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Best of Yoko/Tomoe Nage (Compilation)

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Compilation of Tomoe and Yoko Tomoe Nage throws. Spent a lot of time searching for these throws. If you like this video and this technique press like and share, let everyone see this amazing throw.

Why you should use the Korean style Tai otoshi by Neil Adams

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Why you should use the Korean style Tai otoshi by Neil Adams.

A More Powerful Way To Pummel From Over Under

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Pretty much everyone who trains has pummeled before. Usually during warm ups, where it is more of a dance than it is a technique.

How to Suplex: Instruction & Heavybag Drills

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Bubba Jenkins teaches the suplex, one of his signature wrestling takedowns. The suplex is a powerful throw where you launch your opponent upside-down by locking your arms around their waist, thrusting your hips, and a...

Knee Pick Wrestling Takedown

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The Knee Pick Wrestling Takedown is a great option for no-gi grappling, MMA and obviously wrestling.

Spinning Uchi mata- Ugo Legrand

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You know we admire Ugo Legrand, well, we are very happy to say he is finally sharing his Uchi mata/Ouchi gari secrets with us! Yesss

How to Do the Single Leg Takedown with the Gi in BJJ

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How to set up and finish the single leg takedown when you're wearing a gi in BJJ with BJJ black belts Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting.

10 Counters To the Collar Tie

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10 ways to counter the Collar Tie by Coach Gene Kobilansky.

Harai Goshi Counter to Under Hook

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There are a variety of counter techniques from the over hook, but one of the more devastating moves you can do is a hip throw. There are quite a few variations on this, but on this video I focus on my favorite - the H...

How Wrestlers Defend The Guillotine

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How Elite Wrestlers defend the front Guillotine when they have two on one control in BJJ or MMA as instructed by Lyubo Kumbarov, former 4 x Bulgarian National Champion and Wrestling coach at Roger Gracie Academy HQ in...

Powerful Counter to Georgian Grip

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One way to deal with an over-the-top (Georgian) grip.

Vlad Koulikov – Yoko Tomoe Nage

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2x guest of the show Professor Vlad Koulikov shows a very effective take down to add to your game! Check it out!

Sasaki’s Amazing Uchimata Counter

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2018 Hohhot Grand Prix (Video clip courtesy of

3 ways to beat the whizzer

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Long Island MMA wrestling coach Kyle Cerminara teaches us 3 different Wrestling Techniques to beat the Whizzer/seatbelt situation. The Whizzer/seatbelt position is a position that you will find in most forms of gra...

Snatch Single Leg from the Under Hook

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The Snatch Single is a great take down for people who don't like to expose themselves to risk. Dropping to your knees can be dangerous, as you expose your head to chokes, head locks, and strikes that can end you.

Khabib Wrestling Training Masterclass with English Subtitles

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Khabib Nurmagomedov is teh ebst takedown artist in the UFC. Here is how he does it.

Christian Graugart Armdrag Takedowns Masterclass

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Christian Graugart (Armdrag takedowns for Facebook Likes).

How to throw a lefty. Sambo Leg Grab Technique

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How to throw a lefty. Sambo technique grabbing a leg. Pending question how a righty can throw a lefty. In this video I'll show a leg takedown. It can be use against people who stand incorrectly or often switch stances.

High Crotch from the Under Hook

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From David Avellan: The Under Hook is my favorite clinch. It can easily transition to other clinches, lots of take downs, great for MMA and striking, and easy to disengage. In fact, I have scored two major take downs ...

How to Fight Wrestling with Jiu-Jitsu – Kimura Counter to High Crotch – Firas Zahabi

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Knowing how to defend takedown is key in being successful in combat. The Kimura counter to the single leg/High Crotch attack is one of my favourite go to options. In Jiu-Jitsu we are less restricted by rules so we can...

How to Fight Wrestling with Jiu-Jitsu – Leg Lock Counter to Single Leg

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Takedown defence is important for all martial arts. In this video I cover one of my favourite counters to the single leg. Instead of always using traditional wrestling counters, in this video I show you have to turn t...

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