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What Happens In A Rickson Gracie Black Belt School?

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What Happens In A Rickson Gracie Black Belt School?

Wing Chun Defense Against Takedowns

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7 Concepts Defense Against Take Downs Wing Chun Adam Williss demonstrates 7 concepts to defend against a takedown, from a rush to a wrestle using Wing Chun techniques. Adam runs The Dragon Institute, an academy ...

Really old school footage of Carlson Gracie team

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Very old school footage of Carlson Gracie in the background introducing his team before a competition. Among all of them we can see names such as Murilo Bustamente and Ricardo De la Riva with only 17 years of age and ...

Dean Lister Brown Belt Finishes a Brutal Leglock at NAGA Europe

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Matrix Jiu-Jitsu head coach Rene Becker finishes a sick Toe Hold submission at NAGA Europe, 2016. Rene is an expert in NoGi BJJ leg locks, kimuras, and control positions surrounding all variations.

Surf-Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle – Yannick Beven BJJ Black Belt and Surfer

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From Vincent Kardasik: I had the opportunity to edit this piece about my friend and BJJ trainer Yannick Beven. I've travelled all around the world with him and I follow his trainings for almost four years now. Hi...

Motivation from Red/Black Belt, 7th Degree – Sergio Penha

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Motivational video from Sergio Penha, Coral belt 7th degree. The work you do on the mat translates to the life you live outside the academy.

UNITED Drag Defenses – 6 Techniques for EVERY Traveler! Gracie Breakdown

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A man's refusal to give up his seat on an overbooked United Airlines flight led to a disturbing scene Sunday that has travelers up in arms over airline policies. The Department of Transportation said it will review...

BJJ World Champ Fredson Paixao: ‘Don’t Give Up’

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"Everybody has a value" The BJJ world champion and MMA Fighter Fredson Paixao talks to us about the most important thing to him in Jiu Jitsu... "Don't Give Up!".

Ricardo Liborio seminar

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ATT Co-Founder & 2015 Abu Dhabi Champion, Grand Master Ricardo Liborio teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques at American Top Team Miramar.

BJJ Scout: BJ Penn Guard Passing Study – Chair Sits

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A study on on BJ Penn's use of Chair Sits to pass, a viable strategy for no-gi BJJ as well.

Coach Firas Zahabi – Ask Me Anything Replies

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Q&A with Coach Firas Zahabi.

The Most Hated Fighters in MMA (Fan Vote)

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  John Ramdeen and Robin Black discuss the most hated fighters in MMA including Michael Bisping, Conor McGregor and more.

Ricardo Arona Seminar

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Ricardo Seminar in France.

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida Documentary Series

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Trailer to the Stuart Cooper's Marcus Buchecha Almeira documentary series.

News Segment On BJJ effect On PTSD

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New Scientific Study Measuring Positive Influence Of Jiu-Jitsu on PTSD

What do BJJ Sponsors want? – The BJJ Mental Coach

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Do you have sponsors? If yes, great! If not, are you looking for sponsors? Today I am going to share with you a part two of the “HOW TO GET SPONSORS IN BJJ”. In the previous video we talked about the two key elements ...

World Record: Fastest BJJ Match in History: 4 Seconds! Nasty Submission

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BJJ black belt Walter Cascão had the fastest BJJ match in history at North American BJJ Federation event: 4 seconds. He explains how he did the submission...

A White Belt Story – Jiu Jitsu Documentary

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This 20 minute documentary film from 2015 details a BJJ student’s path to overcome hardship, and become a better a person and competitor using Jiu Jitsu as his driving force. We've all seen documentaries detailing ...

Highlights & Behind the Scenes: Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio de Janeiro

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A look at the competition preparation of UFC Fighter, Thales Leites and UAE Team Member, Faisal Alketbi. Included is also highlights from the two day event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Questions from a New Head BJJ Instructor – Nick Albin

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I recently got a question from my buddy Beau who is a newly minted Head Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor at his gym. I've talked to Beau several times over the last year and he's been helping teach Brazilian Jiu-...

BJJ Black Belt Promotion To Marriage Proposal

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  BJJ black belt promotion at Harrisburg Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo, L.L.C. turns into a marriage proposal! Best wishes to Chan and Christine!  

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