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Guard Pull to Balloon Sweep with Gezary Matuda

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It’s relatively easy to pull guard and then Balloon Sweep your opponent. Don’t believe us? Then believe the 5x BJJ world champion, Gezary Matuda! 5 Time World Champ Gezary Matuda Shares Her Systematic Approach To Eff...

Preventing Stand Up with Demian Maia’s Back Pack System

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Unlock The Secrets Of MMA’s Greatest Back Attacker With Grappling Legend Demian Maia’s System For Controlling The Back & Strangling The Opposition! Learn all the fundamentals and techniques you need to maint...

Getting the Wrist Lock From The Mount by Roger Gracie

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Master the mount position and finish fights with total control using Roger Gracie’s master class series! Secure devastating submissions that work for grapplers of all levels, including cross chokes, ezekiel chokes...

The Falling Darce Against Half Guard

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Master one of the most effective chokes in all of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with acclaimed BJJ black belt instructor, Joel Bouhey. If you have an armpit, you have a darce as Joel shows you new and innovative ways ...