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Full Grip Workout for Beginners – Tykato Fitness

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Fingers should be exercised much like everything else. Catch a glimpse of an interesting routine

Strength and Conditioning – Mackenzie Dern

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Mackenzie Dern is an American BJJ and MMA fighter, ADCC and World Champ. Check out this compilation of her astounding Strength and Conditioning

The Wheelbarrow Uphill drill – Mackenzie Dern

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Mackenzie Dern works on her strength!       Physical Preparation today was not easy at all!!! But we are getting stronger everyday!! It's also good to have my friend @laviniabarboosa tra...

“Leg Day” Workout Variations for BJJ Athletes!

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Former NFL Cheerleader, MMA Fighter, and (current) BJJ fanatic Rachel Wray demonstrating some cool exercise variations that you can do on "leg day" to add an element of grip training to your workout!

10 Best Hip Pain Exercises: Strengthen, Stretch, & Massage

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"Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate the 10 Best Hip Pain Exercises Ever Created.

10 Best Strength Building Exercises For BJJ

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  Funk Roberts goes through the best 10 strength building exercises for MMA and Combat Fighters. If you want to build strength then Include these into your training. Top 10 Strength Exercises for Combat ...

10 Different Animal Walk Exercises

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Get your body moving and drastically improve your motor coordination, flexibility, strength and conditioning with these 10 animal walk exercises.

10 Different Plank Exercises

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10 different plank exercises to develop a powerful midsection.

10 Exercises & Lifts You Should NEVER do. Harmful. Dangerous.

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10 Exercises & Lifts You Should NEVER do. Harmful. Dangerous.

10 Hardcore Sandbag Conditioning Movements for Grapplers

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Get your strength and conditioning in check with these 10 hardcore sandbag moves for grapplers

10 Of The Best Bodyweight Leg Exercises Plus Cardio

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Working out doesn’t have to cost anything and it can be done anywhere with bodyweight exercises. This type of workout uses your own bodyweight as the resistance. 1) Convenient and Inexpensive 2)Bodyweight exercises ...

19 Pullups for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & Submission Wrestling

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  Stephan Kesting demonstrates 19 pull-up variations he uses in conditioning for BJJ and submission wrestling.

20 Bodyweight Exercises For Judo

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20 Bodyweight Exercises For Judo by Sergio Bertoluci.

3 Critical Pull-Ups For Explosive Power

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We all know how important explosive power and full muscle control is important in BJJ and other martial. Check it out these 3 variations of Pull-ups to help you dramatically with that.

3 Essential Push-Ups For Explosive Power In Martial Arts – Evolve

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

3 Ways To Build Explosive Strength for BJJ w/out Equipment

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Having explosive strength to get out of positions like mount or side control can determine whether you win or lose. Here are 3 simple exercises you can do at home that will make you more explosive.

5 Bridges Every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete Should Do

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The Bridge is one of the most valuable skills in a grapplers toolkit. A well-developed bridge can be used to escape or reverse positions, take down your opponent or avoid being taken down

5 Dumbest Squat Mistakes

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5 Dumbest Squat Mistakes by Scott Herman Fitness

5 Great Strength Exercises For BJJ w/ Bernardo Faria & Molcom Gwilliam

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5 Great Strength Exercises For BJJ w/ Bernardo Faria & Molcom Gwilliam.

5 key exercises – William Wayland’s Advice for Grapplers

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Five Exercises that can be put together to make use of minimal equipment.

6 Minute Hybrid Follow Along Workout – Funk Roberts

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A very good intense work out that will help you optimize your physical readiness

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