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How to Deal with Aggressive Sparring Partners

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We've all been there: you and your partner agree on "light sparring", but then they start throwing at 100%, trying to take your damn head off! Here are some tips to weather the storm, slow them down, and properly deal...

Free Jiu-Jitsu for all Uber & Taxi Drivers at Gracie Training Centers

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As much as passengers are at risk every time they get into a car with a Uber, Lyft and Taxi driver, the drivers are also at risk every time they let a stranger in their car. If a fight breaks out, the passenger has an...

Conor, Putin & Khabib in Moscow for the World Cup

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McGregor and Khabib AVOID each other in VIP SEATS- WORLD CUP 2018 FINAL.

BS Jiu-Jitsu Techniques That Actually Work

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These moves shouldn't really work. But for some reason, they are actually pretty effective.

Joe Rogan on Disappointing Francis Ngannou/Derrick Lewis Fight

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Joe Rogan and Josh Barnett on the uneventful Francis Ngannou vs. Derrick Lewis fight.

Joe Rogan Compares TRT Vitor Belfort to Yoel Romero

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Joe Rogan Compares TRT Vitor Belfort to Yoel Romero.

Gabi Garcia Strength & Conditioning Training Routine

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How 10X world BJJ champion Gabi Garcia trains.

Chuck Liddell Hitting Mitts Looking Extremely Slow

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48 year old Chuck Liddell making his return to training for his trilogy match against Tito Ortiz, and it's not looking good...

UBER Driver Jacked Rener Gracie’s Phone, So Rener Tracked Him Down

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Rener Gracie: This happened to me yesterday in Las Vegas, and I think UBER needs to change some things so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Joe Rogan on Why He Started Doing Martial Arts

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Joe Rogan on why people should take up martial arts.

“Striking Coaches Giving Grapplers False Confidence” Rogan & Bravo

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"Striking Coaches Giving Grapplers False Confidence" (from Joe Rogan Experience #893).

What’s the most lethal Martial Art for Fighting? – Joe Rogan

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Joe Rogan and his team weigh in and what is the most lethal martial art for fighting...

Biggest UFC Fights You Didn’t Know Happened

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Biggest UFC Fights You Didn't Know Happened.

Jiu-Jitsu Basics | How & Why to Breakfall

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Breakfalls are extremely important in practicing Jiu-Jitsu & Judo. The help to develop body awareness, improve movement and mobility and to prevent injury. In this video I show common and helpful breakfalls and pr...

Joe Rogan on Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz 3

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Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub on Chuck Liddell coming out of retirement to fight Tito Ortiz for the 3rd time.

Joe Rogan on the Return of TRT Vitor

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The legend makes his return. TRT Vitor!

BJJ Scout: Lucas Barbosa Passing Study Part 2 – Toreandos, Tripods & Stacks

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Part 2 of BJJ Scout's study on Lucas Barbosa's Passing. Here he looks at his movement based passes and his stacks.

5 Tennis Ball Drills for Hand-Eye Coordination

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Here are 5 hand-eye coordination drills, great for fighters looking to improve their accuracy, defense, and reaction time. The tennis ball is common in a boxing gym, as it's a versatile tool to help many different asp...

Sylvester Stallone || Training for Creed 2 || At Age 71

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Sylvester Stallone workout for the upcoming movie Creed 2 in 2018.

Ivan Drago’s Son in Creed 2 | Florian Munteanu

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Florian Munteanu workout. He will play Viktor Drago, Ivan Drago's son in the upcoming movie Creed 2.

Dolph Lundgren || Training for Creed 2 || At Age 60

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Workout video featuring Dolph Lundgren, preparing for the upcoming movie Creed 2.

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