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Female BJJ Champion Takes On Recreational Male Judo Black Belt

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When Mackenzie Dern, still a brown belt, she did a friendly BJJ match with a Japanese actor and Judo black belt

What do BJJ Sponsors want? – The BJJ Mental Coach

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Do you have sponsors? If yes, great! If not, are you looking for sponsors? Today I am going to share with you a part two of the “HOW TO GET SPONSORS IN BJJ”. In the previous video we talked about the two key elements ...

Fedor Emelianenko vs Fabio Maldonado Full Fight

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Fedor Emelianenko vs Fabio Maldonado Full Fight

I don’t deserve my belt! Have you ever felt that way?

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In this conversation we discuss when students feel like they are an imposter and don't deserve their belt. This is very common at blue and purple belt...This is an interesting topic that may hit home for you.

Parody: The “Cardio Tap” Rafael Lovato Jr

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    Rafael Lovato Jr: You guys want more funny videos, well here you go! ???????????? This is my impersonation of one of my biggest pet peeves, the "Cardio Tap." When someone's got plenty of ene...

Back Arch Challenge

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Can you do the Back Arch Challenge?

4 Ways to Roll with Lower Belts in BJJ for BJJ Competitions Prep

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Are you a higher belt in BJJ (Purple Belt, Brown Belt, Black Belt) and you're wanting to train effectively with your training partners who are lower belts in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? This is this is the question that m...

Tips on Starting BJJ with a Pre-Existing Injury

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Recently I've received a lot of questions from people who want to start BJJ and begin their journey into grappling. But they have some sort of pre existing injury or issue. In this video I give a blanket response t...

Two HACKS that will TRANSFORM Your BJJ Progress!

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In this vlog I discuss two very simple and easy things that you can do...right now, that will transform your progress in BJJ. They are simple to understand and simple to do...that's what I call them hacks. Check o...

White Belt Wild Flying Armbar in a Tournament!

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Elder Ribeiro Lima just recovered from an injury and joined a tournament:

Bruno Frazatto Mini Documentary

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Bruno Frazatto is considered one of the best Featherweights in BJJ history. In this documentary, we spent a day with this Jiu Jitsu legend as he dedicates his time building his dream one step at a time. Additionally, ...

KASAI Pro 3 Post-Match Fiasco: Burns vs Agazarm vs Martinez

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Things heat up in the post-match interviews at KASAI Pro 3! Gilbert Burns, AJ Agazarm and Geo Martinez all get on the mic to make some strong statements.

Demian Maia: UFC Offered Me a Fight Against Robbie Lawler

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Demian Maia: UFC Offered Me a Fight Against Robbie Lawler

The Single Biggest Problem with CrossFit for Combat Sports

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BJJ black belt Stephen Kesting goes into the problem with CrossFit when used as a conditioning method for combat sports.

Teddy Riner Gives Andy Murray A Judo Lesson

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Judo Ace Teddy Riner Gives Andy Murray A Judo Lesson

Do Ground Grappling Principles Apply When You’re Standing? – Stephan Kesting

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we explore whether the same concepts apply when you're up on your feet boxing, wrestling, or doing judo.

Marcel Goncalves talks about his experiences of living on the mats and more

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Marcel go back to Beverly Hill Jiu Jitsu Club, first place where he stayed in U.S, and talks about his experiences of living on the mats.

Jiu-Jitsu & Luta Livre in MMA with Milton Vieira – BJJ Hacks

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A 2nd degree black belt in BJJ under BTT's Murilo Bustamante, Miltinho who studied under Mestre Jefferson (JOP) is also a black belt in luta livre and widely considered the king of the anaconda choke.

Jon Jones Wrestles a Fan at a Bar: Epic Takedown

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  Jon Jones was play wrestling a fan at a bar in Buffalo a year ago. The ex-Champ places a beautiful lateral drop that drove the crowd crazy. The fan wrote about it on his instagram and Jon Jones replied: ...

Jorge Gurgel talks the Jiu jitsu lifestyle & Mindset

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Wise words from Jorge Gurgel about mindset and BJJ lifestyle.

McGregor & Khabib’s WRESTLING Training Side By Side

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McGregor's & Khabib's WRESTLING Training Side By Side ahead of UFC 229!

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