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Spider Guard Armbar by Tiago Alves

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This video demonstrates how to do an armbar from spider guard for BJJ, Grappling or any other fight sport. Develop your Spider Guard to shut down pressure passers, and slow down mobility passers. Constantly pose...

Guillotine from Butterfly- Marcelo Garcia

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Off With Their Heads - Learn The Signature Guillotine Choke From Black Belt Legend Marcelo Garcia. Marcelo Garcia Teaches The Subtle Details Behind Locking Up The Neck and Finishing Fights With His Signature Submis...

Kimura & Sweep Combo When They Link Their Arms

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Gile Huni of Kimura Bjj Serbia shows a sweep or Kimura lock against the bodylock in closed guard. You have to put the opponent's arms under your their butt, removing all power. When they defend the sweep by posting th...

Super Sneaky: Machine Gun Armbar

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Super sneaky armbar set up. Join BJJ black belt and international high-level competitor Kaelum Kalista for a series packed with some of the sneakiest submissions you’ve ever seen. Catch the high belts in class wit...

Tom DeBlass Half Guard Attacks

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Bottom Half Guard isn't just a place to hang out. Learn some Attacks from Tom DeBlass working with his first affiliate black belt Rob Hileman of Leverage BJJ in Ohio. 3X ADCC trials champion, and world renowned BJJ...

Reverse Grip Kimura From Closed Guard by Tom DeBlass

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Tom DeBlass explains the Reverse Grip KimuraFrom Closed Guard. Find out why the KIMURA should be the CORNERSTONE of your entire BJJ playbook with Tom DeBlass’ help! DeBlass leaves no POSITION unexamined. DOMINATE...

Kimura from Half Guard with Tom DeBlass

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Find out why the KIMURA should be the CORNERSTONE of your entire BJJ playbook with Tom DeBlass’ help! DeBlass leaves no POSITION unexamined. DOMINATE Kimura attacks, sweeps and even use it as a shortcut to LEG ATTACK...

Closed Guard Entry To Omoplata – Clark Gracie

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Clark Gracie shows a high percentage entry to the omoplata from closed guard. Master the OMOPLATA–the submission that can be your new favorite position. You might not look like Clark Gracie, but your omoplatas ...

Sit Up Guard Loopchoke by Dan Gazoni

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Daniel Gazoni is an accomplished 3rd degree black belt representing Brazilian Top Team in Boston. This is an excerpt from his new instructional The Sit Up Guard available exclusively from Learn hig...

How To Defend The Leg Drag Going To The Straight Foot Lock by Mikey Musumeci

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How To Defend The Leg Drag Going To The Straight Foot Lock by Mikey Musumeci. From The Man With The Most Footlock Submissions At Worlds – 3 Years Running & Most Winning Gi Grappler In History. The Three-Time IBJJ...

Butterfly Guard To ‘Hingertine’ / Guillotine by Josh Hinger

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Josh Hinger shows a very slick set up to the guillotine when he uses the butterfly guard. This one comes quick! Learn the most devastating guillotine attacks in BJJ with Atos black belt, ADCC Bronze medalist, Maste...

Cross Collar Knee Shield to Choke by Tom DeBlass

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3X ADCC trials champion, and world renowned BJJ instructor Tom DeBlass is back with his Half Guard Domination in the Gi.  USE PROMO CODE "BJJEE TO GET 10% OFF.  

How To Do A Perfect Armbar

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In this video, 2x BJJ World Champion Teco Shinzato from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates how to do an armbar during a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class at Evolve MMA. Guest post by Evolve MMA, Asia’s premier championship...

Davi Ramos Shows How He Set Up The Armbar That Submitted Jeff Monson

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In 2011 Davi Ramos broke on the international scene with an amazing performance at the Grapplers Quest championship in Las Vegas where he won the absolute division and his weight class submiting 6 of his 7 opponents a...

Collar and Shin Triangle – Shin over the Arm by Giancarlo Bodoni

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Giancarlo Bodoni demonstrates the Collar and Shin Triangle. Giancarlo Bodoni is an IBJJF Adult Brown Belt No Gi World Champion, Lucas Lepri Brown Belt, YouTube instructor and sought after BJJ Fanatics instructor. ...

Very Simple And Efficient Armbar From BJJ Closed Guard

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Very Simple And Efficient Armbar From BJJ Closed Guard by Giancarlo Bodoni.

Gold Standard to Finishing Omoplata by Shawn Williams

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Shawn Williams teaches finishing omoplata. Shawn Williams is a black belt under Renzo Gracie. Shawn received his black belt on the same day as the great John Danaher and is respected by both Danaher and Renzo....

Craig Jones’ Surprise Heel Hook from Butterfly Guard

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Leg lock master Craig Jones shows how he lures people in his butterfly guard, giving them a false sense of security only to set up an unexpected heel hook. Learning the leg attack game is a smart thing to do if you...

Omoplata to Collar Choke Kurt Osiander

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They think you're going for an omoplata, then you switch to other side omoplata to cross collar choke. Simple and effective!

How To Do A Wrist Lock From Full Guard

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BJJ World Champion Jucimar Eller from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates how to do a wrist lock from full guard.

How to Prevent the Stack Pass When Going for the Triangle- Kenneth Brown

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Not that long ago, I received a request for a video on hitting the triangle as a big guy without getting stacked, and frankly there are a few principles that anyone can use to finish more triangle regardless of their ...

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