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Important Side Control Concepts by Lucas Lepri

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Force your opponent to react in predictable ways so you can be ready with fight ending submissions! Blend your Side Control attacks with Knee On Belly to create nonstop submission sequences - and revitalize your...

Kimura From De La Riva by Mikey Musumeci

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Master The Basic Concepts And Systematic Approaches To The De La Riva Guard With The Only American Multiple-Time Black Belt World Champion Mikey Musumeci. Study All The Important Details For The Mechanics And De...

Americana Trap to Straight Armlock Submission Combo by Andre Galvao

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Finish fights with these airtight chokes and joint locks that Andre used at the highest levels of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Breakthrough your opponents’ defenses and control them with these concepts for slowing down ...

Hammer Lock With Legs by Zain Retherford

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Torture Your Opponents With Effective Brutal Top Wrestling and Escape Every Time With These Winning Mat Wrestling Systems From One Of The Most Accomplished NCAA Wrestlers Ever, Penn State’s Zain Retherford! Turn o...