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Collar Drag to Loop Choke by Josh Hinger

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Jiu Jitsu Sweep Loop Choke - Josh Hinger.

The Jean Jacques Armbar

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A sneaky switching Armbar as a counter to an Armbar Defense that I first learned many many years ago from a Jean Jacques Machado VHS tape!

How to lose friends: Wristlocks from closed guard

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Wrist locks From closed guard by Kent Peters.

Tap Everyone With This Triangle Set Up

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This is a powerful triangle set up from spider guard...

Scissor, Triangle, Loop Choke combo

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Here is another combination of techniques based off of the scissor sweep motion.

It’s a Trap: “Renzo” Choke From Guard

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This one is brilliant!

Telephone Lock From Butterfly Guard- Alex Vamos

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Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt professor Alex Vamos teaches a "telephone lock" submission from the butterfly guard.

Granby Roll Into Kneebar Analysis – Coach Zahabi

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Granby Roll Into Kneebar Analysis - Coach Zahabi.

Lots of Closed Guard Submissions

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Here are quite a lot of submissions from closed guard. These go from pretty basic to a little more complex, but all are pretty useful and high percentage after some practice and drilling.

The Uncrossed Collar Choke

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A nice option as an alternative to the traditional cross collar choke.

Roger Gracie’s Sneaky No Gi Armbar Set Up

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Roger Gracie's Sneaky No Gi Armbar Set Up.

Major Detail: Neutralising The Shoulder During A Kimura

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From David Avellan: As some of you might know, I have my friend Kit Dale in Las Vegas with me preparing for the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships. We had some good training sessions together, and learned a...

How To Recover From A Failed Triangle Attempt

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This weeks question was about how to recover when you are in deep on a triangle and it all goes wrong. We're defending the stack or smash pass with an elbow push escape. It's one of my favourites, check it out.

Arm in De La Riva to triangle – Ruotolo Brothers

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Arm in DeLaRiva guard techniques by Ruotolo Brothers

Double Arm Bar From Leg Arm Drag Guard- Carlos Machado

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Double Arm Bar From Leg Arm Drag Guard- Carlos Machado

Omoplata Variation

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Today's breakdown is a variation to the Omoplata.

Stop Your Triangle From Getting Smashed With This

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This is a short video but I find this very helpful against opponents that try and smash the knee down and drive to get out of my triangle. Frames are everything in jiujitsu and will help you in many situation. T...

Fabricio Werdum Shows Us How to Get an Armbar from Butterfly Guard

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Fabricio Werdum Shows Us How to Get an Armbar from Butterfly Guard

Tight Knee Bar From Reverse De La Riva- Luiz Panza

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footlock master Luiz Panza shows a nice set up for a knee bar from reverse de la Riva.

3 Loop Choke Rules of Thumb for the Sneaky and Devious

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  These 3 rules of thumb for the loop choke have significantly made my attack better. If you understand them, not only will it give you better success with finishing the choke, but you'll also start to see mor...

Baseball Choke in No Gi- Vladislav Koulikov

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  Sambo Master Vladislav Koulikov shows how to set up a baseball bat choke in No Gi.     Baseball bat choke in no gi #bjjlifestyle #grappling #choke #strangle #halfguard A post shared by...