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10 Best Back Pain Exercises Ever Created-Stretches & Strengthening

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10 Best Back Pain Exercises Ever Created-Stretches & Strengthening

Basics of Athletic Nutrition – Rogerio Camoes

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Rogerio Camoes, judo and BJJ black belt works with top athletes like Anderson Silva, Ronaldo Jacare and several members from the Atos team. Here he gives the basics of how you should be eating to perform.

Rickson Gracie on Breathing & Emotional Control in Jiu-Jitsu

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Rickson Gracie on Breathing & Emotional Control in Jiu-Jitsu...

Finger Injuries In BJJ and How To Assess and Deal With Them

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Injuring your fingers is a common occurrence in BJJ. In this video I discuss an injury I sustained to one of my fingers and show you how I assessed the finger to evaluate the injury. This obviously effected gripping ...

Gracie Diet – Corn Soup

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  In this video Rorion Gracie, walks you through the step-by-step process of making one of the Eternal Grand Masters all-time favorite dishes, Corn Soup. Warning: Do not watch this video before bed because it ...

How do you know what Physical Therapist to go to for BJJ?

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Choosing the right Physical Therapist is important for appropriately rehabbing an injury so that you are ready to return to BJJ. How do you know if you have the right Physical Therapist for you? In this video I provi...

Bad Injury from Closed Guard Pull

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  IBJJF recently banned white belts from pulling closed guard in competition. This video shows why.

Weird Monkey Exercise Eliminates Shoulder Pain

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If you suffer from chronic shoulder pain, orthopedic surgeon John M. Kirsch, M.D, has a simple solution: Ape style Dead Hangs.

How To Avoid Skin Infections After Training (StaphProof Tips)

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StaphProof Tips: Do you have some distance to travel after training before you can shower? My ride home is 30 minutes and I can't stand the wait ... This is my method of staying StaphProof -- Baby Wipes + Tea Tree Oil...

Mike Dolce: Why Supplements DON’T Work

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Famous nutritionist Mike Dolce gives his opinion on supplements...

Mahamed Aly – Stretching for BJJ part 2

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Part 2 of the video in which young phenom Mahamed Aly talks about stretching for BJJ and shows his favorite stretching routine which he does regularly

Renergy Breakfast Sandwich

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  Rener Gracie:¬†People always ask me where all my "Renergy" comes from. Well, the answer is the Gracie Diet. Here's the breakfast sandwich that I use to get started with a bang. Try it out and let me know what...

Gracie Diet Smoothie – Honeydew Melon

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  Rener Gracie, head instructor of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Torrance, CA, teaches you how to make a smoothie that follows the Gracie Diet using honeydew melons.

What Coffee Does to Heart, Brain, & Body

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Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: What Coffee Does to Heart, Brain, & Body. Latest Research.

BJJ Busted Your Body Up? I’ve Got Your Solution

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BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu Busted Your Body Up? I've Got Your Solution

Wash your BJJ Belt you filthy animals!

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An important public service announcement to my BJJ friends. Wash your belts you filthy animals!!!

Fix Your Knee Pain- Do These 5 Exercises At Home

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  Fix Your Knee Pain- Do These 5 Exercises At Home

How and Why to Tape Your Fingers in BJJ

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Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki talk about when and how to tape your fingers in BJJ.

Chewjitsu Food Tip: Meal Prep While You’re Sleeping

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This is a really easy way to prepare your chicken for your weekly meal prep. Again, I preach to all my BJJ students in the gym that they need to prepare their food in advance. The better you're eating, the better you ...

BJ Penn Nutrition Tip: Mid morning omelette

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2 Techniques To Improve Posture And Prevent Shoulder Injuries For BJJ

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Shoulder injuries are very common in BJJ, so learn right now how to avoid them or how to deal with it if you've already got one.

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