Knee on Belly

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Standing to Ground Threats Single Leg Advance Version by Dave Camarillo

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World-class grappling coach Dave Camarillo shows how he has mixed his judo and BJJ black belts into his own unique armbar system. Use the classic armbar in brand new ways as Dave shows what makes his system usef...

Knee on Belly Simulation Drill by Luiz Dentinho

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Luiz "Dentinho" Eduardo is an accomplished black belt competitor and coach. In the Art of Pressure Half Guard Passing, Dentinho shares all of his secrets to creating the ultimate pressure and passing those difficult g...

Opening Up Stalling Opponents with Knee on Belly Pressure

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Often when training in the gym opponents will become extremely defensive even if you pass the guard which can make it difficult to find the opening for a submission. In MMA the punishment for getting your guard passed...

Knee on Belly to Mount- Jeremey Arel

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  In this video I show another very important drill that emphasizes the transitions from Knee On Belly to Knee On Belly and then from Knee On Belly to Mount. These transitions are very important and very fe...

Side control to mount + submission

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Check out this combination of movements which starts from the Side control, goes into the Knee on belly and finished with an Ezekiel choke from the mount.

Sensei Sadao – Armbar from Knee on belly

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Sensei Sadao shows a few armbar variations from the Knee on belly position.

Knee On Belly to Spinning Arm Lock- Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander’s Nice Details to Straight Armlock From Knee on Belly

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Kurt Osiander's Nice Details to Straight Armlock From Knee on Belly.

2 Armbars Set-ups for Bigger Opponents – Side Control

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2 armbars that are effective against bigger stronger opponents. One is done from knee on belly, typically when the opponent tries to push the knee. The other is done when the opponent gets to his side to hip escape.

Renzo Gracie’s Favorite Escape From Knee on Belly

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Renzo Gracie shows his best escape from knee on belly at his recent seminar at Frota academy in Zurich, Switzerland.

Basic knee on belly attacks

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Cover all the bases and get your Knee on Belly attacks in check!

Gi Choke from Knee on belly

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A gi choke breakdown to beat bigger opponents from the Knee on belly position

Berimbolo from Reverse Knee on Belly

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Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) from Luke Rinehart "AKA" The BJJ Ronin in his 90-second Killer BJJ Techniques series.

Baseball Bat Choke, Fernando Margarida’s Signature Move

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BJJ legend Fernando Margarida showing his best move.

Firas Zahabi – Knee On Stomach Transitions and Control

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Firas Zahabi shows some Key grips for Knee on Stomach position and two very important transitions along with some key variations

Spinning Armbar from Knee on Belly- Fernando Terere

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Master Carlson Gracie – Submission from the Knee on the belly

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Extremely rare footage of the Master Carlson Gracie teaching a technique. Counter to the hip escape from the Knee on the belly.

Knee On Belly Escape/Sweep with Pedro Sauer

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  More magic from Professor Pedro Sauer showing how to sweep someone when they have knee on belly position on you. He further shows the arm bar follow up.

Arm bar from Knee on Belly

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Here's a quick arm bar from knee on belly when your opponent tries to hug your leg and go for a single.

Far side Armbar

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Fine tune your armbar game and bring several arms home with you!

The #1 Mistake BJJ White Belts Make When Escaping Knee-on-Belly – Gustavo Gasparin

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The #1 Mistake BJJ White Belts Make When Escaping Knee-on-Belly - Gustavo Gasparin

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