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Single Leg Takedown Counter Attack wrestling by Ed Ruth

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In this position the 3x NCAA Champion Ed Ruth shows an amazing counter attack for the single leg takedown. Ben Askren, 2x NCAA Champion (4x NCAA finalist) is one of the most recognized wrestlers in the world. Ben i...

No Gi BJJ Guard Retention by Alec Baulding

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Improve Your Guard Retention So It Is Hardly Ever Passed: Even If You Are Older & Lack Flexibility. 41 Year Old Estonian Priit Mihkelson (It Is A Little Country Near Russia) Figures Out A System For Older Grapple...

How To Destroy The Half Guard by Gabriel Gonzaga

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Gabriel Gonzaga had a successful bjj career, MMA career, and he is a great instructor. Today he is going to show us how to defeat the half guard. Stop Asking Your Body To Do What It Can’t! – A Video Manual For BJJ ...

3 BJJ Leg Lock Attacks Every Black Belt Should Know by Luiza Monteiro

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Luiza Monteiro, a 2x Black Belt World Champion with the Gi, and also a 5x No Gi World Champion in no gi, shows us some of the leg locks that she thinks that every black belt should know. With leg locks becoming more a...