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3 BJJ Leg Lock Attacks Every Black Belt Should Know by Luiza Monteiro

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Luiza Monteiro, a 2x Black Belt World Champion with the Gi, and also a 5x No Gi World Champion in no gi, shows us some of the leg locks that she thinks that every black belt should know. With leg locks becoming more a...

Gold Standard to Finishing Omoplata by Shawn Williams

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Shawn Williams teaches finishing omoplata. Shawn Williams is a black belt under Renzo Gracie. Shawn received his black belt on the same day as the great John Danaher and is respected by both Danaher and Renzo....

Anti Jiu-Jitsu: Leg Locks by Kazushi Sakuraba

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In this Jiu Jitsu Training video, Kazushi Sakuraba teaches Leg Lock Finishes. If you want to learn extremely unique details with this devastating submission check out his series "Anti-Jiu Jitsu." Kazushi Sakuraba i...

Rolling Knee Bar by Neil Melanson

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In this Jiu Jitsu Training video, Neil Melanson teaches the BJJ Rolling Knee Bar move. This is a clip off his new instructional series "Ground Marshall Guard: Leg Locks by Neil Melanson" available exclusively at ht...

Blast Through The Guillotine Choke With A Double Leg Takedown – Nick Albin

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Use The Safest Yet Most Effective Takedowns That You Will Ever Need For BJJ: From Adam Wheeler, An Olympic Medalist and Black Belt Masters No Gi World Champion: The Standing Guillotine Choke can be a nasty subm...

Using The Wrist Lock To Get The Rear Naked Choke by Kazushi Sakuraba

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In this video Kazushi Sakuraba demonstrates how he uses the wrist lock to help him out to finish the rear naked choke. Sakuraba's rear naked choke became very famous, after all the MMA matches he did in Japan (PRIDE)....

The Catch Wrestling Crucifix From The Snap Guard by Neil Melanson

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Neil Melanson shows how he applies the catch wrestling crucifix from the snap guard. Neil has an amazing capacity to mix all type of grappling techniques, like Catch Wrestling, BJJ, Wrestling and much more... In this ...

The Best Flying Triangle Choke In The World by Edwin Najmi

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Edwin Naomi teaches how he does the flying triangle choke. We can easily say that Edwin Najmi has the best flying triangle in the World, as he has used it to win the worlds as purple belt and as brown belt. Learn a...

Different Head & Arm In Guillotine by Fabiano Scherner

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Fabiano Scherner, 10x Masters World Champion, Shows a really slick and different set up for the arm in guillotine. Fabiano Scherner Reveals His Complete No Gi Roadmap From A Range Of Positions. Simple, Effective...

How To Do The Tightest Darce Choke by Edwin Najmi

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BJJ world champion Edwin Najmi shows how he does to adjust the Darce Choke. It is super impressive to see how he can apply this choke even with the gi. Edwin Najmi has been tearing it up with submission victory aft...

How to dodge being Guillotined when Going for a Takedown – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters gives his insight on the age old question on how to avoid being subbed when going for a takedown. Check Out Travis Stevens 'Scientific Gripping Systems' , The Gripping Formula That Makes All The Differe...

Invisible Toe Hold vs Knee Shield- Gustavo Ximu

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  Gustavo Ximu Machado, a 3rd degree BJJ black belt shows us a really sneaky and painful way of attacking your opponent's bottom foot from inside the knee shield. Your opponent will have to tap fast or suffer ...

Renzo Gracie’s 100% Success Toe hold From Half guard

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At the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo Seminar, Master Renzo Gracie showed one of his specialties: Toe Hold from half guard against the knee shield. Notice how important it is the block the lower leg. The Most Comprehensive C...

Craig Jones’ Surprise Heel Hook from Butterfly Guard

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Leg lock master Craig Jones shows how he lures people in his butterfly guard, giving them a false sense of security only to set up an unexpected heel hook. Learning the leg attack game is a smart thing to do if you...

Game Changing Kimura Detail by Sakuraba

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Japanese MMA legend and BJJ black belt Kazushi Sakuraba shows a very effective way to finish the Sakuraba that is different than what is usually used in BJJ. For more beautifully brutal kimura variations and set up...

MUST SEE Crescent Kick Sweep from the Failed Guillotine

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An awesome sweep you should use whenever you have a failed guillotine. Its great when you already have your shin across your opponents stomach but sometimes you can create it with some good leg movement.

Catch Wrestling One on One to Kimura by Neil Melanson

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BJJ guys don't know this Kimura set up: one on one to Kimura! In his latest release from BJJ Fanatics, famed grappling and MMA Coach Neil Melanson opens up the playbook for his Ground Marshal Half Guard techniques....

Reverse Kimura by Neil Melanson

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You like the Kimura? You will love the reverse Kimura! In his latest release from BJJ Fanatics, famed grappling and MMA Coach Neil Melanson opens up the playbook for his Ground Marshal Half Guard techniques. One of...

Power Kimura by Neil Melanson

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You like the Kimura? How about the Power Kimura? In his latest release from BJJ Fanatics, famed grappling and MMA Coach Neil Melanson opens up the playbook for his Ground Marshal Half Guard techniques. One of the p...

Compression Locks, Slicers, Sandwiches

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Here are some very useful, tricky and painful compression locks for arms and legs. Obviously, there are many that could be added to the list, but these are the ones that Jared Jessup and I have hit more than anything ...

The COLLAR TIE Guillotine is AWESOME

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This video demonstrates the "Collar Tie Guillotine". Its kinda like a nogi loop choke as well. Check out the details and you are sure to find something useful.

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