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A Day in the Life of a BJJ Competitor

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From BJJ black belt competitor Bradley Hill: This is the first episode of The Day in the Life series. This Vlog features exactly what I get up to on a normal day of training. Follow me as I document my BJJ training as...

Demi Lovato Jokes She Can ‘Absolutely’ Beat Nick Jonas in a Jiu Jitsu Fight (Exclusive)

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The 25-year-old singer also got candid about her love life while promoting her new YouTube documentary, 'Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated,' which premieres Oct. 17.

Stephan Kesting Answers BJJ Training Questions

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In this episode I tried to answer as many questions as possible from my email newsletter readers as possible, including... Whether BJJ gameplans really are for everyone (3:30), How to pace yourself against the y...

The Gauntlet & Other Questionable BJJ Traditions

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Many schools have many ways to haze or reinforce their own jiu-jitsu traditions. Here's a few of the more odd ones.

How to Relax when you’re Stuck Under a Heavy Side Control – Nick Albin

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Do you ever panic when you're stuck in the bottom of side control? This is the issue that Bob is having. Bob says he is the smallest person in his gym and gets stuck in the bottom of side control. And while he kno...

Firas Zahabi Narrates Grappling Match Between Sons (6 & 8 years old)

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In one of the most interesting editions of Pure Victory Championships the two Zahabi boys square off in an interesting exhibition narrated by their father.

Xande Ribeiro & Rafael Lovato Wrestling Training at Oklahoma State w/ coach John Smith

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It's great to see BJJ and ADCC world champions cross training with some of the best Wrestlers in the world under the guise of legendary coach John Smith.

Chael Sonnen receives BJJ Brown Belt

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Chael Sonnen receives BJJ Brown Belt

The blind MMA fighter: Ronald Dlamini’s story

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The blind MMA fighter: Ronald Dlamini's story

Common mistakes when trying to lose weight – Tom DeBlass

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Common mistakes when trying to lose weight - Tom DeBlass

Chael Sonnen grappling: first workout after ADCC

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Sonnen had a good showing at ADCC having won superfight against Leo Vieira and competed in ADCC Absolute division

BJJ CRIBS – Stephan Kesting’s Home Gym & Equipment Tour

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Stephan Kesting shows you his home gym setup.

Dillon Danis training with 2x US Open & 2x NCAA Champion David Taylor

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Dillon Danis training with four time Division I All-American and two time Division I National Champion David Taylor.

Frustrated BJJ Student on the Verge of Quitting ( Falling Behind ) – Nick Albin

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Have you ever been frustrated and wanted to quit BJJ? This is a situation a buddy of mine, Mike (who is a coach), is having with one of his students. In the situation. There are two BJJ white belt students. Both ha...

The Evolution Of Jiu-Jitsu From The 1990′s Until Today By Jim Burchfield

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The Evolution Of Jiu-Jitsu From The 1990's Until Today By Jim Burchfield

How a BJJ Gi Should Fit – Travis Stevens

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Get the perfect fitting gi with the help of Travis Stevens

JT Torres : The Essential Road To ADCC

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In this episode, Atos Black Belt JT Torres talks about motivation for competing, training, and finally opening up his own academy. He is one of the most well rounded Jiujitsu competitors out there and has had notable ...

Top 5 Ne Waza | World Championships Budapest 2017

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5. Diyorbek Urozboev (juji gatame) 4. Tonaki Funa (kuzure-kesa-gatame) 3. Uuganbaatar Otgontbaatar (leg insertion shime-waza) 2. Ryan Vargas (juji gatame) 1. Miklos Ungvari (huizinga roll)

New Kron Gracie Mini DOC: “Glimpse Of Then: Kron Gracie”

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Glimpse Of Then: Kron Gracie

3 Stupid Things (Some) Beginner Students Do That Instructors Hate

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In this case, this is more for beginner students that walk into an academy for the first time. The vast, vast majority of students that come into an academy are respectful, behave well and act in accordance with the n...

Jon Jones Rolling With Rose Namajunas

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Jones' career in the UFC might be over. Will he pivot to grappling?

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