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(Part 2) Do you Google your opponents before your Jiu-jitsu tournaments?

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  This is the part 2 of "Do you Google your opponents before a Jiu-Jitsu competition?" In this video blog, you will hear about three more strategies that you can use when researching your opponent prior to com...

One Sport Besides Wrestling To Help Your BJJ

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Have you ever wondered what other sports out there could help with improving your BJJ game? I have realized that a sport that would benefit all in BJJ would be gymnastics. Building strength, body awareness, flexibili...

Have you ever blamed the referee for your BJJ competition loss?

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Have you ever blamed a referee for your loss? Hello everyone, losing a Jiu-Jitsu match because of a referee’s mistake or maybe a bad decision can be really frustrating, but unfortunately is part of the game. The ba...

Tips For Grappling After 30 – Nick Albin

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Nick Albin found several ways to lessen the frequency of injuries and stay healthy on the mat

Buchecha and Braulio Estima Talk About Mindset When Competing

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During a seminar at Frota Noguiera Academy in Zurich Multi X World Champions Braulio Estima and Marcus "Buchecha" Almedia talk about there mindsets before they step on the mat to compete.

He Started BJJ 6 Months Ago And He Feels That He Is Not Getting Any Better

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Question: As a white belt with only 6 months how do u progress more. Sometimes it just feels like I'm getting beat all the time and techniques don't happen the way I want. Other times things just click. But it seems r...

Mental Mistakes BJJ Competitors Make #7 Negative Self-Talk

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BJJ Mental Coach Gustavo Dantas: The seventh most common mental mistake Jiu-Jitsu competitors make is “Negative self-talk”. Do you think about what you think about? Think about that! How self-aware of your thoughts...

Don’t Compare Yourself to the Worst

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Coach Kolat covers a conversation that he had with one of his athletes in regard to training habits and self-confidence.

Boxing Analogy for BJJ Competition Anxiety

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I recently got a question about BJJ competition anxiety from George from Bulgaria. He said he's competed in tournaments previously. But the upcoming tournament has him super nervous. He's nervous about all sorts of...

Robert Drysdale’s Talk on Passing Philosophy

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Black Belt Robert Drysdale talks about his experience and philosophy about learning multiple ways to pass either in combat stance or stack pressure passing attacks during one of his Jiu-Jitsu seminars at Oklahoma Mart...

Mental Tip for the BJJ Competitor- The BJJ Mental Coach

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This can help you, not only to improve your competition mindset becoming more rational about your performance at the tournament, but it can help you in your personal and professional life as well.

Mental Mistakes #3: Fear of making costly mistakes

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The number three most common mental mistake Jiu-Jitsu competitors make is “Fear of making costly mistakes”. If you have competed before, most likely you have made this mistake and you are NOT alone my friend! The fear...

The Power of having a Gameplan in BJJ- Brandon Mullins

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  The power of gameplans in BJJ & grappling, by Brandon Mullins & Stephan Kesting. From the Takedowns & Top Position Gameplan app for iOS & Android

Mental Tip for BJJ Competitors over 30

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Do your nerves get the best of you constantly when you compete? Check this video out then!

What Can I do at Home to get Better in Jiu Jitsu

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What Can I do at Home to get Better in Jiu Jitsu.

What it takes to become a BJJ World Champion

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Rafael Formiga Barbosa, Marcus Antelante, Manny Diaz and other share "What it takes to become a BJJ World Champion. Formiga his the Soul Fighters Team share their experiences, training and mindset to achieve greatn...

Too Much Knowledge Can Slow the Learning Process in BJJ

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if you are coaching to correct every little detail, the learning process can actually slow down

Top five most mentally tough wrestlers of all time

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In this video we review the top five most mentally tough wrestlers of all time. Do you agree or disagree? Top five most mentally tough wrestlers of all time.

How to Program your Mind for Fitness :The Power of Attitude – Firas Zahabi

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Being fit is one of the most important aspects of Martial Arts. If you are not fit you will not be able to get through training without great discomfort and mental effort. In the long run this will drain you and may c...

On Motivation – Travis Stevens

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Travis Stevens Olympian Judoka and BJJ Black Belt answers the tough question: How to stay motivated?

5 Tips for BJJ White Belts That Are Struggling

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5 tips for BJJ White Belts.

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