Knee on Belly

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Knee on belly counter with armlock-Relson Gracie

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 Master Relson Gracie shows an amazing counter to the Knee on belly which will even help you submit your opponent with an Armbar.      

Jiu-Jitsu Heart Stopper (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME)

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Dustin Denes shows how to stop someone’s heart - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME - "You destroy him physically, mentally, spiritually..."

Jason Snapp – Leg Trap Knee On Belly Defense

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A Knee on Belly defense you will more than likely want to try

Knee On Belly Escape – Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week features a great way to escape Knee On Belly

EBi 6 winner Gordon Ryan explains Side to Knee on Belly to Back

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Gordon Ryan from Brunswick BJJ demonstrates taking the back a knee on belly position.

Knee On Belly Escape – Kurt Osiander

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Fresh new technique of the week by the legendary Kurt Osiander

North South Choke From Knee On Belly – Kent Peters

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   North South Choke From Knee On Belly by Kent Peters     Technique Of The Day: North South Choke From Knee On Belly ☠️ Suscribe to us on YouTube @ ZombieProofBJJ #TeamZombieProof @zom...

Knee On Belly To D’Arce – Alexander Butenko

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choke from side control or knee on belly. Full Russian language tutorial from Alexander Butenko (43-12-2 as an MMA pro, former M-1 Challenge lightweight champion). ????????Полное обучающее видео на русск...

Knee on Belly Escape – Justin Christopher

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Justin Christopher shares his unpredictable and yet very effective Knee on belly escape.

Knee on Belly Escape – Dominyka Obelenyte

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   Effective knee on belly escape by Dominyka Obelenyte 4x Black Belt World Champion     How to escape a super confusing position brought to you by Dom and Vedha ✌️what else do you guys...

Knee On Belly Cross Choke – Romulo Barral

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 Romulo Barral teaches a great option from knee on Belly!      

2 Favourite Escapes from Knee Mount -Stephan Kesting

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Here are a couple of our favourite kneemount (aka knee on belly) escape that you can use

Choke from Knee on Belly

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A very strong and detailed choke from the Knee on belly position for you to add on your submissions arsenal

Darce Choke From Knee On Belly – Chris Lyon

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Darce Choke From Knee On Belly by Chris Lyon featuring Bernardo Faria

Knee On Belly Escape To Footlock

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ZombieProofBJJ NoGi Technique: Knee On Belly Escape To Footlock (For purple belt and below you DO NOT have a slicer to worry about and you can skip the footlock and chase leg drag).

Relson Gracie talks about Helio , and teaches a counter to knee on belly

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Relson Gracie talks about his father Helio Gracie, and teaches a counter to knee on belly

Knee on Belly Attack system Part 1 of 2

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Thabet Al Taher explains the Triangle and Armbar submissions from Knee on Belly position

Rolling Baseball Choke

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Great variation for the Baseball Choke when someone blocks your hips and stops you from being able to rotate after you have obtained the grips

Draculino – Knee on belly escape: Stiff arm to ankle pick sweep

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When an opponent has knee on belly, it can be very dangerous. In a real fight, you can have strikes coming in that are hard to stop, and on the mats it means your opponent has control and gravity on their side.

Knee on belly – Caio Terra

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Caio Terra show how to perform a choke from knee on belly. Black Belt Samir Chantre shows how to transition from knee on belly to the back

Knee On Belly Drills for Improved Top Game Mobility

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