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Revolutionary Kimura Detail!

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If you ever lost a Kimura from the Closed Guard due your opponent's defense you will love this detail! Learn To Dominate From The Most Dominant Bottom Position In BJJ: Tom DeBlass – An Old School Competitor Who Sti...

Davi Ramos Shows How He Set Up The Armbar That Submitted Jeff Monson

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In 2011 Davi Ramos broke on the international scene with an amazing performance at the Grapplers Quest championship in Las Vegas where he won the absolute division and his weight class submiting 6 of his 7 opponents a...

Baseball Choke from Half Guard- Magid Hage

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Magid Hage IV shocked the world by submitting 2 high level black belts in the same competition with his specialty move - the Baseball Choke. Magid  shows you how you can use this unorthodox choke from half guard and s...

Stop Your Triangle From Getting Smashed With This

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This is a short video but I find this very helpful against opponents that try and smash the knee down and drive to get out of my triangle. Frames are everything in jiujitsu and will help you in many situation. T...

Keenan Cornelius – The Force Choke

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A very strong choke which can be nearly impossible to escape once settled

How To Recover From A Failed Triangle Attempt

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This weeks question was about how to recover when you are in deep on a triangle and it all goes wrong. We're defending the stack or smash pass with an elbow push escape. It's one of my favourites, check it out.

Closed guard Armbar with lapel + Choke and sweep

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Check out this series of attacks from the Closed guard using the lapel to trap the arm for an Armbar or alternatively choke your opponent

Alternative armbar from guard

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Try this second option of an Armbar when your opponent defends your initial Armbar from the guard attack.

Baseball Choke in No Gi- Vladislav Koulikov

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  Sambo Master Vladislav Koulikov shows how to set up a baseball bat choke in No Gi.     Baseball bat choke in no gi #bjjlifestyle #grappling #choke #strangle #halfguard A post shared by...

The Uncrossed Collar Choke

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A nice option as an alternative to the traditional cross collar choke.

Roger Gracie’s Sneaky No Gi Armbar Set Up

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Roger Gracie's Sneaky No Gi Armbar Set Up.

Lapel Choke + Armbar From Underbook + Flower Sweep From Closed Guard

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Alexander Faria shows a Lapel Choke and an Armbar from the Closed Guard plus a Flower Sweep you can use when you cannot perform none of the previous attacks

Bjj for beginners: 3 most common mistakes with armbar from guard

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Stephen Kesting tells us what are some of the most common problems beginners run into when trying to submit via armbar from guard

Guard Choke – Hindu Control to Hindulotine

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Ben Eddy show his secrets on how to perform the Hindulotine from Hindu Control. Definitely a very nasty choke you don't want anyone trying on you

3 Attacks from Closed Guard- Dickie Martin from Carlson Gracie London

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Carlson Gracie London instructor Dickie Martin shows three dangerous attacks from closed guard. Great details.

Rickson Gracie Arm Bar by Pedro Sauer

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  Professor Pedro Sauer is an 8th Degree Red and Black belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu and one of the world's most technical instructors. Here he shows the Rickson Gracie Arm Bar set up.

Arm Triangle to Sweep – Firas Zahabi

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Considered to be the easiest submission and sweep combination you will learn to use your hips, elevator hook, find where your opponent has no "base" and an easy to do finishing hold.

Armbar – Chris Sales

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Chris shows us an armbar set up from the triangle choke which he previously used at a tournament that he competed in as a Black Belt

Fabricio Werdum Shows Us How to Get an Armbar from Butterfly Guard

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Fabricio Werdum Shows Us How to Get an Armbar from Butterfly Guard

Smart Way to Finish The Triangle When Opponent Hides Arm

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  When your opponent is in your triangle and hides his arm, this is a cool way to use your own arm to act as a chocking arm.

Keenan Cornelius – Flavio Canto Choke

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An amazingly strong and tight choke you should definitely add to your submission game

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