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Sitting Guard To Back Take- Lucas Lepri

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In this video Lucas demonstrates a back take from the sitting guard position. He then finishes with a collar/lapel choke. Assisting him is Kennedy Maciel. For more information on Lucas, a break down of this move an...

Half Guard To Single Leg Sweep by Neil Melanson

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Famed grappling and MMA Coach Neil Melanson opens up the playbook for his Ground Marshal Half Guard techniques. One of the positions he explores is the half guard. This is a simple but effective sweep using the half g...

Double Leg Takedown- Darrel Gholar

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  Darrell Gholar demonstrates proper takedown offense and takedown defense techniques as taught by him to the Brazilian Top Team. Known as a premier takedown coach with a vast wrestling background, Gholar's se...

D’Arce Choke off Failed Guillotine

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Brad Wolfson, demonstrates how to finish with the D'Arce choke when your opponent escapes the guillotine form side control

Double under pass defense to Back take

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Not only defend the Double under pass but also take the back with this great technique.

The Biggest No Gi Takedown Mistakes

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If you're making one of the mistakes you'll never be able to take down a quality opponent.

Chris Vamos – Classic Butterfly Sweep

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Chris Vamos from New York teaches a regular butterfly sweep with a few extra details

Robson Moura shows leg take down to armlock and rolling shoulder lock from turtle

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 5th degree black belt demonstrates a no-gi and gi techniques - taking your opponent down - as well as attacking the turtle.

Duck Under to Lift

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how to perform a "Duck Under" to a couple different finishes. This a common technique used in the sport of wrestling and worksl for nogi grappling as well.


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Check out how 10th planet sensation is preparing for his Sub only fight taking place tomorrow!

Super Easy Sweep from closed guard

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A really simple yet effective sweep your opponent will not be expecting.

Harai Goshi Counter to Under Hook

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There are a variety of counter techniques from the over hook, but one of the more devastating moves you can do is a hip throw. There are quite a few variations on this, but on this video I focus on my favorite - the H...

Cobrinha – Guard retention from Toreando pass

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Add these guard retention drills by Cobrinha to your training routine to immensely improve your game.

Foot Locks from the 50/50 Position – Luiz Panza

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Luiz Panza and Didi Martins. • Positions : - 50-50 on top / Foot Lock. - 50-50 sitting on the mat / Foot Lock

Nicky Ryan Triangle Setup from seated Guard

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Nicky Ryan Triangle Setup from seated Guard

3 Fancy Loop Chokes – Beyond Grappling

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Matt D'Aquino shows 3 fancy loop chokes for Love Judo Magazine

Lasso Sweep Going Straight To The Armbar – Marcos Tinoco

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Lasso Sweep Going Straight To The Armbar by Marcos Tinoco feat Bernardo Faria

Flying Arm Locks from Mount – JT Torres

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JT Torres Teaches Flying Arm Locks from Mount in cool new instructional!

Takedown into Choke Sequence Tutorial

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Italo Lins, BJJ Black Belt, is here filmed giving a tutorial on his favorite sequence which involves a takedown, followed by a back take and then a submission.

Japanese Turnover – Ivo dos Santos

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Wow, that seems to be a very easy and yet effective way to setup an Arm Triangle from top Turtle position

Partner Balance Drill – Cobrinha

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 Cobrinha does a killer drill for balance with his son Kennedy Maciel!       ????????O que vc faz para melhor o se equilíbrio no Jiu jitsu? Nós fazemos condicionamento de capoeira. E vc...

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