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Shaolin Back Attack Magic – BJJ Scout

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Shaolin Back Attack Magic brought to you by BJJ Scout

Gianni Grippo – Crab Ride To Twister Hook Back Take

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In this video, Gianni takes you through how to take the back from the crab ride position using the twister hook

Back Mount Escape | Evolve MMA

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Best Way to DEFEND Your BACK from Submission Attacks ● BJJ Hand Fighting TIPS

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Best Way to DEFEND Your BACK from Submission Attacks ● BJJ Hand Fighting TIPS

Eddie Cummings Shows Backtake From Reinforced Russian Collar

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Part 1 of a quick video from today’s class at @mushinnyc. Back take from reinforced Russian collar. Emphasize the butterfly hooks staying in place until the uke’s hip are fully rotated. @musclepharm @scrambleb...

2 Quick Backmount Hacks that will help you keeping the Position

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In this Video Andreas shows how to maintain Control in Backmount when your opponent tries to Shoulderwalk Escape. The second part is about using the Half Power Nelson Grip to keep your Opponent from turning into you y...

Opposite side choke + backtake – AOJ’s Nick Bohli

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Opposite side choke + backtake by AOJ's Nick Bohli

Ezequiel from the Back- Renzo Gracie

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When you control your opponent from their back and they try to block your rear naked choke or collar choke, a good opportunity arises to shift to an ezequiel choke. Key points that Renzo stresses: Control you...

Do People Escape Your Back Mount ? Use this BJJ Choke Setup

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Here is a great Gi based Choke setup for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu when you have Back Mount but are losing the position, or are letting the person escape in a calculated way. The video for today was inspired by a recent...

Guard Retention to the Back Take – Cobrinha

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Guard Retention to the Back Take by CobrinhaBJJ

Keeping Back Control with the Walk and Sit

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Keeping the back mount can be tricky, especially once your opponent has removed the hooks. Usually at this point, it is a race to get your hooks back in before they are able to turn into you and escape. However, that ...

How To Set Up The Famous Rickson Gracie Rear Naked Choke- Henry Akins

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Rickson Gracie is known for his Mata Leao (rear naked choke) and his armbar. One of his top students Henry Akins experienced this technique first hand from Rickson himself and shows us some great details. Henry Aki...

Using a Sloppy Face Choke To Set Up a Deep Rear Naked Choke

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Guest post by David Avellan, an ADCC bronze medalist. Avellan has defeated many of the world’s best grapplers, such as BJJ Black Belt World Champions Rafael Lovato Jr., Tarsis Humphries, Amaury Bitteti, Alexandre ‘Xan...

Atos jiu jitsu BACK TAKE!!! MUST SEE!! Andre Galvao

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In this position Professor Andre Galvao shows how to set up the back take when your opponent come up with the under hook in the half guard.

Back take from sitting guard – Rodrigo Teixeira

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Back take from sitting guard by Rodrigo Teixeira

4 Rolling Back Attack Submissions

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Four Rolling Back Attack Submissions

Body Triangle Escape by Tom DeBlass

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Body Triangle Escape by Tom DeBlass

SUPERMAN back take- Andre Galvao

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In this position Professor Andre Galvao shows how to set up the SUPERMAN BACK TAKE!! He also shows how to set up some submissions as OPTIONS.

Belly Down Back Mount – Nick Albin

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One of my favorite positions in BJJ is the Belly Down Back Mount. To me, I think it's easily one of the worst if not THE WORST position in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. From a fight that involves punches, it's incredibl...

Heel Hook From Back Escape – Kent Peters

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Heel Hook From Back Escape by Kent Peters

Travis Stevens: “If I can see the back I can take the back…”

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BJJ black belt and Olympic Judo medalist Travis Stevens shares 3 ways to take the back using the principle "If I can see your back I can take your back".

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