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The COLLAR TIE Guillotine is AWESOME

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This video demonstrates the "Collar Tie Guillotine". Its kinda like a nogi loop choke as well. Check out the details and you are sure to find something useful.

Sambo: Counter an Armbar with an Armbar

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Once someone applies an arm lock don’t wait till it hurts. Just turn your hips and throw your leg over his head. Practice this one. If you're ready to add more Sambo to your leg lock entries and your BJJ in general...

Butcher Shop Choke by Neil Melanson

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Check out this powerful choke from the cradle... In his latest release from BJJ Fanatics, famed grappling and MMA Coach Neil Melanson opens up the playbook for his Ground Marshal Half Guard techniques. One of the p...

Changing Sides on A Choke To Add Extra Leverage- Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander shows a powerful choke from side control where you change sides to add extra leverage when your opponent defends. The outspoken Kurt Osiander is one of the most well-known instructors in the world and...

Sneaky Kimura From De La Riva Guard

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Seth Daniel ures his opponents into his “good enough” De La Riva guard, and baits them to rotate towards a knee bar position up by offering up a lazy leg for them to take advantage of. As his opponent rotates, Seth re...

Do You Know The Pillow Choke from Kimura?

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Sometimes when you are attacking the Kimura lock from top, your opponent takes a strong defensive grip. If you can not break the grip, I like to go immediately to this variation of the Paper Cutter Choke.

Suloev Stretch Hamstring Submission – Kneebar from back mount

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A brief breakdown of the Suloev Stretch submission. Named after Amar Suloev, it is a hamstring stretch submission that looks similar to a kneebar and is executed from back mount as your opponent tripods up to escape. ...

6 Side Control Chokes in 6 minutes

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A review of the 6 Side Control Chokes from our recent classes here at the Invisible Jiu Jitsu Academy. Including the Knee on Neck Choke, nogi loop choke, Canto Strangle, Own Lapel Papercutter Choke, Lapel Papercutter ...

Omoplata To Triangle by Tom DeBlass

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Tom DeBlass is one of the most decorated American Grapplers ever. He is a multiple time ADCC Veteran. This is a clip from Instructional Series The Butterfly Half Guard. If you want to use a very aggressive half gua...

Nogi Ninja Choke from Closed Guard

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The Power Guillotine or Nogi Ninja Choke is Super Powerful and can Really Catch your Opponent Unawares. Learn from Black Belt David Morcegao How to Set it Up Whether You Have Long Monkey Arms or Short T-rex Arms.

Bottom INVERTED Triangle with DEFENSE

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an inverted triangle attack you can execute from your guard while your opponent is trying to pass. There are other variations I can show at another time. Over under pass, sometimes from bottom side control when you ...

Different Ezequiel Choke by Adam Childs & Bernardo Faria

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Very cool set up for the ezequiel choke.

The 2 Most Powerful Kneebar Finishes vs a Bigger Opponent

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Here are my two favorite ways to finish from the kneebar position when an opponent is much bigger!

The MUFFLER” Submission! VAGNER ROCHA just hit it!

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How to execute what I call "The Muffler". Its a suffocation technique where you control your opponents arms and then cover the mouth and nose of your opponent. I also show what I call "the Slingshot" which is a tech...

Your Opponent will walk right into this calf slicer

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ZombieProofBJJ NoGi Technique: Calf Slicer vs Inside Control (Inspired by the Sean Roberts Slicer).

Renzo Gracie demonstrates a sleeve choke from the turtle

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Renzo sinking a sleeve choke (aka Ezequiel) from the turtle position

Kimura Trap Against Shin 2 shin to Reverse Triangle

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Very slick transition!

You Have To Learn This Kimura to Leg Attack Transition

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The kimura (or double wristlock) is an extremely powerful and versatile control point as well as submission. And as is shown in this video, it can help to transition to other positions and set up other attacks. This l...

A Simple and Easy Drill to Quickly Improve Your Armbar

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A simple drill that will make your armbar much tighter and harder to escape that I learned from UFC fighter Oleg Taktarov.

Arm lock from Turtle Guard Eduardo Telles

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Arm lock from Turtle Guard Eduardo Telles.

Best way to finish the kimura from half guard

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Very effective way of finishing the Kimura from half guard from Alberto Serrano.

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