North South

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Arm Triangle from North South – Dan Covel

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North South choke defended evolves into Arm Triangle finish from North South.  North south, working for the choke, opponent defends, tripod up, walk to their hips, push their arm down, walk back to their head,...

Hug Trap and Roll by Troy Manning

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Systemize your no gi escaping strategies from every major position with respected coach and BJJ black belt Troy Manning. No gi escapes require a different approach and Troy Manning has the perfect formula to hel...

Pillow Choke From North South Position

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Your opponent will definitely be wondering how he ended up in this position

Making The North South Choke Work For You

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BJJ black belt Mike Zenga shows the details for his north-south choke.

North South Escape – The easy way- John Thomas

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From John Thomas: This is the easiest most effective way I have found to get out of north south. Strong initial positions make it practically impossible for the guy to control well.  

Hatchet Choke- Jamie Jara

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MMA Fighter and BJJ black belt Jamie Jara shows a brutal choke from North South.

Leg Drag Pass To North-South | Evolve

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Modified Ude-garami (shoulder lock) from North South

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Modified Ude-garami (shoulder lock) from North South

North South Choke- Robert Drysdale

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Kimura to Choke/Back Take- Leo Queiroz

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Bread cutter choke

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Do you know how to apply the Bread Cutter choke? Learn it right now!

Ude Garami Arm Lock from North/South – Carlos “Português” Vieira

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How to perform an Ude Garami when you opponent defends the Kimura from North/South which can be used for Gi and No-Gi

North South Choke Variation 1 Arm In

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From Jeremie Arel: This is another video in the North/South Choke series. I have a lot of students ask me how to deal with the arm that is in. In this video I address that situation. Having your opponent's arm caug...

The Shoulder Twist

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In this video Luke Rinehart demonstrates an easy and effective shoulder submission from north south and cross body

Reversal from North South Position – Shane Taylor

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Coach Shane Taylor explains an alternate method of trapping the arm as well as how to begin chaining the various sweeps together to escape North South/69 position

Bernardo Faria’s Superior North South Escape

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Bernardo Teaches How To Escape North South When Opponent Has Over Under - This is one of the toughest moves in BJJ to escape but 2015 Weight and Open Class Champ Bernardo shows you how to do it..

MG’s Mounted Crucifix to North South Choke – Kon Ying

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Marcelo Garcia's Mounted Crucifix from Knee on Belly, North South Choke

Countering The Body Hug from North/South Bottom- Jeremy Arel

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From Jeremy Arel: In this video I show a counter to being hugged by the person on bottom. In general it's a bad idea to hug anyone from Mount bottom or North/South Bottom. Although it's general knowledge that you ...

Escaping north south and choosing the correct escape based on arm position (Lachlan Giles)

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Escaping north south and choosing the correct escape based on arm position (Lachlan Giles) Get Out Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s Worst Positions, Gi Or No-Gi, With Lachlan Giles’s Insights Into Escaping. The 2019 ADCC ...

Jose Neto – North South Bread cutter choke

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Jose Neto shows some details to the Bread Cutter choke from the North-South position

How To Transition From North South To Mount

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How To Transition From North South To Mount by David Morcegao.

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