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Conor McGregor’s Prankster Goes to Real MMA

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Islam Badurgov from Kazakhstan, more known as a heavyweight Conor McGregor’s “twin”, joins his Conor in MMA. His base is calisthenics.

Jiu-Jitsu Defensive Techniques | Punch-Proofing Positions

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In training primarily grappling, and especially much on the ground, it is easy to get caught up focusing only on the competitive aspects in which striking is not involved. This can create some bad habits that leave yo...

The future of Conor McGregor – jail or more money?

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Guest post by Mark Lajhner, founder and chief instructor of Kaizen MMA Academy in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a Judo black belt (Serbian national team member), BJJ purple belt and multiple medallist in Freesyle Wrestling....

Erberth Santos Wins & Then Vomits on Stage at ACB JJ 12

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Erberth Santos had an impressive win by choke against Moku Khawai at ACB JJ 12, then when the referee tried to raise his hand, Erberth vomited on the stage...

BJJ Scout: Zabit Magomedsharipov v Khabib Nurmagomedov – A Comparison Study

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Comparing the wrestling and grappling of these 2 Dagestani fighters. Are comparisons in their skill set justified?

Comparing Self Defense of Rickson Gracie (BJJ) & Yaron Lichtenfeld (Krav Maga)

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Self Defense demonstration side by side by Rickson Gracie (Helio Gracie's son) Yaron Lichtenfeld (Imi Lichtenfeld's son)

How To Do The Crazy Spinning Armbar From Quintet WTF

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Kent Peters shows how to do the spinning armbar that Tokoro did this week!

EXCLUSIVE: Gordon Ryan Taps Craig Jones In The Gi

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  Flograppling caught up with Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones, two grapplers who are known for their no-gi prowess, and witnessed their rolls in the kimono.

Vitor Belfort vs Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros: Blue Belt Match

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Old school match between a young phenom from the Carlson Gracie team, Vitor Belfort, who used to be called "Victor Gracie" & Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros.

Jocko Willink’s Home Gym Essentials Illustrated

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Navy seal and BJJ black belt Jocko Willink's dream home gym looks like this.

Benefits of Light Sparring vs Hard Sparring – Sonny Brown

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In this video, Sonny Brown highlighted a wide array of top professional fighters and coaches who have voiced their opinions on the benefits of light sparring vs hard sparring for MMA Training. With many fighters n...

MMA Fighter Submits Opponent Who Back Mounted Him

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A submission can come from anywhere, even the most disadvantageous positions. One lesson you learn in BJJ, is to near cross your feet when you have someone's back because there is an easy counter ankle lock. excell...

[Brief History] Steven Seagal’s Negative Influence in Aikido

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Most of us know Steven Seagal as an Aikido master, turned movie star. Yet when you look at the life of Steven Seagal and his life in Aikido more closely, many plot holes start to pop out. Being a controversial figure ...

Get Off The Ground With These 6 Techniques

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This video offers 6 of the most common and difficult positions one might encounter in a fight when on the ground vs a striking opponent. These are the some of the best options I have learned and used in such situation...

Guy survives 4 slams and knees to the head and still gets the triangle

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Guy survives 4 slams and knees to the head and still gets the triangle! Iwan Hermawan vs Adi Manarung at One Pride MMA Guy survives 4 slams and knees to the head and still gets the triangle! . . . . . . #jiu...

How Should I REALLY Warm Up for BJJ Class?

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Sick of Jumping Jacks, Running Around and Ab-Crunches?

Joe Rogan & Yoel Romero about his Body and Insane Genetic

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Joe Rogan & Yoel Romero about his Body and Insane Genetic Joe Rogan in his Joe Rogan Podcats (Powerful JRE) and his guest Yoel Romero speaking about his Body, Genetic and Athleticsm.

Joe Rogan Gives Advice on Strength Training and Not Going to Muscle Failure

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Joe talks with Brendan Schaub, Eddie Bravo, and Bryan Callen on the Fight Companion about his thoughts on strength training.

How To Fix Your Gi Pants Drawstring in Less Than a Minute

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Just pulled your Gi pants out the dryer and the string is all out of wack? About to jump in class and realise the same? Have no fear! This hack takes less than a minute to do!

Game Changing Detail From Renzo Gracie About Finishing the Collar Choke

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Renzo said that it took him 30 years to figure out this little detail... Renzo Gracie shows why you should know baseball a little if you want to choke properly. ????: @danielflanko #gallerr #bjjvideo #dubai...

Tyron Woodley Says He’s Training Floyd Mayweather For His UFC Debut

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An all new Hollywood Beatdown with a major news update! Tyron Woodley also breaks down the Canelo Alvarez failed drug test and a special double punch this week, as Blac Chyna and Tekashi69 get the right hook.

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