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Crucifix From Kimura Grip by Adam Wardzinski

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Learn Polish Power back taking secrets from BJJ black belt and one of the top competitors in the world, Adam Wardzinski. Dominate the back position and finish with Wardzinski’s favorite submissions that he uses ...

Lasso Guard to Omoplata by Adam Wardzinksi

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Master advanced butterfly guard concepts from BJJ black belt and elite world-class competitor, Adam Wardzinski. Wardzinski is known as one of the best butterfly guard players in all of BJJ and he’s used his incr...

Knee Pick by James Krause

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Learn to wrestle on the wall with world-class instruction from UFC lightweight and BJJ black belt, James Krause. Master tactics of cage control that will help you dominate close quarters wrestling exchanges agai...

Making Your Americana Lock More Effective by Andre Galvao

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Maximize your potential from side control with this 8 hour fundamental master class from elite competitor and instructor Andre Galvao. Andre is a 6-time IBJJF World Champion at black belt, 6-time ADCC World Cham...