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Really old school footage of Carlson Gracie team

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Very old school footage of Carlson Gracie in the background introducing his team before a competition. Among all of them we can see names such as Murilo Bustamente and Ricardo De la Riva with only 17 years of age and ...

Joe Rogan & Firas Zahabi – Anybody Can Get Ripped

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Joe Rogan and Firas Zahabi on body types and athletic performance.

Documentary: Jiu-Jitsu in the United Arab Emirates

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    Documentary about the beginning of the Jiu-Jitsu program in Abu Dhabi. This was back when the program was run by Carlos Santos, Olavo Abreu, Suyan Queiroz.

BJJ and Self Defense Podcast with Stephan Kesting

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In this episode of the Grapplearts Radio Podcast Stephan Kesting talks to BJJ blackbelt Jeff Rockwell about several topics including self-defense vs competition bjj and hair grab defenses for women

Female BJJ Champion Takes On Recreational Male Judo Black Belt

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When Mackenzie Dern, still a brown belt, she did a friendly BJJ match with a Japanese actor and Judo black belt

1 Tip To Improve Weak Areas In your game

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1 simple tip that will allow you to greatly improve in your weaker areas while allowing your lesser skilled training partners to improve

Dillon Danis Training Wrestling at Edge Hoboken

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Wrestling training at Edge Hoboken.

How to keep your jiu-jitsu gis clean

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Taking a day off from training so I decided I would show you how I keep my #jiujitsu gis fresh and clean.

Jiu-Jiteiro – Overcome feat. Edwin Najmi

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Short clip showing the daily routine of a Jiu-Jiteiro. Any resemblance to yours?

Jiu-Jitsu for Small Guys & Winning Mindset for Competition: Felipe Costa (Brasa team black belt)

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What happens if you're just no good at the thing you love? Felipe Costa loved jiu-jitsu, but his terrible results in competition would leave him demoralised and depressed. Instead of walking away he refused to quit, w...

Mahamed Aly on how to keep improving

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Mahamed Aly talks on how to keep improving and how to get better than the ones around you

BJJ Lifestyle in Israel: A Day in the Life

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  From Israeli purple belt Itamar Marani: Hey guys, how's everyone doing? So I'm back home and in my training routine and I wanted to publish a blog entry about how my day to day life in Israel looks as we...

Rare Japanese Rickson Gracie documentary – Part 2

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Follow Rickson Gracie's steps at the part 2 of this rare Japanese documentary

The Soul of Jiu Jitsu – Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Documentary

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In 2013 Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood joined with filmmaker Stuart Cooper to create the 'Spirit of Jiu Jitsu’, a short-film about the BJJ lifestyle that was shot in Phuket, Thailand. The film became very popular and there ...

The Ultimate BJJ Escape

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Master Ken demonstrates a foolproof way to get out of any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission.

Documentary: BJJ In Ireland

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How To SMASH DAYS When You Don’t Feel Like It – Jocko Willink

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Since you don't always feel like getting after it, here's how to deal with those times...

Strangest Start To An MMA Bout: Running In like an Animal

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Strangest Start To An MMA Bout: Running In like an Animal

4 Ways to Roll with Lower Belts in BJJ for BJJ Competitions Prep

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Are you a higher belt in BJJ (Purple Belt, Brown Belt, Black Belt) and you're wanting to train effectively with your training partners who are lower belts in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? This is this is the question that m...

John Wick 2: Museum Scene Grappling Highlight

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John Wick 2: Museum Scene Grappling Highlight

BJJ Scout Answer Conor McGregor Questions

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A study on Conor Mcgregor unique Takedown Defence.

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