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Spider Guard Scissor Sweep to Triangle with Romulo Barral

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    Romulo Barral is a four time black belt world champion and ADCC champion who is also known for his mastery of the spider guard. Get full access to Romulo Barral's series at ...

55 High Percentage Closed Guard BJJ Techniques – Jason Scully

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  From Jason Scully: In July 2006 when I was a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I made a video on my favorite closed guard positions and attacks at the time. It was in response to a question asked in the At...

38 Closed Guard BJJ Combinations Everyone Should Know in 4 Minutes – Jason Scully

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  Just like any other position the closed guard is extremely effective if you know what to go for. By knowing core combinations you will be set up much better to attack your opponent at a faster pace and have ...

42 BJJ Half Guard Bottom Techniques in Just 6 Minutes – Jason Scully

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Jason Scully: The half guard years ago was known to be just a stalling, or safety position. Now it is considered to be one of the most dynamic grappling positions you can be in. Everyone should have a half guard ga...

24 Gi Chokes in Less Than 5 Minutes- Jason Scully

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Jason Scully: In this video you'll video 24 Gi Choke techniques to help you get more ideas to expand you attacking game with the gi on. The great thing about the gi is that you can not only choke your opponent with th...

52 Triangle Choke Set Ups In Just 8 Minutes – Jason Scully

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  Visit: - In this video you'll find 52 different set ups for the triangle choke which is one of the most effective submission in grappling. I hope it helps give you some ideas on...

37 Omoplata Set Ups In Just 4 Min – Jason Scully

1.39K Views0 Comments - - For this newest reference video we have a collaboration between BJJ Black Belt Jason Scully ( and BJJ Black Belt Matt Kirtley (Aes...

The Kimura from Guard- David Avellan

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  Check out - where to watch MMA online and learn martial arts at home with more free videos, techniques, diet, and MMA tips.

Kimura Trap: Kimura Lock Down – David Avellan

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  Go to for more videos! Never Fear Wrestlers Again! This Revolutionary Kimura Submission System Will Stop Every Shot And Have You Winning Every Scramble Using A Basic Submission Hold...

Rolling Armbar From Kimura Lock Down – Kimura Trap

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  Go to for more videos! Never Fear Wrestlers Again! This Revolutionary Kimura Submission System Will Stop Every Shot And Have You Winning Every Scramble Using A Basic Submission Hold...

Inverted Triangle – Braulio Estima

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  The 'infamous' inverted triangle with Braulio Estima. Filmed by CageFilm

Knee Bar from Spider Guard – Braulio Estima

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  The famous kneebar that Braulio used in the Worlds in 2013.

Miyao Brothers Teach X Guard to Kneebar

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Setting Up the Straight Foot-Lock | Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood

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  The straight foot-lock is an often overlooked attack in jiu jitsu. This is a high-percentage set-up for the technique from the butterfly guard position, taught by Roger Gracie black belt Nicolas Gregoriades....

Keenan Cornelius: Advanced Spinning Armbar from Guard

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  Keenan Cornelius breaks down an advanced spinning armbar combination he used to submit Lucas Leite at the 2013 BJJ Expo.

Omoplata from Guard- Demian Maia

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  Demian Maia, World's and ADCC Champion and up-and-coming UFC contender, blows the roof off traditional instructional methods by showing how the concepts of leverage and body mechanics can be used to gain an ...

Omoplata From Spider Guard w/ Michael Langhi

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  Michael Langhi is currently ranked as the #2 lightweight in IBJJF. He is known for his flexibility and impassable guard. Michael showed us a few tricks that he readily uses that can be implemented into anyon...

Armbar from Guard: the Three Most Common Errors

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  Stephan Kesting from shows you the most common errors for the BJJ armbar from the guard, and how to fix them.

Triangle Choke: The Four Most Common Errors

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  Stephan Kesting from takes you through the four most common rookie mistakes for the Triangle Choke.

Advanced Omo Plata Tutorial

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  The Omo Plata attack is an armlock, a sweep, and sets up other attacks from the guard. From

Effective way to finish an omoplata on a very strong opponent

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  Kimura Academy Serbia's and editor of BJJ Eastern Europe , Guillaume (Gile) Huni (BJJ black belt) shows a nice & painful way to finish the omoplata against a strong opponent that postures up. Tried and t...

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