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Buchecha: BJJ Lifestyle Film

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  An exciting look into the life of one of the single best BJJ competitors of all time, Marcus 'Buchecha' Almeida. Sit down, relax and enjoy the film!

The Elements Of JiuJitsu Highlight- Stuart Cooper

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A Film By Stuart Cooper. Thanks to everybody who donated to my recent Indiegoggo Campaign, You have all helped me make my recent documentaries and are helping me spread the sport of JiuJitsu which has changed so many ...

Marcelo Garcia – What Job Would you Do If Jiu-Jitsu Didn’t Work?

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  From Stuart Cooper: In this out take from an interview i did with the legend Marcelo Garcia i asked him what he may be doing if JiuJitsu didn't work. Its a really cool and funny answer you wont expect :)

Mackenzie Dern – Everything in my life is because of Jiu-Jitsu

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  Mackenzie Dern is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and one of the top female grapplers of her generation, being also the daughter of another famous BJJ personality, the legendary “Megaton”. Mackenzie Dern st...

Bernardo Faria – The Master Of The Deep Half Guard

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This is my newest upcoming documentary that i filmed over a year ago and only just got round to uploading it. I hope everyone enjoys it and takes something positive away from it. Bernardo Faria really is a gentleman. ...

Leandro Lo: My Passes, My Guard, My Game || BJJ Hacks TV Episode 1.1

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  Film by Hywel Teague for BJJ Hacks Leandro Lo is changing the way people think about how to pass the guard. His unconventional passing style, coupled with his own almost impossib...

Miyao Bros: We Don’t Fight For Medals || BJJ Hacks TV Episode 1.3

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  Film by Hywel Teague for BJJ Hacks There are few people who divide opinion in jiu-jitsu more than the Miyao brothers. The black belt twins -- famous for their berimbolos but also...

An inside look into GFTeam by BJJPix

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JT Torres: Stick With It | BJJ Mini-Documentary | Jits Magazine

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  Jits Mag and Prana Gi Co. have teamed up to bring everyone an exciting look into the training life of JT Torres, one of Americas top jiu-jitsu competitors. Sit down, relax and enjoy!

“Let Your Jiu-Jitsu Flow to Get Better” Clark Gracie

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  Film by Hywel Teague for BJJ Hacks Clark Gracie doesn't want you to train with him just because he's a Gracie, he wants you to train with him because he's got great jiu-jitsu. In...

Adem Redzovic “I Believe in Jiu Jitsu”

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  "I believe in has the power to change people" Adem Redzovic says, "Jiu Jitsu changed my life", a mantra many of us can directly relate to. Growing up on streets of Chicago, being exposed to le...

Adem Redzovic Talks Sport BJJ vs Self Defense, BJJ in Balkans

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  Adem Redzovic is the co-owner of Team Redzovic in Chicago, one of the biggest BJJ Academies in the USA. During his recent trip to Serbia, he sat down with Guillaume 'Gile' Huni of BJJ Eastern Europe http://b...

Braulio Estima interview with, talks 2 year ban, plans for 2015 & much more

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  Braulio Estima talked with Guillaume Huni of BJJ Eastern Europe about his recent 2 year ban from IBJJF competitions, how he plans to stay active in 2015, and how he plans to become once again a BJJ world cha...

Marcus Buchecha Almeida: Defender of the Old School

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  Check out our sit down interview with 6x IBJJF World Champion, Marcus Buchecha Almeida. We talk to the champ about his achievements, the current state of “professional” jiu jitsu and his plans for the future...

Real Rio Show: Episode 1 Part 1

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  Real Jiu-jitsu lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Catch a glimpse inside Connection Rio's houses; see training at Gordo Jiu-jitsu; and get to know some of the cast.

Real Rio Show: Episode1 Part 2

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  Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. See inside Bar do Oswaldo, meeting more of the RRS cast and run through afternoon training at Gordo Jiu-jitsu, with technique included.

Real Rio Show: Episode 1 Part 3

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  Travel to Gordo's Novo Leblon academy; get to know the individual cast members a little better; hear Gordo's explanation of how Jiu-jitsu is viewed by the public here in Rio de Janeiro.

Real Rio Show: Episode 2 Part 2

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  MMA training at Gordo Jiu-jitsu/Evolve MMA, featuring a number of cast members. This episode has a focus on both the specific and live training of No-Gi training.    

André Galvão – Jiu Jitsu & God, Atos means Acts

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  Jiu Jitsu for Some People is more than a sport. It's life. It's What They Believe. André Galvão Takes JJWL through his beliefs on religion, how it affects his jiu jitsu, and how he believes Atos is much m...

Andre Galvao and Rubens Cobrinha still brown belts training

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From Arte Suave vol 1 Documentary which you can watch HERE for free.

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