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Elbow Smash Butterfly Guard Pass- Mahamed Aly

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Elbow Smash Butterfly Guard Pass- Mahamed Aly.

Omoplata Variation

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Today's breakdown is a variation to the Omoplata.

Helicopter Armlock

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Want to make the highlight reel, here are some small details that will make this move simple and effective.

Ryron Gracie’s Killer Armbar Tip

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Having trouble finishing the armlock? Ryron Gracie teaches a great way to break the opponent's defense. Having trouble finishing the armlock? @ryrongracie teaches a great way to break the opponent's ...

Ouchi Gari Takedown to Submission Combo – MMA version

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Jitsu Combat Flow Lesson: Slip the jab, destroy the cross punch, elbow smash, Ouchi Gari takedown, to BJJ Guard Pass Standing, to the Americana Submission (shoulder lock).

Guard Passing Drills you can work home alone! – Jake O’Driscoll

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Watch some solo drills that don't require anything beside a balance ball you can get at your local sports store. Work on Torreando, Knee Slice and Hip Switch today       A couple of guar...

How to keep Mount Position locked down in MMA or No Gi BJJ

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How to keep mount position once it is attained in MMA or No Gi BJJ as instructed by Dean 'Wolverdean' Reilly, Former Cage Warriors incumbent, Pro MMA fighter, BJJ Brown belt and renowned instructor at The Griphouse Gy...

A Trick to Get Underhook Control in the Guard – Stephan Kesting

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Getting the underhook in the guard, especially the butterfly guard and the half guard, is incredibly important because it gives you a huge amount of control over your opponent's body and also gives you a route to his ...

An Easy and Surprising Armlock From Half Guard Top- Stephan Kesting

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Ritchie Yip shows a very effective straight armlock submission that he sets up from the top of half guard

Arm triangle from side control – Seph Smith

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Here's one of my favorite arm triangle setups from side control. I hope you enjoy it and if you do please like and share!

Finishing the Triangle When the Opponent Defends by Fellipe Andrew

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Learn to hunt submissions with world-class black belt and multiple time IBJJF gold medalist, Fellipe Andrew. Master devastating triangle chokes, vicious foot locks, and much more in this series completely dedica...

This Powerful Grip Creates Crazy Pressure from Half Guard Bottom – Chewjitsu

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The Half Guard in BJJ is by far one of my favorite positions in Gi or No Gi. There's so many options, grips and adjustments to mix it up with. In this video I show a really STRONG grip to use in the Gi. I put ...

MMA vs BJJ – Ground and Pound Experiment

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In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu we are often taught how to defend ourselves from the bottom but rarely do we discuss what to do if someone on top of us is allowed to punch

Hammer Lock to Cowboy Tilt

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How to use a Claw and Hammer Lock to get easy back points and set up an easy ping

Loop Choke – Alberto Serrano

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Alberto Serrano of Renzo Gracie Mexico details a fine loop choke setup

Kiss Of The Dragon Calf Crusher

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Ouch, it hurts just from watching

5 Half-Guard Passes – Gustavo Gasparin

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5 worthy options for passing the half guard by MMA leach's Gustavo Gasparin

Crazy Backflip Single Leg Defense To A Takedown From All American Dan Vallimont

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This video explains the Backflip Single Leg Defense To A Takedown wrestling technique. Turn Your Opponent’s Next Attack Into Your Takedown With These Super Effective Wrestling Counters. NCAA Finalist Dan Vallimont...

Overview Of The Supine Guard (BJJ Open Guard) by Gordon Ryan

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Learn How Gordon “The King” Ryan Systematically Dominates The Best Grapplers In The World With Some Of Grappling’s Most Common and Effective Open Guards. Systematically attack from your back with this open guard...

Never Get Jumped on Ever Again – Stopping the Guard Jump

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David Morcegao shows the one detail you'll kick yourself for not figuring out.

Full Nelson Defense by Dean Lister

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Full Nelson Defense by Dean Lister

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