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A SNEAKY CHOKE When You Can’t Get The OMOPLATA! – Tom Davey

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Omoplata's are super effective and deadly to use on the mat. But like everything...they don't always work. Sometimes due to a number of circumstances you just can't seem to finish them. Well, that's ok! As long as you...

STOP THE LEG DRAG from de la Riva Guard by a de la Riva Black belt

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STOP THE LEG DRAG from de la Riva Guard by a de la Riva Black belt

Omoplata to Collar Choke Kurt Osiander

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They think you're going for an omoplata, then you switch to other side omoplata to cross collar choke. Simple and effective!

Arm Over Back Escape

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A very important and basic Back escape that if you don't know you should incorporate in your game right now.

Triangle Details for Beginners and Advanced levels – Josh Madama

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Josh Madama is not just an instructor and academy owner he is also a student of John Danaher along with Mat Serra and Renzo Gracie. This video provides plenty of details that could seriously up your game

Movement training drills

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Being mobile and flexible is one of the most important things you can develop on yourself to improve your performance on the mats

Chris Weidman – Body Control + Banana Split

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UFC middleweight contender, Chris Weidman, shows you some of his ground game including some practical back control and the fancy banana split.

No-Gi Throws by Vlad Koulikov

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Vlad Koulikov - Master of Sport in Sambo, Judo Black Belt, No-Gi Grappling Bad-Ass and Foot-Lock Machine ... (how's THAT for an intro!?) ... has joined the Ultimate Grappling Pack to show of some Sambo / No-Gi Wrest...

Taking the Back From Reverse Half

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Learn how to take the back from the Reverse Half position

The Single Strap Back Take (My Favorite Way To Take The Back) by Bernardo Faria

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How Would You Like To Learn The Secret To Tapping Your Opponents - From The World’s Top Submission Hunter? 5X Black Belt World Champion Bernardo Faria Teaches The Sequences He Used To Tap Nearly All of His Oppon...

Sweep from Turtle Guard – Eduardo Telles

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Pan and Worlds No-Gi champion Eduardo Telles teaches one of his trademark turtle guard techniques. During a class at Fernando Tererê's academy in Rio, Telles took the opportunity to teach a nice way to sweep and get t...

Very Cool BJJ Warm Up by Bernardo Faria

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Very Cool BJJ Warm Up by Bernardo Faria Bernardo Faria is a 5x World Champion. Bernardo started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Juiz de Fora - MG, Brazil at the age of 14 in 2001. After receiving the Black Belt fro...

Essential Ways to Pass Reverse De La Riva and Finish – Jackson Sousa

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Jackson Sousa, Mundial World Champion, Pan American No Gi Champion and Black Belt under Rico Vieira is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on some of his favourite options to go for when dealing wi...

Attacking the Turtle Guard with a Modified Seatbelt right into a Rear Triangle

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Attacking the Turtle Guard with a Modified Seatbelt right into a Rear Triangle

BJJ Concept: Move To Open Guard Before They Open Your Closed Guard by Jason Scully

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Get over 4,600 detailed and highly organized grappling videos!

Gene Simco & Amaury Bitetti BJJ Technique Arm Bar to Gogoplata

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Great setup to an Armbar to Gogoplata with great details shown by Gene Simco and Amaury Bitetti. Big legends of the sport.

Interesting wrestling drill by Cary Kolat

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Interesting wrestling drill by Cary Kolat

The Right Way to Pull Guard in MMA- Introducing The Web Guard

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From Tri STar Gym coach Firas Zahabi: "Pulling Guard at Tristar Gym for a long time was forbidden but after seeing several Guard pulling master find success with Guard pulling I reconsider the ban. While I still...

How to Escape Mount When His Ankles Are Crossed Under You?

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Escaping the mount is hard enough normally, but when your opponent crosses his ankles under your legs in low mount then it becomes even more difficult; here's how to escape anyhow.

Arm Drag vs Over Under Pass, Back to Reverse Triangle – Brandon Quick

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Brandon Quick shows you how to go from getting your Half Guard passed to their Back and a cool Triangle

How To Set Up A Triangle Armbar From Back Mount | Evolve

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Bruno Pucci from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates how to set up a triangle armbar from back mount.

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