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No Gi Baseball Bat Choke – Eli Knight

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Here is a technique I have gotten asked about several times, the Baseball Bat Choke No Gi version. This is a deceptive choke, hard to see coming and hard to defend by the time you see it. I hope you enjoy it.

Transition From Leg Lock Counter to Bicep Slicer/Omoplata

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A great way to defend the Straight foot lock and still pull a submission out of it

Lapel Choke – Rafael Domingos

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Cool efficient way of utilizing the lapel choke     #Repost @rafaeldomingosjj with @repostapp ・・・ Estragulamento de lapela @nineninehq #bjj #jiujitsu #blackbelt #99ninenine #telles #rdjj #art...

Five Triangle Chokes You Must Know – Stephan Kesting

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the five fundamental triangle choke variations, including those used in MMA by Brock Lesnar agains Shane Carwin, Chris Lytle against Matt Brown, and Fabricio Werdum against Fedor Emelianenko

NO GI EZEKIEL as a MOTHER’S MILK Submission Follow Up

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Want to make more friends in training? Bust this out next time your spar!

Great transition from single leg x to the triangle – Gabriel Bergami

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 Great transition from single leg x to the triangle with Gabriel Bergami and Ramon Delsin         One leg X to triangle ????com @ramondde #triangulo #onelegx #xguard #mqt #jiuj...

How To Do A Perfect Rear Naked Choke

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In this video, 2x Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Teco Shinzato demonstrates how to do a rear naked choke. Guest post by Evolve MMA, Asia’s premier championship brand for martial arts. It has the most number of ...

Flying Bow and arrow choke

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Check out this alternative way of doing the Bow and arrow choke.

Halfguard Kimura Hack – ZombieProofBJJ

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When you have a Kimura locked but they extend their arm, this is a cool hack.

The ‘Infamous’ Hair Choke- Mike Bidwell

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Mike Bidwell: "I submit to you the 'Infamous Hair Choke'! This choke has a great story I want to share with everyone. My wife is a purple belt in BJJ and has very long hair (which I love). At our school we have a grea...

Baseball Bat Choke from Knee on Belly- Kristian Woodmansee

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This is a technique video breakdown of the Baseball bat choke submission from the knee on belly position taught by Kristian Woodmansee of Team Atos.

3 Bear Traps from X Guard

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Learn these 3 sneaky calf slicer from X- Guard!

Slick Shoulder Lock – Gustavo Machado

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 Shoulder locks variation + armlock from top side control!    

Closed guard armlock with the lapel

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Great setup to the armlock from the closed guard using your opponent's lapel.

How to Pull into Leglock – Coach Firas Zahabi

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Love him or hate him Rousimar Palhares is an effective grappler. In this video coach Firas Zahabi breaks down step by step his technique when pulling into a leglock.

Marcio Andre Teaches The Ultimate Sub From Europeans 2017

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Here's some interesting fresh new footage of Marcio Andre teaching the sub that rocked everyone's world at Euro 2017 Heblew everybody away at Euros when he tapped out Andris Brunovskis of Atos with a triangle cho...

KatagaRenzo: Game Changing Adjustments For Katagatame From Renzo Gracie feat Demian Maia

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As a part of Renzo Gracie “Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” online course, Renzo shows some game changing adjustments for the Katagatame. He calls it the KatagaRenzo. Sign up for the whole course at http://gallerr....

Heel Hook Escape to Toe Hold/Heel Hook – Kent Peters

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Heel Hook Escape to Toe Hold/Heel Hook by Kent Peters

Great Cross Choke Detail – Nikola Skoric

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 Great detail that will make sure the Cross Choke becomes your go-to technique from the Mount!      

The Flying FootLock

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The Flying FootLock - ZombieProofBJJ (Gi).

Chris Light – “Arm In” rear naked choke + triangle combo

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Chris Light - head instructor at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy in Beverly Hills shows how to transition from a failed arm triangle to Rear Naked Choke w/ arm in, then inverted triangle.

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