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3 TRIANGLE CHOKE ATTACKS: Long Range, Medium Range and Short Range

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Three great options for triangles.

Dede Pederneiras – Closed guard attacks

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Legendary coach of athletes such as Jose Aldo and black belt (5th degree) under Carlson Gracie, Andre "Dede" Pederneiras demonstrates some effective guard attacks.

Slick Armbar from Guard – Chris Vamos

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Chris Vamos shows another awesome technique, this time from the guard when an opponent stands up to do their pass.

Denny Prokopos – Serpent Crush

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Check out Denny's "Serpent Crush", a technique that will definitely guarantee you many Armbar finishes

Closed Guard Off Balance Armbar Set Up – Jason Scully

1.09K Views0 Comments - Get over 12 closed guard interactive video flow charts / mind maps with over 174 detailed closed guard videos

5 finger Guillotine from Open Guard- Chris Brennan

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3 Attacks from Closed Guard- Dickie Martin from Carlson Gracie London

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Carlson Gracie London instructor Dickie Martin shows three dangerous attacks from closed guard. Great details.

Wrist Locks from Closed Guard- Claudio Calasans

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If you want to be a great Brazilian Jiu Jitu fighter, you need to seek for a submission all the time. So learn how the Two Times Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion Claudio Calasans take by surprise his opponents with 5 diff...

Effective way to finish an omoplata on a very strong opponent

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  Kimura Academy Serbia's and editor of BJJ Eastern Europe , Guillaume (Gile) Huni (BJJ black belt) shows a nice & painful way to finish the omoplata against a strong opponent that postures up. Tried and t...

Detailed Armlock – Humberto Tavares

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Professor Humberto Tavares explains in detail how to finish the Armlock from the guard.

One arm ankle Lock from 50/50 – Nelson Puentes

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Modified ankle lock from the 50/50 guard.

Alexander Trans shows foot submission from Deep half guard

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more on

Omoplata to Arm Bar – Rubens Cobrinha

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Cobrinha shows a belly down arm bar from the omoplata.

Joao Miyao teaching the Ninja Armlock from Berimbolo

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Joao Miyao teaching the Ninja Armlock from the Berimbolo off of the leg lasso variation of spider guard.

Triangle to Baratoplata from Closed Guard

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Roberto Roleta – Inveted Guard Front Triangle

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BJJ legend Roberto Roleta Magalhaes shows the Front Triangle from Inverted Guard technique.

How To Defend The Leg Drag Going To The Straight Foot Lock by Mikey Musumeci

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How To Defend The Leg Drag Going To The Straight Foot Lock by Mikey Musumeci. From The Man With The Most Footlock Submissions At Worlds – 3 Years Running & Most Winning Gi Grappler In History. The Three-Time IBJJ...

Omoplata Berimbolo

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The Omoplata Berimbolo is fast, slick, brutal yet elegant, and Andris depicts this in painstaking detail

Top Ten Submission Series | #10 – Dustin Hazelett vs Tamdan McCrory

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The #10 ranked submission on this list features former UFC submission specialist Dustin Hazelett , as he attempts to go for the flashy omoplata, yet makes a beautiful, and seamless transition to reverse armbar.

Clark Gracie omoplata seminar

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Clark Gracie shows his setup to his omoplata from leg lasso and how he finishes.

Half Guard Bottom Kimura- Very Important Detail

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  Attack by Ryan Fortin. Check out the detail with the knee which makes a big difference.

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