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Powerful Combination: Ouchi to Osoti Gari

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Are you stuck using one technique at a time? Here is a great combination that works. Shintaro Higashi shows you how to create synergy between your favorite attacks, and catch your opponent off guard! Uncover con...

Jacare Souza Does Judo Randori with Whole Judo Dojo

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Here we we see an older video of Jacare Souza a few years after he won the IBJJF world championships at black belt. He held a seminar at a Judo school owned by JUdo and BJJ black belt Edson Carvalho. At the end of the...

Double Grip Seoi Nage by Jacare Souza

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In this video from BJJ legend Jacare Souza, he demonstrates a great set up for his trademark double grip morote seoi nage. This double grip is extremely powerful. Jacare used this many times in competition and notably...

Guard Pull to Balloon Sweep with Gezary Matuda

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It’s relatively easy to pull guard and then Balloon Sweep your opponent. Don’t believe us? Then believe the 5x BJJ world champion, Gezary Matuda! 5 Time World Champ Gezary Matuda Shares Her Systematic Approach To Eff...