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Ultimate Escape from Bow & Arrow Choke- Carlos Machado

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Coral belt Carlos Machado shows a very effective escape to the high percentage bow and arrow choke.

Crazy Kimura Trap Back Take

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 Crazy Kimura Trap Back Take on this Video. Take a look       ???? Transição Para As Costas Marque Seu Amigo De Treino ・ Parcerias ⤵ ↪ @tatamemagazine ↪ @adccsubmission ↪ @bjjclub ↪ @g...

Shinya Aoki’s 5 Ways To Escape The Back Mount – Evolve

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Aggressive Back Escape Kimura -Kent Peters

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Aggressive back Escape with Kimura control, using this back control escape you put the attacker in danger making for an easier escape attempt (Pay special attention to the arm inside the seatbelt, it keeps away the da...

The definitive guide for trucking and ninja rolling

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Never done the ninja roll or entered the truck? Here's a few ways for you to get familiar with the positions!

K Control Roll to Back Mount – Neil Melanson

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NEIL MELANSON: K Control Roll to Back Mount

EBi 6 winner Gordon Ryan explains Side to Knee on Belly to Back

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Gordon Ryan from Brunswick BJJ demonstrates taking the back a knee on belly position.

The Straitjacket – Danaher Back Attack System

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Eddie Cumming's and Gordon Ryan's utilization of John Danaher's Back Attack System as seen in EBI 6 and 7.

NoGi Bow & Arrow Choke Armbar

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Adrenaline MMA's Brown Belt & recent SubSeriesPro superfight winner Jesse Gough shows his nogi bow & arrow choke (with armbar) backstage at Chokes By The Ocean with Jesse Allen.

Braulio Estima- Reverse Set Up Rear Naked Choke

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Braulio Estima shows on Leandro Lo a reverse method for finishing the rear naked choke. Estima places his choking arm deep and over the chin, and hides the supporting arm to finally swivel it in for the choke. ...

One Arm Rear Naked Choke

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Very powerful way to finish a rear naked choke with one arm.

A back take off a knee slice pass – Tom DeBlass

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 A back take off a knee slice pass today that Tom DeBlass taught at Renzo Gracie Portland.      

Marcelo Garcia: Why Arm Drags?

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In this behind the scenes video of a Victory Belt photoshoot, Marcelo Garcia discusses why he began using arm drags

The Three Most Important Back Control Drills for BJJ

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The Three Most Important Back Control Drills for BJJ

Advanced Guard Passing Sequence – Rafa Mendes

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 Once known and feared for his berimbolo guard, now feared for his dynamic passing       The amazing Rafa Mendes // Once known and feared for his berimbolo guard, now feared for his dyn...

How To Do Garry Tonon’s Guillotine From Crucifix (vs Kim Terra)

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At the recent Studio 540, Garry Tonon faced off against Kim Terra. Tonon was able to pull off a beautiful guillotine choke from the crucifix position. Here are 2 set ups for this amazing technique: https://www.yout...

Gordon Ryan Back Control System

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Gordon Ryan has a nifty back control system.

Roger Gracie – Arm drag to back take from closed guard

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Roger Gracie - Arm drag to back take from closed guard

Rodrigo Comprido Shows The Best Back Escape technique

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Rodrigo "Comprido" shows back escape technique.

Top Half Guard to Bow & Arrow to Crucifix, Arm Lock – Ricardo Liborio

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Ricardo Liborio shares his technique for going for the bow and arrow choke from top half guard and transitioning to the crucifix position and also shows an armlock from the same position for an alternate finish. &n...

Sliding Collar Squeeze That Puts Them To Sleep Fast

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From Nic Gregoriades: This is a variation on the classic Okuri Eri Jime (sliding collar squeeze) that is so powerful I accidentally choked one of my friends unconscious with it at a seminar I taught recently. I wan...

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