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5 Ways To Attack The Turtle Position

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BJJ Champion Fabio Da Mata from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 5 chokes from the turtle position.

The sneakiest Jiu-Jitsu choke ever by Ricardo Migliarese

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This choke will catch your opponents off guard.

Nicky Ryan Polaris 7 Triangle Armbar – ZombieProofBJJ (BreakDown)

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ZombieProofBJJ NoGi Technique: Nicky Ryan Polaris 7 Triangle Armbar vs Phil Harris

Tapping Bigger Guys with the Kimura in No Gi

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Pete Irving, former Pro MMA Fighter, BJJ Black Belt and head instructor of Itaipava Jiu Jitsu in Newcastle is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving some of his key details in ensuring the Kimura works against l...

Setting Up Omoplata Without Being Flexible

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This is how to set it up.

Butterfly Trap: Kimura From “Turtle Guard” by Eduardo Telles

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Butterfly Trap: Kimura From "Turtle Guard" by Eduardo Telles

Renzo & Eddie Bravo’s Great Details for the Arm Triangle Choke

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Two masters show their personal approach.

Reverse Sankaku by 2X Olympian Kelita Zupancic

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Reverse Sankaku is one of the most popular newaza techniques on the IJF World Cuircut. Kelita Zupancic has been perfecting this technique throughout her entire career. She is so good at it that she wins most of her ma...

How To Do A Wrist Lock From Full Guard

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BJJ World Champion Jucimar Eller from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates how to do a wrist lock from full guard.

I did this wrong for so long. Finishing mechanics of the triangle

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Have you been doing the triangle wrong this whole time?

Can’t Break Full Guard in BJJ? Try this Painful Choke to Open Guard

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A really frustration situation in BJJ is when a long legged person locks up Full Guard, squeezes and doesn't open.

Renzo Gracie’s Special Armbar from Closed Guard

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Instead of stretching his opponent's arm, as in the traditional armbar from closed guard, Renzo teaches an attack on the flexed arm in the moment his opponent tries to pull back his arm and close up defensively. Yo...

7 Solutions for a Triangle Choke If You Have Short, Fat Legs

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If your legs are on the shorter and thicker side then it can be difficult to finish the traditional triangle choke. Here are 7 ways to use or finish the triangle choke with short, fat legs!

Kyra Gracie’s Great Detail To Finish The Omoplata

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Great Detail To Finish The Omoplata by Multiple BJJ world champion Kyra Gracie.

Do You Cross Your Feet? Armbar Details- Kent Peters

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Do You Cross Your Feet? Armbar Details- Kent Peters.

Powerful Foot Lock from 50/50 guard in BJJ

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Lloyd Cooper, Top UK BJJ Black Belt, Scramble sponsored athlete, highly regarded Gi/No Gi grappler and head coach of Combat Base Goole is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on one of his favourite...

Best way to Omoplata from Closed Guard

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A really basic attack from the closed guard that everyone should know.

Adding Some Bite to the Underhook Half Guard with the Kneebar- Kenneth Brown

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The focus was on the kneebar from multiple positions, and if you pay attention, you may pick up some principles that can be more broadly applied.

High Percentage Loop Choke From Half Guard- Kenneth Brown

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This one is so easy that it will feel like cheating.

Sliding Collar Squeeze That Puts Them To Sleep Fast

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From Nic Gregoriades: This is a variation on the classic Okuri Eri Jime (sliding collar squeeze) that is so powerful I accidentally choked one of my friends unconscious with it at a seminar I taught recently. I wan...

The Pop Up Baseball Bat Choke from Side Control – Make a Pillar!

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The baseball bat choke is one of the tightest chokes going, learn how to do it from de la Riva Black Belt David Morcegao.

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