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Pivot Sweep from Lasso Guard – SBG

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Coach Brad Bentley of SBG Idaho shows a pivot sweep from lasso guard

Xpass against spider guard with Belly strike- Ed Ramos

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   Xpass against spider guard with Belly strike to stabilization     A video posted by ED RAMOS (@edramosbjj) on Nov 7, 2016 at 1:59pm PST

Pump Handle Armbar – Bryant Pangelinan

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Bryant Pangelinan shows the pump handle armbar from the turtle position. Taken from the Black Belts for Butterflies seminar.

Submissions Are Everywhere! – Episode 00

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Submissions are everywhere! That simple and inoffensive position might not be that simple and inoffensive at all.

X Guard Entries to Back Take – Brandon Quick

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Brandon Quick shows 2 entries to the X Guard but the same back take. The 2nd one the grips dont even change!

Yuri Simoes – Baloon sweep

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Check out Yuri Simoes show the balloon sweep to load your opponent and finish with an arm bar in a self defense situation.

X-Guard to Balloon Sweep | Cobrinha

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X-Guard to Balloon Sweep | Cobrinha

Simple Foot Fighting Trick to Stop this Common BJJ Mount Escape

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Nothing is quite as frustrating in BJJ as having a dominant position then losing it to someone who escapes. Mount in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a fantastic position for maintaining strong control. But there are a ...

Joe Rogan’s BJJ Secret & answer by Josh Barnett

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cool little tip from Joe Rogan for when your foot is stuck in half guard on top

Half Guard Kimura Sweep – Eduardo Telles

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Turtle Master Eduardo Telles shows a Half Guard Kimura Sweep

De La Riva back take – Bruno Frazatto

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 De La Riva back take by Bruno Frazatto     --> De La Riva back take // @tatamifightwear @thefokaieffect @bjj_fanatics @choke_lab A video posted by Bruno Frazatto (@brunofrazatto) on Jul 2...

Sylvio Behring on how to use self defense as pre training warm up

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Self-defense as pre-training warmup with Master Sylvio Behring.

Recovering The Underhook From Bottom Half Guard

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Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to recover the underhook when stuck in bottom half-guard.

Secret Reverse Clock Choke- John Machado

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Reverse clock Choke variation from John Machado

Passing the Guard – Renzo Gracie Peru

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black belt 3rd degree, Roberto Descailleaux teaches us four variants for: PASSING THE GUARD TO BUTTERFLY

Sit Up Guard Pt.2 Knee Bar – Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week covers Knee Bar from Sit up guard

Best solo drills to improve your Jiu Jitsu game

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There is a massive 50% OFF  SALE on Video Instructionals at BJJ Fanatics, which feature quality instructionals from Tom DeBlass, Craig Jones, Dean Lister, Bernardo Faria and many more….(Type in the code ‘WATCHBJJ” and...

Berimbolo variation from 14 year old phenom

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14 year old orange belt and this year's Brasileiro champion from Fernando Terere's social project Jhonathon 'Moricano' Marques breaks down 2 variations of his berimbolo which he is currently using to terriorise fellow...

Easy Beginner Triangle Choke Setup

1.10K Views0 Comments An easy, but effective, triangle choke setup to add into your game. It uses the scissor sweep motion, which is one of the most commonly taught sweeps.

Solo Drills To Improve Top Game – Gui Mendes

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 Gui Mendes shares some solo drills to improve balance & body coordination for top game         solo drills to improve balance & body coordination for top game • artofjiujit...

KNEE SLIDE CHOKE: Gi Choke with Tâniel Abu Bergerak

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KNEE SLIDE CHOKE: Gi Choke with Professor Tâniel Abu Bergerak

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