Takedown Drills

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Lateral Drop With The Gi

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Get your takedownsin check with this high percentage takedown

Kimura Trap Single Leg Counter

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Karl Nemeth shows countering the single leg with a sacrifice throw and landing in the Kimura trap position

35 Grappling Dummy Throws in 60 seconds

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If you have access to a Grappling Dummy, this is something you definitely want to try

Budo Jake – Episode 100 with Shawn Williams Part 2 of 2 Sweep Single to Knee Slide

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Shawn gives his thoughts on his teammate, Garry Tonon vs Rousimar Palhares at Polaris 3, EBI on fightpass and shows a Sweep Single to Knee Slide

How To Mat Return Properly

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Kyle Cerminara, who is  coach to multiple UFC fighters and high level wrestlers, teaches us how to do a proper mat return

Russian To Far-Side Trip

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Jahsua Marsh shows us two techniques off of the Russian. The first is a far side trip and the second a defense when your opponent posts

Ways to Finish a Failed Takedown Tutorial

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Kelvin Yeo, Wrestling and MMA instructor, shows some different ways to finish off your takedown when your initial double leg shoot has failed

Catch Wrestling Spiral Takedown Tutorial

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Qin Yunquan, Singapore National Wrestling Athlete gives a tutorial on the spiral takedown plus a neck crank from Side Control

Sweep Single Takedown

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An interesting alternative to take your opponent down when your Single or Double leg attacks don't work well

Double Lapel Uchimata

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A very easy to setup takedown which although it looks simple works wonders

Unorthodox Overhook Throws With The Gi

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Danny Williams, Judo Olympian, shows a tutorial on some unorthodox Georgian/Sambo influenced wrapped arm throws

Single leg to arm drag

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Kyle shows us how to do two follow up attacks to the single leg

NOGI Takedowns

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If you are competing in No GI, here are some Takedowns you must learn

Single Leg Takedown From Armdrag

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Daniel Rott shows a Single Leg takedown starting with an Armdrag

Morote Seoinage Both Arms Shoulder Throw

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Great instructional where the basics apply to the Morote or Ippon seoinage

Hip Throw – Alexey Mishin

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Olimpian champion, Alexey Mishin, shows how to perform the famous hip throw

Wristlock To Takedown

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Fred Zaganelli shows a Wristlock from the standing position and alternatively a Takedown when the wristlock gets defended

Takedown Guard Passes – Utsiro Goshi and Knee Block

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How to use two takedowns to pass the guard from a standing position. These may or may not be tournament legal, so check the rules.

No Gi Kosoto Gari

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A easy to apply and highly effective version of the Kosoto Gari for No Gi

3 Ways To Finish A Single Leg Takedown

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In this Video coach Kyle shows us 3 ways to finish a Single leg take down, oe of the highest percentage takedowns together with the Double Leg

Iranian Style Counter to Single leg Attack Tutorial

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Danny Williams gives a tutorial on a freestyle/Iranian wrestling style counter to the single leg shoot/attack