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How To Kill The Rubber Guard- Garry Tonon

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HOW TO KILL THE RUBBER GUARD w/ Garry "The Lion Killer" Tonon.

Foot Lock from the Half Guard – Edwin Najmi

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Edwin Najmi teaches a foot lock from the half guard in which he included a personal tweak.

Painful Counter to Double Underhook Pass- Robert Drysdale

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Painful Counter to Double Underhook Pass- Robert Drysdale

Revolutionary Kimura Detail!

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If you ever lost a Kimura from the Closed Guard due your opponent's defense you will love this detail!

Rolling Honeyhole Entry – Garry Tonon

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   Interesting entry from Tonon's Polaris 4 match against Gilbert Durinho Burns       Thank you @bjjmojo for the share! @garrytonon watch this masterful rolling honey hole entry...

De La Riva – Ricardo De La Riva explains common mistakes with DLR guard

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Creator of the De La Riva Guard, Ricardo De La Riva explains common mistakes       "Os detalhes que fazem toda diferença"! #Repost @jiujitsubrasiloficial with @repostapp. ・・・ Mestre R...

Best Sweep vs Bigger Opponents by 8x World Champ Bruno Malfacine

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  Best Sweep vs Bigger Opponents by 8x World Champion Bruno Malfacine

Half-Guard Pass – Terere

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Terere shows a cool way to pass half guard!

3 things you MUST know to keep your de la Riva guard

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Learn the Invisible Jiu Jitsu involved in retaining the de la Riva guard from 1st degree black belt under Master Ricardo de la Riva, David Morcegao. (Clip from Copenhagen Globetrotter BJJ Camp 2014)

Mr Ninja shares his wisdom on Opening Closed Guard

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Humor alert!      

Claudio Calasans armbar technique taught at AoJ

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Learn the nice technique Claudio Calasans taught last night at AoJ       one of the techniques that Calasans taught to the AOJ students last night || we have been training together since...

Keenan Cornelius – The Force Choke

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A very strong choke which can be nearly impossible to escape once settled

Baseball Choke from Half Guard- Magid Hage

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Magid Hage IV shocked the world by submitting 2 high level black belts in the same competition with his specialty move - the Baseball Choke. Magid  shows you how you can use this unorthodox choke from half guard and s...

Slick Transition From Half Guard Bottom To Mount -Roberto Cyborg Abreu

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Some very slick moves from Roberto Cyborg Abreu featuring a then purple belt Hunter Ewald

Pedro Sauer – Closed guard tricks and tips

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Considered one of the best instructors ever in BJJ, Pedro Sauer teaches you some tricks and tips to drastically improve yours and pass your opponent's guard.

Wristlock from Closed Guard – Claudio Calasans

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Som Calasans magic up ahead! How often do you use wristlocks? Do you consider them a "douche move"?

D’Arce Choke demonstration – Jean Jaques Machado

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 Jean Jaques Machado demonstrates a very sharp D'Arce choke execution       DaFuq...? I Most Certainly Have To Try This One. Thanks @jeanjacquesmachado! #etrnl_rnd #bjjdrils #esteembjj ...

Butterfly Guard Modifications for Strong Aggressive Players – Marcelo Garcia

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Sometimes setting your feet on the mat can create problems when your opponent charges in with a lot of speed and power and you can't react fast enough. In this series, Marcel shows how he adapts to this situation b...

Knee On Belly Escape – Kurt Osiander

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Fresh new technique of the week by the legendary Kurt Osiander

Butterfly Sweep – Sergio Pettis

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Sergio Pettis performs a perfect butterfly sweep in last night's UFC fight        

Spider Guard to Triangle with Armbar Option – Abmar Barbosa

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Aggressive Spider Guard - Spider Guard to Triangle with Armbar Option

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