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5 Ways To Attack The Turtle Position

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BJJ Champion Fabio Da Mata from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 5 chokes from the turtle position.

Best of Yoko/Tomoe Nage (Compilation)

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Compilation of Tomoe and Yoko Tomoe Nage throws. Spent a lot of time searching for these throws. If you like this video and this technique press like and share, let everyone see this amazing throw.

The sneakiest Jiu-Jitsu choke ever by Ricardo Migliarese

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This choke will catch your opponents off guard.

Kurt Osiander Shows Us His New Academy & A Counter To Over Under Pass

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Kurt Osiander Shows Us His New Academy & A Counter To Over Under Pass....

Nicky Ryan Polaris 7 Triangle Armbar – ZombieProofBJJ (BreakDown)

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ZombieProofBJJ NoGi Technique: Nicky Ryan Polaris 7 Triangle Armbar vs Phil Harris

Tapping Bigger Guys with the Kimura in No Gi

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Pete Irving, former Pro MMA Fighter, BJJ Black Belt and head instructor of Itaipava Jiu Jitsu in Newcastle is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving some of his key details in ensuring the Kimura works against l...

Roberto Cyborg Gets His Cat Like Agility By Doing These Drills

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We can never expect to control someone else’s bodies if we can’t first control our own. Here are some good BJJ Drills for Body Control, weight distribution and agility moves ⚡️

Setting Up Omoplata Without Being Flexible

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This is how to set it up.

Standing KIMURA Counter!?? Here it is!

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This video demonstrates a counter to the standing Kimura. There are multiple things you can do but I wanted to show one that I use that I never see taught. Check out the details and you are sure to find something use...

Why you should use the Korean style Tai otoshi by Neil Adams

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Why you should use the Korean style Tai otoshi by Neil Adams.

Understand the Collar Sleeve Guard In 5 Min

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This is a general overview of the collar sleeve guard, one of the most commonly used positions in competition today.

A More Powerful Way To Pummel From Over Under

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Pretty much everyone who trains has pummeled before. Usually during warm ups, where it is more of a dance than it is a technique.

Butterfly Trap: Kimura From “Turtle Guard” by Eduardo Telles

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Butterfly Trap: Kimura From "Turtle Guard" by Eduardo Telles

How to Counter the Brabo / D’Arce Choke

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It's important to know how to counter the no gi Brabo choke (aka D'Arce choke) if you play half guard because opponents with long arms will always be going for it!

Solo Movement Workout for grapplers

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We take you through a movement based routine for grapplers. We start with a light warm up and move into mat drills and then animal movements. These are all functional movements specifically for BJJ / grapplers. All...

How to Suplex: Instruction & Heavybag Drills

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Bubba Jenkins teaches the suplex, one of his signature wrestling takedowns. The suplex is a powerful throw where you launch your opponent upside-down by locking your arms around their waist, thrusting your hips, and a...

Knee Pick Wrestling Takedown

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The Knee Pick Wrestling Takedown is a great option for no-gi grappling, MMA and obviously wrestling.

Spinning Uchi mata- Ugo Legrand

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You know we admire Ugo Legrand, well, we are very happy to say he is finally sharing his Uchi mata/Ouchi gari secrets with us! Yesss

Renzo & Eddie Bravo’s Great Details for the Arm Triangle Choke

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Two masters show their personal approach.

Reverse Sankaku by 2X Olympian Kelita Zupancic

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Reverse Sankaku is one of the most popular newaza techniques on the IJF World Cuircut. Kelita Zupancic has been perfecting this technique throughout her entire career. She is so good at it that she wins most of her ma...

The Rugby Guard Pass- Lachlan Gilles

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How to climb the legs in no gi. The Rugby pass by 2 x ADCC Competitor and 2017 No-Gi World Championship Bronze Medallist, Lachlan Giles.

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