Spider Guard

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Extremely Dangerous Guard Most People Don’t Know

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Far Side Collar Sleeve is a variation of normal collar sleeve but most people have not had much experience with it. It’s a very powerful guard to add into your arsenal.

Uncommon But Powerful Spider Guard Sweep- Jon Thomas

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Jon Thomas: This is a sweep I have used countless times vs the best competitors in the world, but I don’t see many people using it.

How to Keep Your Opponent Locked in Your Spider Guard

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The power of the spider guard comes from pressure, and this video will show you how to develop it!

Tap Everyone With This Triangle Set Up

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This is a powerful triangle set up from spider guard...

Spider Guard- Setups and Attacks Part 1 and competition footage

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Here are some basic principles for Spider Guard everyone needs to know.

Renzo Gracie’s Lasso-Pendulum Sweep To Triangle

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In another exclusive production for Renzo Gracie Online Academy (RGOA), Renzo teaches details on how to set up a powerful sweep: The lasso-pendulum sweep He shows a fine detail regarding how to open the...

3 Counters to the Spider Guard in BJJ (# 3 is Slick) – Chewy

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Have you ever attempted to pass someones Guard, only to get bogged down in the grips of Spider Guard? This is the problem one of the viewers is running into during his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training. So in this v...

Marcio André Teaches Sweep from Spider-guard

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Marcio André teaches sweep from spider-guard

5 Essential Spider Guard Sweeps – Evolve’s Almiro Barros

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

3 Drills to Develop Your Spider Guard Sweeps and Submissions – Stephan Kesting

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Ritchie shares some of the best combinations, attacks and drills from the spider guard

Over Under Against Spider Lasso – Bernardo Faria

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5x World Champ Bernardo Faria Shows How To Pass This Very Tough Guard

Omoplata from the Spider Guard – Gregor Gracie

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Gregor Gracie and Didi Martins. • Position : - Spider Guard / De La Riva Hook / Omoplata.

Spider Guard Drills by Rehan Muttalib feat Bernardo Faria

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some great Spider Guard Drills by Rehan Muttalib

Davi Ramos Shows How He Set Up The Armbar That Submitted Jeff Monson

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In 2011 Davi Ramos broke on the international scene with an amazing performance at the Grapplers Quest championship in Las Vegas where he won the absolute division and his weight class submiting 6 of his 7 opponents a...

Handy Combo Reverse De La Spider to Leg Drag – Isaac Doederlein

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Reverse De La Spider >> Inverted Leg Drag >> Stack >> Leg Drag       Reverse De La Spider >> Inverted Leg Drag >> Stack >> Leg Drag >> Back @ven...

Spider Guard Inversion to Knee Pick- Josh Mancuso

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Very smooth combo by Josh Mancuso

Spider Guard Inversion Sweep – Josh Mancuso

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Spider Guard inversion sweep that works well against an aggressive passer

“The Drag & Pop” Spider Guard Pass to Donkey Guard Kneebar – Kent Peters

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"The Drag & Pop" Spider Guard Pass to Donkey Guard Toehold Trap KneeBar

DLR Spider Guard Hybrid- Flavio Almeida

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This is a De La Riva (DLR) Spider Guard Hybrid jiu jitsu tutorial with Flavio Almeida. Gracie Barra.

Killing the Spider Guard – `Jason’ Rony Mariano

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`Jason' Rony Mariano shows an interesting way to kill spider guard he recently taught at a seminar.       Mais uma posição de um dos Seminários que ministrei em Canadá na @evolucaothai esper...

Spider guard sweep – Victor Estima

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Victor Estima taught this Spider guard sweep a while back. What do you think?

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