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Dealing with the Untrained Individual in BJJ with Pedro Sauer

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  Professor Pedro Sauer is a special person in the BJJ world. Having trained directly under Rickson and Grand Master Helio Gracie, he was at ground zero when the movement started to gain a foothold on the worl...

Erberth Santos’ Huge Estima Lock

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Erberth Santos X Igor Silva - SÃO PAULO BJJ PRO IBJJF CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 - Final.

How to roll – some guidance on best practice for all level students

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BJJ is a combat sport and a fighting system. It is also a highly skill based system. This means you need to learn lots of things and practice them over a long period of time. The most efficient way to do this is...

(VIDEO) 12-year-old girl takes on adults in MMA challenge

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(VIDEO) 12-year-old girl takes on adults in 3 part MMA challenge

Joe Rogan on Female Transgender Athletes Who Compete Against Women

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Joe Rogan and Tom Segura discuss whether they think male to female transgender athletes should be able to compete against women.

Gilbert Burns – “Road to Sao Paulo”

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See Gilbert "Durinho" Burns pushing through a grueling strength and conditioning session lead by Dr. Corey Peacock with fellow Blackzilians Carrington Banks and Yuri Villefort for his next fight against Rashid Magumedov.

Keeping Up With the Young Grapplers When You’re Not

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More and more people are stepping onto the BJJ academy mats.  People of all ages.  Jiu Jitsu is an amazing martial art where everyone, regardless of gender, age, or overall athletic prowess can start and with time, pe...

Clash of Styles: Judoka and Sambist Grapple

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Interesting clash of Styles: Judoka and Sambist Grapple.

Relson Gracie talks about Helio , and teaches a counter to knee on belly

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Relson Gracie talks about his father Helio Gracie, and teaches a counter to knee on belly

How To Condition Your Body To Take Strikes

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Guest post by Mark Lajhner, founder and chief instructor of Kaizen MMA Academy in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a Judo black belt (Serbian national team member), BJJ purple belt and multiple medallist in Freesyle Wrestling....

Jiu-Jitsu for Small Guys & Winning Mindset for Competition: Felipe Costa (Brasa team black belt)

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What happens if you're just no good at the thing you love? Felipe Costa loved jiu-jitsu, but his terrible results in competition would leave him demoralised and depressed. Instead of walking away he refused to quit, w...

When Your Boyfriend Teaches Jiu JItsu To You

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fresh new clip from YT celebrity Jenna Marbles "My Boyfriend Teaches Me Jiu Jitsu 2 "

How to Break Through Plateaus and more – Firas Zahabi

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Firas Zahabi talks plateaus and a whole lot more in his latest ask and answer session!

Physiological Affects of Fight Or Flight – Dr. George Giannou

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Fight or Flight? In this video Dr. George Giannou explains the physiological affects that happen during a fight or flight moment.

Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon Interview – VerbalTapCast

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In light of Ryan's victory at EBI 6, Verbal Tap Podcast made an interview with the winner Gordon Ryan and his coach Garry Tonon

Should Mario Yamasaki be allowed to ref again? – Chael Sonnen Answers

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Should Mario Yamasaki be allowed to ref again? - Chael Sonnen Answers

How NOT to Fight the Opposite Sex in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Ever wonder how NOT to fight with Women/Men (opposite sex) in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, well here it is!

Street Fight Video Featuring Great Jiu-Jitsu Defense – Gracie Breakdown

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   The latest episode of Gracie Breakdown is here Guy gets assaulted while simultaneously putting on a free jiu-jitsu seminar for the attacker! How many Gracie Combatives techniques do you see? ...

TWIBJJ Ep 77 Marcello Monteiro

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Emotional Dillon Danis reacts to Mayweather Stopping McGregor

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Emotional Dillon Danis reacts to Mayweather Stopping McGregor

How To Roll w/ a Person Significantly Smaller &/or Less Experienced

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SBG Black Belt, Cane Prevost, demonstrates how to correctly roll with a person significantly smaller and/or with less experience. Assisted by SBG Coach, Ella Prevost.

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