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5 Rules of Guillotine Survival- Ryron & Rener Gracie

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These 5 Rules could save your life!

Countering Foot Lock Escapes/Defence in BJJ – Lloyd Cooper

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Lloyd Cooper, Top UK BJJ Black Belt, Scramble sponsored athlete, highly regarded Gi/No Gi grappler and head coach of Combat Base Goole is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on one of his favourite...

Defend the single leg with a back take (Craig Jones)

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  Defend the single leg with a back take (Craig Jones)

Take their back … when CAUGHT in an omoplata

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"Wait, what? I thought being caught in an omoplata means sudden death for my shoulder, or at least a sweep? How am I going to take his back?"

Jiu-Jitsu Escapes | Hail Mary Submission Escapes

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From BJJ black belt Eli Knight: "I am a big believer in backup plans at all stages. These are some very late considerations for escapes I refer to as Hail Marys. These are definitely not what you want to have as your ...

Wrestling Way of Reversing the turtle position with 2016 Olympian Talgat Ilyasov

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Talgat is a wrestling coach, amazing grappler and teacher. True story: After 1 year of training BJJ he entered and won the black belt division at the Abu Dhabi Trials in Australia, then went on to lose to Claudio Cal...

Geo “Freakahzoid” Martinez EBI OT Body Triangle Escape – ZombieProofBJJ

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Geo Martinez overtime body triangle escape vs Rafael Domingos EBI 15: The Featherweights

Escape the triangle choke – Mark Mullen

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There are different stages of escaping the triangle choke from the guard. Early stage (or prevention), 2nd stage before the triangle is fully locked and late stage when your opponent has locked their foot behind the k...

Massive Mistake When Escaping Modified SCARF HOLD

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Here are my two favourite scarf hold escapes...and why mixing them up is the biggest mistake that keeps beginners from getting out of the modified scarf hold.

A Small Adjustment to Defend the Kimura Armlock from Guard –

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The Kimura armlock is a major attack from the guard, but one simple adjustment to your hand position can allow you to defend and escape this submission much more easily!

Sambo: 10 Ways Of Escaping Side Control (Pins)

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Sambo-technique snag (trap, twisted branch). Today, on Sambo Academy channel we will learn how to escape this unpleasant pin, together with master of sport in sambo and judo Alexandr Brus. We all have been there but...

Highest Percentage Back Escape in Jiu-Jitsu

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Following on from the Darce choke when the guy has your back video, here's how to hold and then use that arm pass position for a high percentage escape from the back control. Great technique by David Morcegao.

How To Escape A Fully Locked Kimura

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David Morcegao shows a couple of ways of escaping a fully locked Kimura.

Back Door Side Control Escape with the Details No One Told Me

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David Morcegao, De la rica black belt: "This was probably the first nogi and MMA side control escape I learned, but I found it so hard to do without a lot of muscle and even more luck. These are the details I found I ...

Darce Choke the Guy on Your Back- David Morcegao

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Ever wanted to get your own back and choke the person who has your back? Now you can! Great technique from De la Riva black belt David Morcegao. 

Knee Slice Pass against Butterfly Guard by Youssef Drihmi

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Knee Slice Pass against Butterfly Guard by Youssef Drihmi feat B Faria

How To Re-Omoplata When The Opponent Rolls Out

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An Option to recover the Omoplata and submit after your opponent rolls out of it from Alberto Serrano.

Rafael Mendes | Leg Drag Transitions When Opponent Defends

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Rafael Mendes | Leg Drag Transitions When Opponent Defends

What is the best way to escape a Scarfhold style side control in BJJ?

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What is the best way to escape a Scarfhold style side control in BJJ? This is the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu question from Jack on Instagram. And in this video I share a way to escape the Scarfhold type Side Control posit...

Counter Choke From Kimura – Evolve University

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

3 Terrible, No Good Options to Escape the Awful Giftwrap Position -Stephan Kesting

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3 last ditch options for escaping form the gift wrap position in BJJ, submission grappling, MMA and self defense.

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