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Renzo Teaches an Overhead Sweep from the DLR guard

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Renzo Gracie uses the cogs of the DLR guard to surprise the passer with a lob sweep, finishing the motion on the mount. Watch the video and then visit to get access to the entirety of ...

Baiting Opponent Into Z Guard by Craig Jones

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  This video shows Craig Jones using set ups and bait to get into his Z guard. To learn more about Craig's infamous Z Guard check out his new DVD Set "The Z Guard Encyclopedia"  

Choi-Bar from Z Guard by Craig Jones

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  Craig Jones shows a wicked modified arm bar called the Choi Bar from his signature Z Guard.

Craig Jones (Team Polaris) Z-Guard Kneebar At Sakuraba Quintet1

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  Craig Jones Quintet kneebar Entry BreakDown, Craig Jones BJJ, Sakuraba Quintet1, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

John Danaher – leg Entry from DLR Guard

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There is a massive 50% OFF  SALE on Video Instructionals at BJJ Fanatics, which feature quality instructionals from Tom DeBlass, Craig Jones, Dean Lister, Bernardo Faria and many more….(Type in the code ‘WATCHBJJ” and...

Best Creation: Squid Guard – Keenan Cornelius

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Squidlord Keenan Cornelius comes out with yet another tentacular position to thwart those evil strong boys. Using quick wit, intuition, and the guile of a sea serpent, He has successfully solved jiujitsu once again. M...

Using The Lapel To Sink in the Armbar- Robson Gracie

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As you pass your opponent's lapel behind their head, you obtain a great support point to attack with an armbar. But don't take my word for it -- here's Robsinho Gracie's Renzo Gracie Online Academy walkthrough. Anothe...

Stop The Guardpass With A Guillotine

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Stop The Guardpass With A Guillotine - ZombieProofBJJ (NoGi).

Back take from the 50 50 with choke – Andre Galvao

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Back take from the 50 50 with choke - Andre Galvao

The Umbrella Guard by Wrestling All American Hudson Taylor

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Hudson Taylor, Wrestling all american shows his Umbrella guard to Bernardo Faria.

Shaolin Sweep- Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week - Shaolin Sweep.

Rolles Gracie’s choke from guard

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Rolles teaches a choke with crossed hands starting from the closed guard. Note that it's not about force, but rather about using multiple technical minutiae at once

Grape Vine Guard in BJJ

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A lesson on the Grape Vine Guard taught by BJJ black belt Ej Ledesma.

X guard to triangle with the option to arm bar – Andre Galvao

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X guard to triangle with the option to arm bar by Andre Galvao

Scissor, Triangle, Loop Choke combo

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Here is another combination of techniques based off of the scissor sweep motion.

Pulling X Guard To Takedown- Travis Stevens

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Pulling X Guard To Takedown by Travis Stevens

A Trick to Get Underhook Control in the Guard – Stephan Kesting

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Getting the underhook in the guard, especially the butterfly guard and the half guard, is incredibly important because it gives you a huge amount of control over your opponent's body and also gives you a route to his ...

How to Make Half Guard work against Wrestlers in BJJ

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Wrestlers who get into BJJ can often be the worst nightmare of a Guard focused player if that bottom player doesn't know how to work their game against the wrestler. In this video I answer a BJJ related question t...

BJJ Scout: Gabriel Arges Gi Leglocks Study

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BJJ Scout just released his latest study - it covers Gabriel Arges Gi Leglocks!

Sweep from the X-guard starting from the de la Riva – Rafael Costa

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As an opponent tries to pass your de la Riva guard, change to the X-guard, tying a stretegical knot in their brain. It's what Rafael Costa teaches in this exclusive lesson from Renzo Gracie Online Academy (RGOA). Find...

Knee Slice Pass against Butterfly Guard by Youssef Drihmi

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Knee Slice Pass against Butterfly Guard by Youssef Drihmi feat B Faria

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