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One Leg to the Back – Bruno Malfacine

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- Malfacine starts getting the one leg position, then he sweeps Bertuccelli and does the berimbolo, and then he takes the back..

Opening the guard – Fernando Paradeda

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Opening the guard in Jiu -Jitsu by Fernando Paradeda

2 Simple Rubber Guard Tips – Brandon Mccaghren

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Brandon Mccaghren gives  2 Simple Rubber Guard Tips in 1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack series

4 Dynamic Transition Drills for a Smooth Guard – Zahabi

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In this video I cover 4 drills that I suggest you do after practice regardless of what your trainer is teaching. These 4 drills will help you transition from one attack to the next helping you develop a dynamic Guard.

A kimura trap from reverse half guard

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  A kimura trap from reverse half guard       Good stuff from my good friend Sid. Guy's a beast. from @sid_viciousbjj - A kimura trap from reverse half guard I've been using s...

Arm trap guard pass using a lapel – Aleksandar Kukolj

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  Gile Huni of brings us This great  Arm trap guard pass using a lapel by Serbian judo Olympian  Aleksandar Kukolj  

Arnaldo Maidana showing some nice moves on Buchecha!

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 Bjj black belt Arnaldo Maidana showing some nice moves on Buchecha; Open Guard to Taking the Back!     @arnaldomaidana showing some nice move on @marcusbuchecha make him tap lol ... Arnaldinho...

Berimbolo Basics – Rafael Mendes

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Some interesting fundamentals regarding berimbolo.

Butterfly Guard Sweep – Dan Frier

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Dan Frier (Renzo Gracie Denville black belt shows Open Butterfly Guard Sweep

Clean Escape from Lockdown to Kneebar – Keith Cavanagh

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 Cool drill demonstrating escape from Lockdown and capitalizing a kneebar       Watch this clean escape from lockdown to kneebar from @keithkavanagh ????????#leglocks #leglockynow #nogi...

Deep Half Guard Setup for the Leightweights- Luigi Mondelli

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 The deep half guard setup isn't always with the arm under the armpit. Luigi Mondelli shows a version for smaller and lighter guys his week.         This is for my friends from ...

Escaping Agressive Passing – Paul Rimmer

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Paul Rimmer, renowned UK coach, BJJ Black Belt and head instructor of Next Generation MMA in Liverpool is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on a different escapes to hit as an aggressive opponent...

Full guard progression every white belt needs to know – George Sernack

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From the full guard. Cross-collar choke, to arm lock, to triangle, to oma-plata, to mount.

Knee On Belly Escape – Kurt Osiander

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Fresh new technique of the week by the legendary Kurt Osiander

Lapel Choke from Guard – Lana Stefanac

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Lana Stefanac teaches  one of her favorite lapel chokes from guard.

Leg lasso/De la Riva Worm Guard setup to X Guard Sweep – Daniel Nakamura

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  Leg lasso/De la riva worm guard setup to x guard sweep       Solid. from @jitsugram - Leg lasso/De la riva worm guard setup to x guard sweep #naoparanunca #bjj #oss #ibjjf #lutabon...

Overhook Sweep from Closed Guard using a Figure 4 Grip

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one of favorite sweeps from the closed guard. In this video,you learn  how to execute this very high percentage sweep that can become an armbar.

Secrets Inside Butterfly Guard – John Will

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Butterfly guard subtleties inside every wiggle, hook, sweep, mount or whatever from the Dirty Dozen's John Will.

Survivor Ninja style Knee Bar – Luiz Panza

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    Survivor Ninja style Knee Bar by Luiz Panza       @Regrann_App from @luizpanza - Survivor Ninja style Knee Bar, Check it out, for more buy my DVD on this link: https://bjjf...

Sweep with foot lock – Gustavo Almeida

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Good move to sweep and finish with a foot lock with the black belt Gustavo Almeida. Details on hips and balance are important

Toreando Pass Counter – Marcelino Freitas

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Deadly Toreando  pass counter from collar grip guard leading into an effective loop choke and collar drag Midday class - Bull pass counter from collar grip guard loop choke and collar drag @in2fitness.hc @shoyo...

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