Knee on Belly

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3 Submissions From Knee On Belly! | Evolve University

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Knee on belly counter with armlock-Relson Gracie

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 Master Relson Gracie shows an amazing counter to the Knee on belly which will even help you submit your opponent with an Armbar.      

Knee On Belly Escape – Kurt Osiander

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Fresh new technique of the week by the legendary Kurt Osiander

2 Armbars Set-ups for Bigger Opponents – Side Control

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2 armbars that are effective against bigger stronger opponents. One is done from knee on belly, typically when the opponent tries to push the knee. The other is done when the opponent gets to his side to hip escape.

2 Favourite Escapes from Knee Mount -Stephan Kesting

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Here are a couple of our favourite kneemount (aka knee on belly) escape that you can use

24 Gi Chokes in Less Than 5 Minutes- Jason Scully

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Jason Scully: In this video you'll video 24 Gi Choke techniques to help you get more ideas to expand you attacking game with the gi on. The great thing about the gi is that you can not only choke your opponent with th...

26 BJJ Positional Escapes In 13 Min – Reverse Scarf Hold, North South, Knee on Belly

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  Detailed videos will be on - In this video Jason Scully shares part 2 of his 4 part positional escape reference series. He demonstrates Reverse Scarf Hold Escapes, North South E...

3 Most Common Knee Mount Mistakes – Stephan Kesting

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Here are the three most common mistakes in the BJJ knee mount (aka the knee on belly) position.

A Powerful Choke from Knee Mount – Denis Kang

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Denis Kang shares a sneaky and powerful choke from knee mount in BJJ and Judo. D

Arm bar from Knee on Belly

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Here's a quick arm bar from knee on belly when your opponent tries to hug your leg and go for a single.

Baseball Bat Choke from Knee on Belly- Kristian Woodmansee

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This is a technique video breakdown of the Baseball bat choke submission from the knee on belly position taught by Kristian Woodmansee of Team Atos.

Baseball Bat Choke, Fernando Margarida’s Signature Move

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BJJ legend Fernando Margarida showing his best move.

Basic knee on belly attacks

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Cover all the bases and get your Knee on Belly attacks in check!

Basic transitions from Knee on Belly – Gustavo Gasperin

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin explains how to maintain the Knee On Belly and how to transition to Mount & Back controls.

Belly Bolo – Part I

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Check out the "Belly Bolo", a Berimbolo style rolling back attack from knee on belly

Berimbolo from Reverse Knee on Belly

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Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) from Luke Rinehart "AKA" The BJJ Ronin in his 90-second Killer BJJ Techniques series.

Brabo and Baseball Chokes From Knee On Belly

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A very easy to do Brabo and Baseball chokes from the Knee on Belly that can be used efficiently in all belts

Choke from Knee on Belly

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A very strong and detailed choke from the Knee on belly position for you to add on your submissions arsenal

Cross Choke from Knee on Belly

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Brad Wolfson demonstrates a cross collar choke from knee on belly

Darce Choke From Knee On Belly – Chris Lyon

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Darce Choke From Knee On Belly by Chris Lyon featuring Bernardo Faria

Double Leg Counter – Ruben Rivera

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 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe Coach Ruben Rivera shows a nice counter attack game plan when your opponent tries to do double leg       Opponents Double Leg➡Whip Over➡Kesure Kesa Gatam...

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