5050 guard

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Entry into 50/50 drill – Tom DeBlass

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 Entry into 50/50 drill. When you are behind your opponent and they stand here is entry into 50/50 taking your opponent back down.      

How to Pass 50/50 guard- Leandro Lo

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  BJJ world champion Leandro Lo teaching how to pass the infamous 50/50 guard in competition.

50 Zero Entry Sweep Ankle Lock

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First you’ll learn how to enter into the 50/Zero position off of a leg drag. Then transition to a sweep into an ankle lock.

50/50 sweep and pass – Max Gimenis

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Max Gimenis recently showed a very cool 50/50 sweep and pass at a seminar!

Toe Hold From 50/50 Guard: Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros

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Composed, calculated, charismatic, and colorful are words that come to mind when one thinks of Rodrigo "Comprido" Medieros. Just before the 2015 IBJJF Pan Ams, the multiple time World Champion stopped by JJM HQ, much ...

K-Guard to 50-50 – Tuomas Simola

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Purple belt IBJJF NoGi European Champion Tuomas Simola demonstrates the K-Guard at Lahden Gentai

Learn the ‘KneeBArges’ Submission from the 50/50 Guard

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Learn the ‘KneeBArges’ Submission from the 50/50 Guard

50/50 Guard Escape to Back – Ruotolo Twins

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Ruotolo Twins made up this interesting move viable both for kids and adults!

50/50 to Back Control- Milton Bastos

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Milton Bastos demonstrates how to go from 50/50 through inverted guard to the Back

Foot Locks from the 50/50 Position – Luiz Panza

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Luiz Panza and Didi Martins. • Positions : - 50-50 on top / Foot Lock. - 50-50 sitting on the mat / Foot Lock

Kneebar From 5050-Ethan Crelinsten

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Tristar Brown Belt & ADCC Trials Winner Ethan Crelinsten shows a kneebar from 50/50

Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros, Toe Hold From 50/50 Guard

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Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros, Toe Hold From 50/50 Guard

Great entry into 50/50 – Chris Mesnard

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This is one of my favorite entries into the 50/50. Arm drag when your opponent is in combat base, and invert to thread the needle into 50/50.       #Repost @chris_mesnard ・・・ This is one ...

Lapel Sweep Getting the 50/50 Position – Luiz Panza

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Luiz Panza and Didi Martins. • Position : - Closed Guard / Lapel Sweep / Leg Lock / 50-50 on top.

Gyaku Sankaku to Backside 50 50 by Craig Jones

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Learn the system Craig Jones uses to combine triangle chokes and leg locking into a devastatingly dangerous submission game. See how to lock on triangles from everywhere and create the most leverage possible for...

50 / 50 Entry to Heel-Hook – Mike Bidwell

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Here's a nice little compilation on the 50 / 50 entry to the heel-hook / cryangle choke. This is a very versatile entry that works very well. But like most things you have to drill - practice and make it yours truly.

50:50 Guard Bear Trap Sweep & Pass

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Check out the Bear trap Sweep and Pass from the 50/50 Guard

50/50 Guard Concepts and Strategies – Josh Mancuso

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Josh Mancuso shines a light on some concepts and strategies from 50/50

Back take from the 50 50 with choke – Andre Galvao

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Back take from the 50 50 with choke - Andre Galvao

Taking the Back from 50/50 – Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho

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  Queixinho's final match at British National today, a back take from the 50/50       ???????? Uma pequena parte da minha luta final hj em Londres, uma pegada de costas da 50/50, a luta...

Leg Lock from the Bottom In 50/50 from Patrick Gaudio

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Sweep and Secure the position with Patrick’s 50/50 passes that transition seamlessly from your sweeps. Develop non-stop attacks from the bottom that will help you secure more finishes – catch your opponent off-g...

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