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Omoplata from Lasso guard

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Have you got some Lasso skills? Set up the Omoplata from it!

One arm ankle Lock from 50/50 – Nelson Puentes

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Modified ankle lock from the 50/50 guard.

Omoplata Variation

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Today's breakdown is a variation to the Omoplata.

Wrist Locks from Closed Guard- Claudio Calasans

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If you want to be a great Brazilian Jiu Jitu fighter, you need to seek for a submission all the time. So learn how the Two Times Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion Claudio Calasans take by surprise his opponents with 5 diff...

Nick Diaz vs Takanori Gomi – Gogoplata

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Learn the submission Nick Diaz used to submit Takanori Gomi... the Gogoplata!

Lapel Choke + Armbar From Underbook + Flower Sweep From Closed Guard

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Alexander Faria shows a Lapel Choke and an Armbar from the Closed Guard plus a Flower Sweep you can use when you cannot perform none of the previous attacks

Heel hook from omoplata

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Fake an Omoplata and submit right away on a Heel Hook.

50 Zero Entry Sweep Ankle Lock

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First you’ll learn how to enter into the 50/Zero position off of a leg drag. Then transition to a sweep into an ankle lock.

Armbar from Closed guard – Walter Cascao

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Great variation to submit using an armbar from the Closed guard

Pendulum sweep to Armbar

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Clean, Easy, Simple, Efficient, beautiful... Everything JiuJitsu Stands for!

RELSON GRACIE: Arm Lock tips

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Relson Gracie, 8th Degree Black Black belt in GRACIE JIU JITSU, shows some tips on how to get the arm lock from guard.

Triangle from Spider Lasso Guard- Demian Maia

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  Demian Maia, World's and ADCC Champion and up-and-coming UFC contender, blows the roof off traditional instructional methods by showing how the concepts of leverage and body mechanics can be used to gain an ...

Kosen Judo Sankaku-Jime (Triangle Choke) – Tsunetane Oda

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The Triangle choke is older than you can imagine. Check out Tsunetane Oda performing it and some variations at the early 1900s.

Revolutionary Kimura Detail!

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If you ever lost a Kimura from the Closed Guard due your opponent's defense you will love this detail! Learn To Dominate From The Most Dominant Bottom Position In BJJ: Tom DeBlass – An Old School Competitor Who Sti...

Armlock variation from a failed Triangle

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A very good way to still get a submission when your Triangle attempt gets defended

Omoplata From Overhook Guard

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You might see it coming but it will be extremely hard to counter this setup to the Omoplata from the Overhook Guard

Carlson Gracie shows a Nice Triangle Set Up

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  Master Carlson Gracie teaching a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar at Joao Crus Brazilian Jiu-Jisu in Dripping Springs Texas, with his student Joao Crus,on December 2005. It was his last seminar, he was 72 years o...

Ladder Up Armbar- Dave Camarillo

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Master of 90s Jiu-jitsu Dave Camarillo shows a sick ladder up armbar from the closed guard.

How to Finish a Stuffed Triangle

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Discover how to finish a triangle when your opponent stuffs his elbow to the mat in order to defend

Arm in De La Riva to triangle – Ruotolo Brothers

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Arm in DeLaRiva guard techniques by Ruotolo Brothers

Double armbar from the Closed guard

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Great double armbar submission from the Closed guard

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