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Rolling Knee bar Takedow

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BJJ Black Belt Karl Nemeth shows a Rolling knee bar Takedown

Side Tomoe Nage – Koji Komuro

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 Handy version of Tomoe Nage by Koji Komuro    

Arm Drag to Single Leg Takedown

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The Arm Drag is a great Takedown and set-up for a single leg. Snaking your arm around the outside of your opponent's leg will help secure your angle as you drive your forehead into the back of the opponents shoulder ...

Arm Drag to Kouchi Gake- Brandon Mullins

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42 Takedown Techniques in Just 6 Minutes BJJ Grappling – Jason Scully

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  Jason Scully: In this video you will find MY favorite takedown techniques that I personally use successfully on a regular basis in training and in competition. These technique reflect my game and are all ...

How to do 3 different types of Chris Weidman Takedown Variations

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How to do 3 types of Chris Weidman takedown variations for MMA & Combat Sambo The Takedowns include the single leg, ankle pick and double leg The wrestling stand out has been on a tear this far in his career...

Simple & Effective ‘White Belt Takedown’- Snap Down to Knee Pick

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From www.chewjitsu.net:   I got a question on my blog recently asking about a solid takedown for a white belt with no prior wrestling or judo experience. In the video I share an effective takedown that I sh...

How to do a Yoel Romero Inside Leg Trip Takedown

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Former Freestyle World champion, and Olympic silver medalist and current UFC Middleweight Yoel Romero is known for his wild fights and ability to put his opponents on the mat at ease. Watch Shawn Davies explain how th...

Arm Drag into Ankle Pick

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This video is about the Arm Drag into the Ankle Pick. This Ankle Pick variation is a high percentage, low risk attack that'll work at any skill level.

Takedowns For BJJ – Running Leg Combinations

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  Judo Olympian Matt D’Aquino teaches a Sumi Gaeshi that gets you straight to mount. This video has been taken straight from his “Takedowns for BJJ” program.

How to prevent guillotine chokes when attempting the takedown

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Learn how to prevent the guillotine when shooting for the double leg takedown from Coach Gene Kobilansky of http://www.flowathletics.com

Learn to Wrestle with Dan Gable (Olympic Gold Medalist)

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Danny Mack "Dan" Gable (born October 25, 1948) is a retired American Olympic wrestler and head coach. He is best known for his tenure as head coach at the University of Iowa where he won 15 NCAA team titles between 19...

The Inverted Shot (Imanari) – Wannes De Roover

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Short and effective imanari instructional by Wannes De Roover and Reilly Bodycomb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSa1NwTtYKU

Wrestling Single Leg Takedowns

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2008 Worlds BJJ Take Downs & Throws

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  2008 Worlds BJJ Take Downs & Throws featuring Bill Cooper, Lucas Lepre, Kevin Casey, etc

High Percentage Wrestling Takedowns

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  Ken Chertow is a US Olympian and a NCAA Championship Coach. Here you can learn from Coach Chertow personally at his year round and summer Gold Medal Training Camp. Take a look at this drill that will help yo...

2 Easy Takedowns for People Who Don’t Do Takedowns

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  Stephan Kesting, Elliott Bayev and Ostap Manastyrsk at Open Mat MMA in Toronto, Canada, discussing the easiest takedowns for people to add to their games. http://www.openmat.ca http://www.grapplearts.com

Simple Concept To Massively Improve Your Takedowns | Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

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  This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu concept by Kit Dale will massively improve your takedowns and throws. Want More Simple Tools that Improve Jiu Jitsu Fast? Go to WWW.BJJBUILDINGBLOCKS.COM

How Elite Judoka Set up & Use Ko Uchi Gari for Judo / BJJ

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How Elite Judoka set up, use and flow from Ko Uchi Gari as instructed by Ben Quilter, Team GB Paralympian, Multiple times World/European Champion, internationally respected Judoka and guest instructor at Manchester Ip...

Single Leg Takedown- Marcelo Garcia

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  Marcelo Garcia, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Submission Grappling superstar, demonstrates his variations on the single leg takedown for Submission Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts.

Four Ways To Hit A Fireman’s Carry (Kataguruma)

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Four Ways To Hit A Fireman's Carry (Kataguruma).

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