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Which is more effective in MMA: BJJ or Wrestling? Coach Firas Zahabi Answers

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In this clip Coach Zahabi talks about the two martial art forms and discusses a bit of their history, background and importance in MMA and how effective they are in the octagon. Which is more effective in a no "limit...

Khabib’s Record 21 Takedowns in one Bout

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Current lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov holds the UFC record for most takedowns in a single fight at 21, which he accomplished at UFC 160 in 2013. Reigning UFC Champion & Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler He...

“This BJJ White Belt Stole My Favorite Choke”

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Have you ever not received credit for something when you felt like you should have? Perhaps you helped someone but then never received any recognition.

Nervous about Changing BJJ Gyms (It Won’t Be The Same)

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Have you ever had to leave your BJJ gym? Whether because of a falling out with the coach or a gym closing, like in today's video, it's a tough situation.

Competition Training With Roger Gracie

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BeingFaris: my typical day of training along side the GOAT of jiu jitsu and some of my other teammates, giving you an insight to our training regime, along with some laughs and activities i get up to before and after ...

Gordon Ryan Sharpens His Gi Game With John Danaher

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John Danaher teaches a few different takedown setups to Gordon Ryan.

Which Are The Different Types of ‘Ju Jutsu’?

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As we explore the different types of martial arts out there, it's important to understand the classifications and origins of arts in order to truly appreciate them. We hear the terms "Karate" and "Kung Fu" all the tim...

The rich Judo culture of Azerbaijan

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On September 20th, the Judo World Championships will start in Azerbaijan in the heart of the capital Baku. A few months ago, our teams went to discover this country, sometimes unknown, but very endearing. We offer you...

Helio Gracie talks about Rickson Gracie’s 400-0 record

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Grandmaster Helio Gracie talks about the validity of Rickson Gracie's record.

Documentary on Marcelo Garcia Academy

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Tim heads to New York City to get his ass kicked by the “Michael Jordan of jiu-jitsu,” world champion Marcelo Garcia. He is helped by jiu-jitsu black belt and . See all 13 episodes of The Tim Ferriss Experiment, pl...

BJJ in Rio De Janeiro in 1997 Documentary

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Riccardo "Baleia" Ammendolia: BRAZIL with Jacare... Before my first ever visit to Brazil in 2004, all I knew about the country was from what I saw on VHS tapes of jiu-jitsu and the OTM DVD's. One of the first ever VH...

Exercises to Get a Chiseled Jawline

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Here are 3 daily habits that you can add to your morning routine, to tighten up the muscles in your neck and jaw. Remember if you have neck fat or a double-chin, you must diet and do your cardio to shed that fat first...

Joe Rogan Getting Trash Talked by MMA Fighters

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Some MMA fighters clearly don't appreciate Joe Rogan.

Gracies Show Unwanted Belly Rub Defenses for Expecting Mothers

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Every expecting mother has had to deal with it, but no expecting mother should have to put up with it. Tag a mom who would appreciate these 6 techniques by "ninja-mom" Eve Gracie!

How To SMASH DAYS When You Don’t Feel Like It – Jocko Willink

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Since you don't always feel like getting after it, here's how to deal with those times...

Joe Rogan & Firas Zahabi – Why Conor McGregor Gasses Out In Fights

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Firas Zahabi on Conor McGregor's cardio issues and whether Georges St-Pierre should fight Conor or Floyd Mayweather.

Joe Rogan & Firas Zahabi- How To Workout Smarter & Applying it To Jiu-Jitsu

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Firas Zahabi on focusing on consistency over intensity in training.

Joe Rogan & Firas Zahabi – Anybody Can Get Ripped

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Joe Rogan and Firas Zahabi on body types and athletic performance.

One Day Spent with Ralph, Renzo & Rayron Gracie

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Awesome BJJ lifestyle. Filmed by Rayron Gracie, the son of the late Ryan Gracie.

How to Train with Smaller People So That You BOTH Get Better

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Here are some methods I use to train with a smaller partner so that we both come out ahead!

You Shouldn’t Use BJJ To Deal with Life Problems

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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is often like a form of meditation for many of us. After a hard training session we often feel a stillness in our mind. BJJ does this like very few things can.

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