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CRAZY Helicopter Armbar in MMA + Helicopter TRIANGLE!

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Detailed analysis of the Helicopter Armbar performed by Thiago Moises that gave him the belt at the Resurrection Fighting Alliance for the lightweight division

Omoplata From Spider Guard w/ Michael Langhi

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  Michael Langhi is currently ranked as the #2 lightweight in IBJJF. He is known for his flexibility and impassable guard. Michael showed us a few tricks that he readily uses that can be implemented into anyon...

Triangle From Lapel Guard

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Easy setup to the Triangle choke from the Lapel Guard

Closed guard armlock with the lapel

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Great setup to the armlock from the closed guard using your opponent's lapel.

Hawaiian neck tie

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One more tight and painful submission for you to incorporate in your arsenal

Great White Grip to Triangle Choke with Kit Dale

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Kit Dale shows a Triangle Choke from the 2 on 1 position.

Omoplata Sweep & Finishing Options

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to sweep from the Omoplata position when your opponent is posturing up hard and you can't finish it.

Lasso guard alternatives

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Surprise Omoplata attack from the Lasso guard.

Arm Triangle Choke Form The Guard

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Arm Triangle Choke Form The Guard explained by 3rd degree black belt Luigi Modelli.

Ude Garame variation – Sensei Sadao

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Sensei Sadao explains in great detail how to finish the Ude Garame.

‘Botinha’ Footlock from 50/50- Rodrigo Cavaca

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Footlock master Rodrigo Cavaca shows his famous 'Botinha' footlock from 50/50.

Kiss Of The Dragon Calf Crusher

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Ouch, it hurts just from watching

Motorcycle Choke from Butterfly Guard- Alberto Crane

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Alberto is from the old school guys, this fella' moved after high-school to Brazil to train full time and he has been part of the Shoyoroll Team since the beginning. He also held a King Of The Cage belt, Mr Crane is a...

Triple Cheese Choke

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When it comes to playing guard big guys often find themselves frustrated and limited to their attack because of a 'lack of mobility'.  Kevin Roginski shares with us a high percentage weapon in his 'fat guy' guard, the...

Cross Collar Choke From Closed Guard

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Here, we break down the details of the cross collar choke from the Closed Guard. This is a tactic that is made or broken on ones understanding of angles, matching of anatomy, and proper mechanics

Tricky Transition to a Bicep Slicer

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A submission which is very hard to see it coming and very painful when properly applied

Jiu Jitsu Submissions chained together

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Chris Light, head instructor at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy Beverly Hills, showing a technique chain of four submissions.

Triangle Choke Variation from Guard- Guybson Sa

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BJJ Black Belt Guybson Sa demonstrates a variation of the triangle choke from the guard.

Guillotine from Butterfly- Marcelo Garcia

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Bjj for beginners: 3 most common mistakes with armbar from guard

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Stephen Kesting tells us what are some of the most common problems beginners run into when trying to submit via armbar from guard

Kneebar from Deep Half Guard- Jeff Glover

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In this video, BJJ Black Belt and Champion Jeff Glover shows you a sneaky kneebar from the deep half-guard. This is a fantastic submission for smaller guys who are grappling against stronger guys whether it is gi or n...

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