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Budo Jake – Part 2 of 2 with Matt Baker

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Matt Baker shares his thoughts on his new venture, Tru Jitsu and shows a simpler way to finish the clock choke as well as an arm drag from the closed guard.

Jiu-Jitsu Defensive Techniques | Punch-Proofing Positions

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In training primarily grappling, and especially much on the ground, it is easy to get caught up focusing only on the competitive aspects in which striking is not involved. This can create some bad habits that leave yo...

Buchecha – Episode One

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This is a new series on Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida telling the story of how he first came into contact with JiuJitsu and how it has changed his life by becoming a multiple X world champion.

Rodrigo “Minotuaro” on Legacy / UFC / Carlson Gracie & BTT / Fighting In Japan & More

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Rodrigo "Minotauro" talks about how martial arts such as Judo and BJJ helped during tough periods of his life, Carlson Gracie Team, BTT and fighting inside Indian reserves in the US

Ryan Hall: The jiu-jitsu skill in MMA is low (1/2)

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Ryan Hall talks about having difficulty getting people to fight him, the level of BJJ in MMA and the future of BJJ in MMA

Building a Basic BJJ Game Plan for Competitions

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Making a basic BJJ Game Plan can be incredibly helpful for new competitors who aren't exactly sure how to go about their techniques. While a BJJ game plan rarely holds up exactly the way you intended. Like the old...

Do you drill for Reps or for Time?

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Should you drill techniques for a certain number of repetitions or should you focus on just setting a timer and doing the technique for as many repetitions as possible during the duration? This is a commonly a...

Judoka Flávio Canto shows His World Class Ground Game with Judo Champion in Japan

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Flávio Canto is a Brazilian judo champion and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, who won the bronze medal in the – 81 kg division at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. He previously competed at the 1996 Summer O...

What is the real story behind Fedor’s “Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory?

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What is the real story behind Fedor's "Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory?" @adamcarolla & others help solve the mystery. What is the real story behind Fedor's "Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory?&...

Galvao Talks Inception Of Inverted DLR, Tornado Guard and More

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  Galvao Talks Inception Of Inverted DLR, Tornado Guard and More      

Jon Jones hit & run 911 call & Police camera footage

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911 call from Jon Jones hit and run. Lapel camera footage of cops searching his rental SUV,, courtesy of Albuquerque Police Department.

[Comedic] How to Automate Your Dojo – Master Ken

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Master Ken has some sage advice!

Joe Rogan – Is Steven Seagal Legit?

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Joe Rogan explains Steven Seagal's martial arts background in Aikido and if it's effective.

Dealing with wrestlers as a White belt

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How to deal with wrestlers as a white belt??

How to Beat Someone Better Than You- Stephan Kesting

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"How can I beat someone better than me?" I get this question a lot and you might be wondering the same thing too. The answer is that you have to find at least one area, either technical or physical, where you are bett...

How to Become a Powerhouse of Motivation for BJJ Training -Chewjitsu

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Do you ever lack motivation for BJJ training? If so, how do you overcome it? What keeps you motivated. I recently received a couple of BJJ questions related to motivation for training. 1 from Zach, a BJJ Blue ...

BJJ Lifestyle in Israel: A Day in the Life

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  From Israeli purple belt Itamar Marani: Hey guys, how's everyone doing? So I'm back home and in my training routine and I wanted to publish a blog entry about how my day to day life in Israel looks as we...

Exercises to Get a Chiseled Jawline

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Here are 3 daily habits that you can add to your morning routine, to tighten up the muscles in your neck and jaw. Remember if you have neck fat or a double-chin, you must diet and do your cardio to shed that fat first...

MMA Fighter Submits Opponent Who Back Mounted Him

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A submission can come from anywhere, even the most disadvantageous positions. One lesson you learn in BJJ, is to near cross your feet when you have someone's back because there is an easy counter ankle lock. excell...

Panic Feeling and Claustrophobia as a BJJ White Belt ( 2 Tips )

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Nick Albin talks Panic Feeling and Claustrophobia as a BJJ White Belt ( 2 Tips )

Fabricio Werdum, Rafael Cordeiro talk Allan Goes VS Renzo Gracie Super Fight

1.70K Views0 Comments In this video UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion who will soon battle it out gives his opinion on the upcoming super fight between Allan Goes and Renzo Gracie, This is...

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