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Arthur Gogó Teaches D’Arce Choke

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Champion in the Rio Open NoGi 2018, Arthur Gogó showed his details to surprise the opponent with the choke

“Tensho Hold”, a crank/choke – BjjScout

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Have you ever seen or done a "Tensho Hold", a crank/choke? Someone shared a move called the "Tensho Hold", a crank/choke. Experiment and let me know your feedback! #bjj4life #bjjforlife #bjjfamily #bjj...

The first choke you should learn in BJJ

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BJJ Technique - X choke Coach Brian of Long Island MMA teaches us how to do a cross collar choke in the Gi

Snare Choke- Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week - Snare Choke.

High % BJJ Darce Choke (with Bellator Top Contender and ADCC vet John Salter)

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A different look and an awesome setup that Salter does on his dance. I have seen salter hit this on some high level grapplers.  

Countering Foot Lock Escapes/Defence in BJJ – Lloyd Cooper

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Lloyd Cooper, Top UK BJJ Black Belt, Scramble sponsored athlete, highly regarded Gi/No Gi grappler and head coach of Combat Base Goole is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on one of his favourite...

Standing Heel Hook Setups by Craig Jones

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  Here is Craig Jones showing some of his favorite standing heel hook setups.  

Choi-Bar from Z Guard by Craig Jones

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  Craig Jones shows a wicked modified arm bar called the Choi Bar from his signature Z Guard.

The Outside Heel Hook Master Class By John Danaher

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  The foremost leg attack specialist on the planet- John Danaher teaches his outside heel hook to 5x World Champion Bernardo Faria. Watch how Bernardo, who despite being a world champion is a heel hook newbie,...

Craig Jones (Team Polaris) Z-Guard Kneebar At Sakuraba Quintet1

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  Craig Jones Quintet kneebar Entry BreakDown, Craig Jones BJJ, Sakuraba Quintet1, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Sneaky knee slice pass to belly down footlock- Gile Huni

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  Gile Huni, editor of and instructor at Kimura BJJ Serbia shows a sneaky and quick set up for a footlock off a knee slice. Gile is speaking in Serbian in the video, although the main points are to p...

Reverse Triangle From Defended Knee Bar by Craig Jones

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To learn more from Craig Jones check out his new DVD Set "The Triangle Machine" here

Ten Finger Guillotine for Beginners

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David Morcegao shows you the easiest way to get started with the !0 Finger Guillotine.

Inside foot trip and quick leg lock. Sambo combinations

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Inside foot trip and quick leg lock. Sambo combinations that could be used by any grappler. Takedown "Posadka"

Mount | Shoulder Lock with Professor Christopher Costa

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Mount | Shoulder Lock with Professor Christopher Costa feat BJJ Joe

The 2 Easiest Five Finger Guillotines

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The 5 Finger Guillotine is a devastating choke that only requires one hand to grip. Here's 2 awesome setups from David Morcegao to get you going!

Using The Lapel To Sink in the Armbar- Robson Gracie

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As you pass your opponent's lapel behind their head, you obtain a great support point to attack with an armbar. But don't take my word for it -- here's Robsinho Gracie's Renzo Gracie Online Academy walkthrough. Anothe...

Stop The Guardpass With A Guillotine

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Stop The Guardpass With A Guillotine - ZombieProofBJJ (NoGi).

How to Solidify and Tighten Loose Leglock Positions

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e techniques to tighten up and solidify your leglock submissions regardless of whether you're using Ashi Garami, the 411, Outside Ashi, 50/50 or any other lower body submission.

Kurt Osiander’s Move of the Week – Lasso Sweep to Choke

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week - Lasso Sweep to Choke


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A good way to finish the Kimura when you can´t break your partners grip on his belt/gi.

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