Takedown Drills

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Partner Drills For Wrestling Conditioning

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Practice Drills for Wrestling Success

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  Learn a variety of drills that every program can incorporate into its practices that will develop and reinforce good habits and enable you to dominate in any position on the mat. Coach McCoy leads a pair of ...

Tito Ortiz – Sprawling and Defense Drills

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Tito Ortiz – Grappling Takedowns Setups and Movement

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Drills: Georgian Judo Team Training

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Judo/BJJ Footwork Drills

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  Guest instructor, Alex, shows some basic judo footwork drills to help improve your stand up game.

This is what your judo drills should look like!

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  Judo drills. Osoto gari, ippon seoi nage, ouchi gari, uchimata. Www.kokushibudo.com

Michael Liera Jr. Drilling Takedowns With Gui Mendes

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Mike Liera Jr. drilling takedowns with Guilherme Mendes during 2014 Worlds Training Camp at Atos.

Solo Takedown drills – Footwork, Fakes, Weaves, Shots

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Here is a good warm up drill to practice for your Shots, Fakes, Weaves, and Ankle Pick. Keys - Progressively increase your speed to develop better shots and more effective Weaves - Make sure to level change off o...

Best Jiu-Jitsu Drills Compilation Part 1

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Great compilation of the best drills that will improve your Jiu-Jitsu.

Best Jiu-Jitsu Drills Compilation Part 2

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Great  Compilation of drills that will improve your Jiu-Jitsu.

Wrestling: 50 Upper Body Drills To Get You Better Faster

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Wrestling 50 Upper Body Drills To Get You Better Faster.

Arm Drag Flow Drill + Arm Drag to Double Leg Takedown

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Professor Joey Alvarado of Gracie Barra Burbank/Team Crane demonstrating and arm drag flow drill and an arm drag to a double leg take down.

Mahamed Aly and Erberth Santos Drilling Takedowns

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Armdrag Drills & Finishes

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Coach Gene Kobilansky shows different ways practice and finish your takedowns off the armdrag.

Competition Legal Single Leg Counter, Sumi Gaeshi

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Drill this counter until your opponents fear going for a Single Leg on you in competition

Beautiful wrestling takedown

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This wrestling takedown isn't just beautiful to see but as well efficient

Jiu Jitsu Students – Ankle Pick takedown variation

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Time to learn some Ankle pick takedowns, isn's it?

THROW (Koshi Guruma) for MMA! – By UFC Fighter/Olympian Dan Kelly

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Learn this Koshi Guruma throw which is gonna work for you either with your Gi or on No-Gi

Kouchi Gari to taking the back – Marcelo Andreoli

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Don't waste time and go right away from this takedown to back control

Wrestling Technique – Single Leg + Knee Pick

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Long Island MMA wrestling coach Kyle Cerminara shows us a Single Leg + Knee pick

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