg Drill: •Your lead-leg-knee has to hit the mat 2x. • ...

Double leg (and more on takedowns) – Jordan Burroughs

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USA's wrestling hope Jordan Burroughs shows details on his double leg setup

Tree Top Takedown – SBG

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Coach Jesse Brock shows a nice little take down from the single leg

The John Wick Throw – Stylish and Effective

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Watch Elliot Hill explain and analyze the stylish and effective Sambo throw featured in the John Wick movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7AQC7BhLbA

Takedown To Bow And Arrow Choke

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Learn how to smoothly transition from a successful takedown to the Bow and Arrow choke

Judo Hip Throw – Sode tsuri-komi goshi

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You can't ask for more details about this throw than on this video

Uchimata Counter (Block, Hip defense, & Uchimata Kaeshi)

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How good is your Takedown defense with the Gi on?

Front Headlock Takedown into Peruvian Neck Tie Tutorial

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Mike Grundy shows how to hit the front headlock takedown and finish with the Peruvian neck tie choke

Double Leg Takedown – Adriano Silva

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Learn the details to the most used and effective takedown there is

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