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Inside Leg Grab Takedown by Dustin Schlatter

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Dominate The Collar Tie By Mastering NCAA Champion Dustin Schlatter’s Unique Slide-Bys, Shrugs, Drags, Ducks, And More! Overhaul your overhook with a unique approach to making your opponent vulnerable to multipl...

Shifflet (From Front Headlock) by Sean Russell

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Shoot and Score With Precision Takedown Technique From NCAA All-American Sean Russell. Attack the takedown and score with D1 All-American and 4-Time Georgia State Champion Sean Russell - master the art of attack...

Keys To The Duck Under Takedown by John Smith

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Learn The 3-Part Takedown System of The Greatest American Wrestler Ever, John Smith, On This 6-Volume Series From The Legendary Oklahoma State Cowboys Coach. Score more takedowns than ever with this complete tak...

Cross Knee Pick From Front Headlock by Dan Vallimont

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Dominate The Front Headlock Position With Elite Level Strategies From 2-Time NCAA All-American Dan Vallimont. Learn and master the basics of the front headlock position with set-ups, ideas on how to enter, and t...

Body Lock Ribs Squeeze Takedown by Joao Assis

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Master body lock strategies and improve your overall BJJ game with ADCC Champ Joao Assis. Assis ia World No-Gi Champion and an ADCC Gold and Silver medalist and has been a black belt since 2009. Learn how to u...

Back Control to Spinning takedown

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Bjj black belt Jimmy Johnstone teaches a cool takedown at Kimura Bjj Serbia Academy.

Over Under Single Leg by Alexandre Vieira

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This BJJ Techniques video shows Alexandre teaching the Over Under Single Leg Jiu Jitsu move. This is a clip off of his new instructional series "Linking Half Guard and Pressure Passing by Alexandre Vieira." Lear...

The seven takedowns every BJJ fighter should know

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Use The Safest Yet Most Effective Takedowns That You Will Ever Need For BJJ: From Adam Wheeler, An Olympic Medalist and Black Belt Masters No Gi World Champion: The seven takedowns every BJJ fighter should know.

How To Do The Askren (Wrestling)

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Wrestling Technique: "The Askren" Long Island MMA pro fighter and NAIA national champion wrestler Jahsua Marsh teaches us how to do a move he likes to call "The Akren" Jahsua named this move after watching Ben ...

This Is Why Scissor Takedown Is Banned

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If you've ever seen a Danaher Death Squad in a grappling match you might notice they like to favor this takedown. However plenty of rulesets including judo and ibjjf ban the takedown due to ability to produce catastro...

How to dodge being Guillotined when Going for a Takedown – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters gives his insight on the age old question on how to avoid being subbed when going for a takedown. Check Out Travis Stevens 'Scientific Gripping Systems' , The Gripping Formula That Makes All The Differe...

Best Takedown vs Bigger Opponents? – Stephan Kesting

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Wolverine's favorite takedown vs bigger, stronger opponents. Reigning UFC Champion & Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler Henry Cejudo Wants To Show You His Complete System To Takedown Bigger & Stronger Opponents E...

Wrong Leg Firemans by Judo Olympian Matt D’Aquino

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Judo Olympian Matt D'Aquino teaches a version of Fireman's Carry called "Wrong Leg Fireman's Carry". This is a clip from Matt's new instructional series on BJJ Fanatics "Fireman's Carry Frenzy." Matt D'Aquino is a ...

Judo Throws – Koshi Guruma Tutorial

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How to execute the Judo throw Koshi Guruma as instructed by Nick Ripley, internationally respected Judoka and instructor at Manchester Ippon Judo Club, make this a must watch video filmed for the Warrior Collective.

Wizzer To Uchimata – Travis Stevens

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  Wizzer To Uchimata by Travis Stevens

Examining Khabibs Failed Takedown Attempts – Sonny Brown

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In this breakdown, I examine Khabibs failed takedown attempts in the UFC to see if we can notice a pattern between a successful and unsuccessful takedown attempt. From that point, I look to see if any strategies or te...

Timing Attacks Opposite Sides – Travis Stevens

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Timing Attacks Opposite Sides by Travis Stevens

Pulling X Guard To Takedown- Travis Stevens

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Pulling X Guard To Takedown by Travis Stevens

Randy Couture Takedown Techniques Breakdown – Sonny Brown

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In this breakdown, bjj black belt Sonny Brown looks at the MMA cage techniques and cage takedowns of Randy Couture. Randy Couture highlights how an accomplished folkstyle and Greco Roman wrestler can transfer those sk...

Harai Goshi by 2x Olympian Kelita Zupancic

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Harai Goshi by 2x Olympian Kelita Zupancic of Canada shows you how she likes to throw people. These are some of the basic concepts that she follows when doing Harai Goshi.

John Danaher Demonstrates Scissor Takedown Personally

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Kani Basami: The scissor throw - kani basami - is one of the more controversial moves in jiu jitsu. It is among my favorite moves - all of my students are very good at it and often use it in competition - AND YET I ...

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