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Which Deadlift Variation Is Best For You? | SUMO OR CONVENTIONAL?

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Choosing the right deadlift variation comes down to which one not only better suits your goals, but also which one you can perform properly. You may also find that your preference will change over time and that is ok...

Improve hip strength and balance for BJJ while also protecting the knees from injury

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Improve hip strength and balance for BJJ while also protecting the knees from injury

3 Essential Push-Ups For Explosive Power In Martial Arts – Evolve

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Wrestlers Workout: Agility, Explosiveness, and Muscular Endurance

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This video offers ideas for increasing muscular endurance while maintaining agility and incorporating explosive exercises.

Russian Greco-roman Wrestling Workout in Russia

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Greco-roman wrestling workout in Russia.

State Of The Art Wrestling Conditioning Circuit Training

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Suples Strong Circuit Workout with the Greco Roman Wrestling Team at the U.S. Olympic Training Site in Marquette, Michigan.

Lower Body Agility Workout for Grapplers

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Here are 5 footwork drills for a great lower bodyweight workout, with no equipment required. These exercises will hit your thighs, hamstrings, and glutes, which are your primary muscles used for agility and explosive ...

The Most Stupid ‘Functional Training’ I Ever Did -Stephan Kesting

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There are good functional training exercises and bad functional training exercises; this is one of the bad ones!

A Basic Weighlifting Workout for BJJ and Martial Arts -Stephan Kesting

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A Basic Weighlifting Workout for BJJ and Martial Arts -Stephan Kesting

Pull Up Grip Variations For Grapplers- Dan Strauss

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Pull ups are one of the best exercises for grapplers. As well as working the arms, back and core they also work the grip. And by manipulating how you hold the bar you can alter the way the exercise challenges your grip.

Combining CrossFit and BJJ – Jason Khalipa

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A simple templet for those of you that roll BJJ and want to incorporate a strength and conditioning program. I AM NOT an expert at BJJ, however I do have an extensive background in CrossFit/Strength and conditioning.

Jordan Burroughs Wrestling Strength & Conditioning Training HL

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Jordan Burroughs is an American world and Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling.

Wrestling Gold Medalist Kyle Snyder Strength & Conditioning Training HL

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Kyle Snyder is an American amateur wrestler and Olympic gold medalist and world champion.

Marcus Buchecha BJJ Strength & Conditioning Training HL

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Marcus Buchecha Almeida is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) world champion in his weight and absolute.

Weird Korean BJJ Strength & Conditioning Workout

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What do you think of this Korean workout for Grapplers?! 여포육체에 제갈량의두뇌 운동공부 두마리토끼를 다잡겠다..... 오늘은 싸비mma 중학생인데 인근지역 고등학생까지 다이길수있다는 꼬맹이 창준이와 고강도수...

6 Minute Hybrid Follow Along Workout – Funk Roberts

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A very good intense work out that will help you optimize your physical readiness

How To Strengthen Grips and Core Simultaneously

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I have realized that a Hex Bar (also known as a Trap Bar) has been one of the best pieces of equipment for BJJ. Not only can I work squats and deadlifts with this bar to build core and leg strength, but I can combin...

Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups For BJJ

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Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups For BJJ.

3 Ways To Build Explosive Strength for BJJ w/out Equipment

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Having explosive strength to get out of positions like mount or side control can determine whether you win or lose. Here are 3 simple exercises you can do at home that will make you more explosive.

Unconventional Exercise For Improving Defensive Arm Strength For Grappling/BJJ

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This is an exercise that ive started doing recently to improve strength for defending my arms during grappling. I saw this demonstated by Gripmaster David Horne, who uses it for arm wrestling. I believe the applicatio...

BJJ Strength: Barbell Glute Bridge w/ PJ Nestler

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Building Hip Strength is an essential factor for bjj competitors. The barbell glute bridge is one of PJ Nestler's favorite bjj strength exercises.

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