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How to beat people better than you (This Actually works lol)

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You know what they say, if they can't tap you, they didn't beat you...

McGregor Smashing Training Partners Ahead of Khabib Bout

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McGregor Smashing Training Partners Ahead of Khabib Bout.

Vagner Rocha – The Nasty Man

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Vagner Rocha has the nastiest submissions in Jiu-Jitsu...

Wing Chun Defense Against Takedowns

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7 Concepts Defense Against Take Downs Wing Chun Adam Williss demonstrates 7 concepts to defend against a takedown, from a rush to a wrestle using Wing Chun techniques. Adam runs The Dragon Institute, an academy ...

Trying To Convince Khabib To Change His Haircut (lol)

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Deron Winn trying to convince Khabib Nurmagomedov to change up the hairstlye before his upcoming Mega fight at UFC 229.

Helio Gracie talks about Rickson Gracie’s 400-0 record

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Grandmaster Helio Gracie talks about the validity of Rickson Gracie's record.

The BJJ Gi is Too Unrealistic , But What About a T Shirt ?

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A tShirt is just like a BJJ Gi...

Documentary on Marcelo Garcia Academy

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Tim heads to New York City to get his ass kicked by the “Michael Jordan of jiu-jitsu,” world champion Marcelo Garcia. He is helped by jiu-jitsu black belt and . See all 13 episodes of The Tim Ferriss Experiment, pl...

American Soldier and Afghan Wrestle

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Great sportsmanship.

Judo leglocks with Kyuzo Mifune, 10th Dan

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Kosen Judo (not today's Olympic Judo) leglocks with Kyuzo Mifune, 10th Dan.

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov (Khabib’s Dad) MMA Seminar with English Subtitles

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"As research for my Khabib analysis I employed a Russian translator to subtitle an MMA seminar by Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov (Khabibs Father). In it he covers setting up a single leg shot, takedowns against the cage, tho...

The Guy Who Knowingly Trains When He Has Ringworm

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The Kimono Brothers expose individuals who knowingly train Brazilian Jiujitsu with ringworm.

Olympian Kayla Harrison Challenges Cris Cyborg, I Ain’t Afraid Of You

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If Cris Cyborg beats up Amanda Nunes ... there's a bad ass 2-time Olympic gold medalist who wants a piece of her ... and she ain't after a participation trophy.

Vagner Rocha Standing Wristlock Kasai Pro – ZombieProof (NoGi)

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Standing wristlock kasai pro, vagner rocha vs marcin held.

3 Stripe White Belt Feeling Inadequate at New BJJ Gym

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I recently got a question from a BJJ practitioner who is at a new gym and is struggling with her ranking. She says that she's a 3 stripe White Belt. But her BJJ training has been broken up a bit. And she also says...

Comparing Pride & UFC: The Music

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Which theme was better.

Mega Knee Reap at UWW Grappling- Nightmare for IBJJF referee

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Ouch! Nightmare for IBJJF referee - its a legal sweep for UWW grappling.

KASAI Pro 3 Post-Match Fiasco: Burns vs Agazarm vs Martinez

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Things heat up in the post-match interviews at KASAI Pro 3! Gilbert Burns, AJ Agazarm and Geo Martinez all get on the mic to make some strong statements.

Using Wrestling for A Better Half Guard

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Wrestling can be one of the best things you can cross train with your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training regimen. Wrestling can be the game changing factor you are missing that segregates you from your competition. Why is i...

Islam Makhachev Pulls Off Russian Wrist Snap at AKA

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The very rare Russian wrist snap made an appearance at AKA's wrestling training. Daniel Cormier was impressed...

Wrestling Day at AKA feat. Khabib & Co.

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The boys get their wrestling on while also prepping Khabib for his big fight coming up against McGregor.