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Back Step to Triangle by Josh Cisneros

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Cisneros is a Black Belt under Tom Knox and holds multiple World Titles as well as the F2W Pro 145 lb. No GI Belt! Get a fresh take on the omoplata from one of BJJ’s youngest and most successful competitors - fr...

‘Buster Guard’ Throw By to Omoplata by Lou Armezzani

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Learn Why The Buster Guard Is A Great Go-To Guard For ANY Grappler Looking For Consistent Methods To Control, Sweep, And Submit Your Opponent! Attack with non-stop submissions, sweeps, and omoplata entries with ...

Preparing Your Mind For The Fight by 2x UFC Champion And Olympic Wrestling Champion – Henry Cejudo

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Get A Total Roadmap To A Prime Combat Mindset From The Most Successful Combat Sports Athlete In History, Olympic Champion and UFC Double Champion Henry “Triple C” Cejudo. Get inside the mind of one of the highes...

From Russian Sumi Gaeshi L vs R by Travis Stevens

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Cover All-Aspects of Sumi Gaeshi with Travis Stevens! Add the Sumi Gaeshi to your arsenal and efficiently find ways to land this tried and true technique. Travis covers a wide range of Sumi Gaeshi techniques tha...