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Juji Jime Against Turtled Opponent by Satoshi Ishii

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Ishii is Judo Olympian, a decorated MMA fighter with multiple submission finishes to his credit, and has trained alongside some of the biggest names in MMA for years. Explore advanced concepts that will help you...

Ken Ken Hopping O Uchi against Ai Yotsu & Kenka Yotsu by Satoshi Ishii

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Japenese Judo Legend Satoshi Ishii Unlocks The Game Around What Made Him A Champion in Judo And BJJ. Learn The Old-School Dojo Techniques of An Olympic Champion And Throw With More Confidence Than Ever – unlock ...

Reverse Lockdown Escape by Tom DeBlass

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Grappling guru Tom DeBlass shows his entire arsenal from the lockdown half guard position on this 4-volume series. Control and slow down bigger, stronger, athletic opponents (even in no-gi) with these tips for c...

Ab Work For Grapplers by Gary Calcagno

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Unlock The Strength & Mobility Workout Secrets From The Master Strength Coach That John Smith Has Trusted For 20 Years! Learn Oklahoma State’s Master Strength Coach Gary Calcagno’s specialized wrestling work...