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Lateral Spin, Sambo for NoGi – Kirill Sementsov

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The active arsenal of takedowns in modern grappling and MMA has been significally narrowed due to the risk of losing position when doing some techniques. But grappling arts are as diverse as life itself and there are ...

BJJ: 3 Slick Shoulder Locks

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Jucimar Eller from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 3 shoulder locks. Guest post by Evolve MMA, Asia’s premier championship brand for martial arts. It has the most number of Wor...

Reverse Head and Arm/D’arce Choke from Sidecontrol -Tom DeBlass

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 Tom DeBlass thought this reverse head and arm/d'arce choke from side control tonight during seminar at Butch Hiles Academy . He used this submission to win a submission only match he had a year ago, it's very ef...

How to turn a Triangle Choke COUNTER into a KNEEBAR

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How to turn a Triangle counter into a Kneebar for No Gi BJJ & Sambo used by David Younan.

No Gi Triangle From Closed Guard

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A very strong setup for the Triangle from Closed Guard which will make it very hard for your opponent to escape

Side Control Defense Seminar – Island Top Team

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alignment and proper frames for defending against upper body control, here we focus on defending against lower body, or hip control.

Elite Wrestling for BJJ – How to use the Cradle Effectively

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How to use the Wrestling cradle specifically for use in BJJ with Lyubo Kumbarov.

Kit Dale Omaplata

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Kit Dale shows a very good way to secure the Omoplata in No Gi.

Kimura From Closed Guard Hip Defense by Henry Akins

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Master critical armlock escaping concepts with one of BJJ’s most respected instructors, Henry Akins. Learn the secrets of escaping armlocks unscathed and turn the tables on your opponents - use high-level concep...

3 Benefits of Drilling To Both Sides – Nick Albin

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Should I drill to both sides in BJJ? This is a question that comes up a lot with people who are newer to BJJ. Most of us, at least in the beginning, tend to focus on our dominant side. Which is whichever side feels mo...

How To Defend The Back Going To The Half Guard- Balmant & Bernardo Faria

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How To Defend The Back Going To The Half Guard & Over-Under Pass by Philippe Balmant Bernardo Faria is a 5x World Champion. Bernardo started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Juiz de Fora - MG, Brazil at the age ...

Rafael Lovato Jr Guard mastery webinar

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Rafael Lovato Jr goes in detail on his favorite guard set ups and combinations.

Revolutionary Kimura Detail!

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If you ever lost a Kimura from the Closed Guard due your opponent's defense you will love this detail! Learn To Dominate From The Most Dominant Bottom Position In BJJ: Tom DeBlass – An Old School Competitor Who Sti...

Hidden Details In The BJJ Tripod Sweep (Open Guard) That You Have Never Seen Before by Gordon Ryan

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Learn How Gordon “The King” Ryan Systematically Dominates The Best Grapplers In The World With Some Of Grappling’s Most Common and Effective Open Guards. Systematically attack from your back with this open guard...

Josh Barnett- Standing Kimura Catch Wrestling

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  For more information on Josh Barnett, a breakdown of this move, others demonstrated by him, more great techniques from other high level practitioners, news, product reviews, nutritional advice, conditioning ...

Side Control Escapes Part1: James ’300′ Foster

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Professor Foster showed several side control escape concepts during a recent Fundamentals class. We hope you're able to pickup some details to sharpen your escape tools! This is part 1 of a multiple part series that w...

Folding Pass Details – Nelson Puentes

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The folding pass has become Nelson Puentes' go to path to a dominant top position. In this video, pulled from a seminar in Pittsburgh, Nelson talks about his guard passing strategy as well as some finer details of mak...

Triangle Choke Transition off Arm Bar from guard – Bjj AfterForty

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Triangle Choke Transition off Arm Bar from guard by Bjj AfterForty

Core 7: Sidemount escape + Punch Block + Triangle choke

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Adem Redzovic shows an amazingly impressive sequence of movements including a Side mount escape, the Punch block and a Triangle choke

Lucas Leite Backtake

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World Champion Lucas Leite shows how he takes the back

Sneaky Combo to Lock Up Choke – Kent Peters

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 Sneaky Technique of the Day: Darce attack vs butterfly guard, from wizzer dig your hand out to get a quarter nelson and force head down with 2 on 1, roll to the wizzer side forcing his head into the center of yo...

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