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Sweep From Knee Shield – Oliver Taza

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Tristar Gym's Oliver Taza shows us how he catches a leg lock from the "Honey Hole" position

X guard to triangle with the option to arm bar – Andre Galvao

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X guard to triangle with the option to arm bar by Andre Galvao

Mount escape – Andrew Smith

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mount escape: turning your hips all the way over to get the foot

10 Finger Guillotine by Lachlan Giles

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Lachlan Giles shows his favorite guillotine variation

Gi High Crotch

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Modiefied High Crotch takedown which works woders with the Gi.

Leg Attack Fakes for Setup

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Cary Kolat teaches Leg Attack Fakes for Setup.

Awesome counter throw to double underhooks- Coach Zoran Spasojevic

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 Coach Zoran Spasojevic shows an awesome counter throw to double underhooks!      

Fake Guard Pull to Ankle Pick – Gui Mendes

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Gui Mendes teaches his signature fake guard pull to ankle pick. Written instructions plus video GUI: I USE THIS TAKEDOWN ONCE I ESTABLISH MY GRIPS AND FEEL LIKE MY OPPONENT IS NOT GOING TO PULL GUARD. I PUSH AND P...

Top 3 Butterfly Guard Sweeps – Nelson Puentes

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Nelson Puentes answers what are the top 3 basic butterfly guard sweeps

Triceps Low Level Duck Under To Double – Cary Kolat

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Cary Kolat teaches his Triceps Low Level Duck Under To Double

Head Control Escape To 2on1 – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters shows hand control escape leading into 2 on 1!

De La Riva Guard Pass To Back Take

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A lot of pressure can be applied on this press, leaving your opponent without any other option other than beg you to pass, before you take the back and choke him

Bodylock pass When they block your knee with their hand

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Troubleshooting the bodylock pass When they block your knee with their hand.

3 ways to finish leg locks – Rob Diggle

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Long Island MMA fighter Rob Diggle shows us 3 different ways to finish a leg lock. Rob is know for his ability to leg lock and share a few of his secrets.

How To Pass The Spider-Lasso Guard by Lucas Lepri

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Multiple time black belt world champion Lucas Lepri is the only person in BJ history to win a black belt adult world title without conceiving a single point! Here he explains how to solve the equation of the spider-la...

Rickson Gracie – Shoulder grab defense

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Rickson Gracie - Shoulder grab defense.

Rolling Knee Bar From The Back Trap – David Avellan

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When your opponent is turtled, most of us are aware that they can roll for a knee bar if you place your leg in between theirs. But did you know you can roll for a knee bar if you are on top? Most people don't -...

Grappling Warm-ups using a wall

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The wall sometimes can be the best guru. Master these drills and see your game dramatically improving

Michael Liera Jr. Drilling Takedowns With Gui Mendes

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Mike Liera Jr. drilling takedowns with Guilherme Mendes during 2014 Worlds Training Camp at Atos.

Basic transitions from Knee on Belly – Gustavo Gasperin

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin explains how to maintain the Knee On Belly and how to transition to Mount & Back controls.

How To Have A Proper BJJ Stance For Competitions

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I show you the basics of how to properly stand up when grappling. This will help you defend take downs and keep from getting your knees blown out. Tim Spriggs. Reigning UFC Champion & Olympic Gold Medal Wre...

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