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Andre Galvao Training for Worlds Jiu Jitsu 2013

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Specific BJJ strength and conditioning

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  Specific functional and situational strenght and conditioning training for bjj (brazilian jiu jitsu) or mma fighters with or without gi: using bodyweight swiss ball kettlebell trx dumbbells barbell b...

BJJ World Champion Ary Farias’ Lifting Routine @ XGym – Jits Magazine

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  BJJ world champion, Ary Farias, talks about a part of his workout routine, as well as one of his trainers at XGym, Caio Eduardo.

Grapplers Circuit – Kettlebell Training for BJJ

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  Kettlebell Workout for BJJ, Grapplers and Wrestlers Density Complex Conditioning Circuit Superset - Turkish Man Makers and Chin Ups (dead hang) Turkish ManMakers and Chin Up Supersets Set your time...

10 Of The Best Bodyweight Leg Exercises Plus Cardio

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Working out doesn’t have to cost anything and it can be done anywhere with bodyweight exercises. This type of workout uses your own bodyweight as the resistance. 1) Convenient and Inexpensive 2)Bodyweight exercises ...

Effective strength Training for judo/BJJ – Essential Core exercises

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  Discover the exercises and movements top level Judoka do for speed, strength and power.

Circuit Training for MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Fighters

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Circuit Training for MMA and Combat Fighters targeting on the key physical attributes needed as an MMA and combat athlete.

Sport-Specific Applicability of Kettlebells for Jiu Jitsu

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A brief intro to the sport-specific applicability of Kettlebells for Jiu Jitsu, Judo and MMA. Be sure to check out Matt D’Aquino's (2008 Beijing Judo Olympian) great new kettlebell DVD set taylor made for grapplers...

Rafael Lovato Jr Strength & Conditioning Training for BJJ & Grappling

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    In this video you can watch how No-Gi Black Belt World Champions, Rafael Lovato Jr. & Justin Rader, trained to prepare for the 2011 ADCC Submission Grappling World Championships and the 2011 IB...

19 Pullups for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & Submission Wrestling

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  Stephan Kesting demonstrates 19 pull-up variations he uses in conditioning for BJJ and submission wrestling.

Five Grip Training Methods for BJJ

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  Five on-the-go grip training techniques, by Stephan Kesting from

Keenan Cornelius’ Technique for Building Hip Strength in Jiu-Jitsu

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Great for arm bars and hip bumps. anyone will till you wrestling and jiu jitsu and judo is all in the hips.. So why not make them super strong!

10 Best Strength Building Exercises For BJJ

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  Funk Roberts goes through the best 10 strength building exercises for MMA and Combat Fighters. If you want to build strength then Include these into your training. Top 10 Strength Exercises for Combat ...

How to Fix Tight Shoulders

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How to fix tight shoulders. In this video MMA conditioning coach Eric Wong shows Funk 3 shoulder flexibility exercises you can do to help fix tight shoulders.

Rodolfo, Braulio, Buchecha & Leandro Talk About Weight Lifting for BJJ

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    In this short video Buchecha, Braulio Estima Rodolfo Viera and Leandro Lo talk about how much conditioning and weight lifting they do to compliment the BJJ training.    

Powerlifter VS Street Workout/Calisthenics

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What happens when a Powerlifter gets into a srength battle with a Calisthenics / Street Workout specialist? Here is the answer!

Top 5 Best Exercises for Grip Strength

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Why is Grip Training Important: Grip training is where it all starts, going back to the fundamentals. The first point of contact in any fight is the grip. How can you win a fight if you can’t hold onto your opponen...

Wrestlers Strength & Conditioning

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Here are some of the best excersises for functional Power especially for MMA fighters, Wrestlers and Jiu-Jitsu guys.

Thai Knee Kettlebell Flow

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This is a brief example of the Thai knee kettlebell flow which will definitely help with your strength and conditioning.

Grip Strength Training

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A crucial aspect of effective self defense training is to perform grip strength exercises. Having strong hands is probably one of the most important parts of your body to work on.

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