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Mental Tip for BJJ Competitors over 30

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Do your nerves get the best of you constantly when you compete? Check this video out then!

Judo Champ still not over her loss – Ronda Rousey Interview

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Ronda Rousey Interview - "I'm still Grieving"

How to Memorise any BJJ Technique- Kit Dale

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How to structure your training to maximise your long term memory retention.. And tips on how to memorise anything..

One Sport Besides Wrestling To Help Your BJJ

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Have you ever wondered what other sports out there could help with improving your BJJ game? I have realized that a sport that would benefit all in BJJ would be gymnastics. Building strength, body awareness, flexibili...

Should You Still Train BJJ When You’re Really Tired?

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I trained BJJ today despite being fresh off the plane, jet lagged and exhausted, so it seemed like a good day to tackle today's topic, namely whether you should train on those days when you're so tired you can't see s...

Daily Life Motivation – Mental Fitness

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Building a Basic BJJ Game Plan for Competitions

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Making a basic BJJ Game Plan can be incredibly helpful for new competitors who aren't exactly sure how to go about their techniques. While a BJJ game plan rarely holds up exactly the way you intended. Like the old...

BJJ Tips – Developing Growth Mindset by Tom DeBlass

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THE ROAD TO BLACK BELT by Tom DeBlass will give you MINDSET tools that you may have never believed possible. Nearly THREE HOURS of STRAIGHT TALK about injuries, competing, relationships, and MANY MORE TOPICS guara...

Physiological Affects of Fight Or Flight – Dr. George Giannou

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Fight or Flight? In this video Dr. George Giannou explains the physiological affects that happen during a fight or flight moment.

Easiest Way To Get Submission In Tournaments- Bernardo Faria

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5x world champion Bernardo Faria has some great tips.

Play Jiu-Jitsu like a Quarterback – BJJ Mental Coach

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In this video concepts will connect to each other and you will have some more clarity about how to build your own custom made playbook of systems and positions.

Robert Drysdale’s Talk on Passing Philosophy

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Black Belt Robert Drysdale talks about his experience and philosophy about learning multiple ways to pass either in combat stance or stack pressure passing attacks during one of his Jiu-Jitsu seminars at Oklahoma Mart...

How To Prepare Mentally Before Training

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How do you come to training? or turn up to a competition? any preparation? or do you just turn up? still thinking about your bills or what you had for dinner last night? big, big mistake. Just taking some time prepari...

Gordon Ryan on What Every BJJ White Belt And Blue Belt Should Learn And Focus In Jiu Jitsu

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Get insights into every aspect and phase of training and competing from 3-Time ADCC Champion and IBJJF World No-Gi Champion Gordon “The King” Ryan - INCLUDES E-BOOK! Find out how you can supercharge your trainin...

Boxing Analogy for BJJ Competition Anxiety

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I recently got a question about BJJ competition anxiety from George from Bulgaria. He said he's competed in tournaments previously. But the upcoming tournament has him super nervous. He's nervous about all sorts of...

Change This Destructive BJJ Mindset – Nick Albin

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Nick Chewy Albin talks more mental preparation for bjj fights.   Do you ever get frustrated when you train with someone at the similar level because you feel like you're competing with them? Do you get frustr...

How to Prepare for BJJ Competition | Robson Moura

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Multiple world champion, Robson Moura, talks a bit about how he likes to prepare for tournaments during his seminar at Grant's MMA in Toronto.

Mental Mistakes #6: Surround themselves with Negative People

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The number six most common mental mistake Jiu-Jitsu competitors make is to “Surround Themselves with Negative People”. A few months back, I released a video blog about the power of the association called “Who do yo...

BJJ Mental Coach: Underestimating Mental Preparation

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From BJJ Mental Coach Gustavo Dantas:   The tenth mental mistake from the series “Top 10 Mental Mistakes BJJ Competitors make and how to avoid them” is UNDERESTIMATING MENTAL PREPARATION. “Competition is...

Mental Mistakes BJJ Competitors Make #7 Negative Self-Talk

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BJJ Mental Coach Gustavo Dantas: The seventh most common mental mistake Jiu-Jitsu competitors make is “Negative self-talk”. Do you think about what you think about? Think about that! How self-aware of your thoughts...

He Started BJJ 6 Months Ago And He Feels That He Is Not Getting Any Better

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Question: As a white belt with only 6 months how do u progress more. Sometimes it just feels like I'm getting beat all the time and techniques don't happen the way I want. Other times things just click. But it seems r...

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