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Inside Tie Side to Side Snap Downs by John Danaher

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John Danaher is the most sought after grappling instructor in the world. This is a clip from his upcoming video series on head and arm control.

An Easy Throw to Kneebar Combination

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A relatively easy-to-learn throw that leads straight into a submission by Ritchie Yip. This Sumi-Gaeshi to kneebar combo comes from Sambo and works great!

Cyborg Abreu On How He Sets Up The Tornado Throw

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Cyborg hits this one at every competition...

Easy Takedown When Someone Gets an Underhook by Travis Stevens

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This is one of my favorite takedowns when someone tries to get an under hook. It's simple yet very effective. Travis Stevens.

How To Have A Proper BJJ Stance For Competitions

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I show you the basics of how to properly stand up when grappling. This will help you defend take downs and keep from getting your knees blown out. Tim Spriggs.

Sambo Throws from the Russian Tie

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adim Kolganov, Russian Master of Sports in Judo and Sambo, internationally renowned instructor and head coach of Hybrid Fight Academy in Glasgow is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on different ...

The First Throw You Learn in Sambo- Rear Trip

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That is the throw Fedor Emelianenko used against Frank Mir in their fight.

Head Fake Kouchi Gari

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In this technique we play off of our opponent's reaction to what they think is a forward Morote Seoi Nage. In reality, we attack with a backwards Kouchi Gari. Sell the head fake!

Duck Under to Lift

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how to perform a "Duck Under" to a couple different finishes. This a common technique used in the sport of wrestling and worksl for nogi grappling as well.

CEMENT MIXER Takedown by Iowa Hawkeye 4x AA MIKE MENA

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Former Iowa Hawkeye, 4x All American Mike Mena demonstrating what he calls a "Twister" which is also known as a Cement Mixer. I don't want to confuse our BJJ/grappler viewers with the wrestler's guillotine which is w...

The Biggest No Gi Takedown Mistakes

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If you're making one of the mistakes you'll never be able to take down a quality opponent.

Off The Wall Takedowns with Chewy from Chewjitsu

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"Fighting off the wall can be a game changing skill to have, not just for MMA but also for self-defense. I had the privilege of training with Nick "Chewy" Albin and collaborating on a few videos. This was one of my fa...

“Crotch Lift” Using Wrestling for BJJ

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"This video demonstrates how to execute a basic crotch lift from the sport of freestyle wrestling. It can help you get out of some sticky situations! I just posted a video showing how to "sit the corner" as used in ...

“Sitting the Corner” COUNTER to a High Crotch Single

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This video demonstrates how to execute what I call the "Sitting the Corner" counter to a high crotch single.

How to…. Chop Tai-Otoshi

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A great technique to use against same side opponents, it is a personal favourite...

High Crotch Single Leg by Yuri Simoes (2x ADCC Champion)

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Yuri Simoes shows one of his favorite takedowns for jiu jitsu - the high crotch single leg. To learn more from Yuri Simoes check out his DVD High Efficiency No Gi Jiu Jitsu: Top Game -

Takedowns vs butt back/feet back stance

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What are good takedowns when my opponents feet are very far back and I can not make him step forward by pulling him?

How to Improve Your Takedowns With People of a Lower Skill Level than You

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Great tips from Judo Olympian & BJJ brown belt Matt D'Aquino.

Throw lateral revolution (Te-Guruma) for everyone

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Lateral revolution in judo Te-Guruma. Different gyms call call this throw different names. We call it “lift and turn” throw, some call it “fire extinguisher”. Call it what you want it is still very effective. One m...

Dave Pena All American Wrestler Shows an Inside Trip Takedown

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At Comprido BJJ, wrestling instructor Dave Peña teaches how to execute an inside trip! a very effective move in wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and MMA in general. Dave Peña is a former All American at Eastern Illinois Universi...

NEVER get Guillotined off the DOUBLE Leg

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To defend the guillotine, you need to have this cartwheel skill. There are a few good drills in this video that can develop your skill and technique.

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