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Travis Stevens randori at University of Jiu-Jitsu

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Olympic Judo silver medalist does randori (stand up sparring) at Ribeiro Bros University of Jiu-Jitsu

Have You Ever Seen John Danaher Rolling?

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Some rare footage of John Danaher rolling emerged from back in 1999 at Renzo Gracie NYC. These were the early days. In the video, we see a John Danaher with hair and ear guards rolling with UFC vet and ADCC medalis...

BJJ Brown Belt Takes on White Belt Close To 4 Times His Weight

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Some people love a good challenge... Yosuke Saruta, a 52 kg Brown belt world medalist & forner ONE FC champion, faces 'Big Joe' a 180kg white belt with 1 year experience in BJJ.

Buchecha- Lyoto Machida Have a BJJ Rolling Session

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Great rolling session between the two BJJ black belts.

Short: Luke Rockhold Grappling Steven Mowry

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Short: Luke Rockhold Grappling Steven Mowry

Old School Black Belt Chris Haueter Rolls w/ Christian Graugart

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Christian Graugart & Chris Haueter at BJJ Globetrotters USA camp.

Roger Gracie Rolls with His 16 yr old 230lbs Cousin Rayron Gracie

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The GOAT Roger Gracie rolls with Rayron (son of the late Ryan Gracie) who is a world juvenile champion and at only 16yrs of age is already 230lbs. They are comparing him to Roger....

Heavy Blue Belt tries to smash Lighter Older Black Belt

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Head jiu-jitsu instructor at Dojo Americana/99 jiu-jitsu in Vista, Ca., Mark Hopkins, is a 53 year-old black belt at around 175 lbs. In any given day a larger, stronger and younger guy will walk in my door and wan...

How to Grapple a Larger Opponent – Firas Zahabi

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There is always someone out there that is bigger and stronger than you. When we were white belts we would get easily beaten by smaller blue and purple belts.What were they doing that we were not? Well there are key...

Volume Control Grappling – Bjj AfterForty

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use Volume Control Grappling as a way to teach students how to consciously connect to the amount of strength, speed and effort they are applying at any given time. This helps them gauge how much fuel they have in...

Rener Gracie rolling with some Blackbelts after his super seminar in Germany

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Rener Gracie rolling with some Blackbelts after his super seminar at our place in August 2017.

Demian Maia Rolling with Judo World Champ Thiago Camilo

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ADCC and BJJ world Champion Maia rolled back in 2012 with Thiago Camilo, a 2007 judo world champion and 2000 Olympic silver medalist.  Camilo is regarded as having some of the best ne waza in world judo. Maia recal...

How to Roll with Someone 80lbs Lighter in BJJ – Nick Albin

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Being a bigger person in BJJ and rolling with a smaller person can sometimes create difficulties. Recently, I received a question for Keir who is a big guy. 230lbs and about 6'2. So he's one of the big guys on the...

Jiu-Jitsu roll between Ralph and Roger Gracie

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Before facing Marcus Buchecha at Gracie Pro, the Roger Gracie myth made its preparation by mingling with many soft-art performers such as Roberto Cyborg, Leonardo Leite & Co. One of these luxury training partners was ...

Brown Belt Cris Cyborg trains at Cobrinha BJJ ahead of Holm Match

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Brown Belt Cris Cyborg trains at Cobrinha BJJ ahead of UFC 219 Cyborg V Holm

Roger’s Rolling Session with Braulio Estima

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Amazing clash of styles between two of the best competitors of all time. Part 1: Part 2:

Galvao Rolling With Dominique Bell

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Galvao Rolling With Dominique Bell Training with one of The Best Belts of the World @dubious_dom during comp class this morning in San Diego California at @atosjiujitsuhq || Dom is Training a lot no gi - imp...

Side Control Escape drills – Nick Albin

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This is a video of some of the training going on in the gym. During the video I covered some Side Control Escape drills and then followed it up with situational rolling. You'll notice during the Side Control escap...

Atos Jiu Jitsu HQ sparring: Andre Galvao & Erberth Santos

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Sparring session from 2017 Jiu Jitsu Mundials camp here at Atos HQ. Both Professor Andre Galvao And Erberth Santos went on to take gold in their divisions.

Sage Northcutt Grapples Much Bigger Bodybuilder

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Sage Northcutt Grapples Bodybuilder In Unique Challenge

Rob Biernacki in Leglock Battle with Caio Terra

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Highlights of an 8 minute round from Caio Terra's visit to Island Top Team as part of their 5th anniversary celebrations.

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