Top Bellator MMA fighter and former 135lb champion Marcos “Loro” Galvao shows us 23 of his favorite Leg Attacks from various positions.

1. Outside Heel Hook From Closed Guard
2. Forward Fall Straight Ankle lock
3. Criss-cross Heel Hook from open guard
4. Leg Cut to Outside Heel Hook
5. Leg Cut to Inside Heel Hook
6. Leg Cut to Calf Splitter
7. Calf Splitter From Butterfly
8. Knee Bar From Butterfly
9. Inverted Calf Splitter From Butterfly
10. Topside Knee Bar From Butterfly
11. Spinning Knee Bar from Knee Shield
12. Inside Heel Hook From Knee Shield
13. Criss-Cross Straight Ankle Lock From Knee Shield
14. Rolling Knee Bar
15. Rolling Knee Bar to Outside Heel Hook
16. Rolling Knee Bar to Double Outside Heel Hook
17. Rolling Calf Splitter
18. Rolling Calf Splitter to Banana Split
19. Single Leg Defense to Rolling Calf Splitter
20. Inside Heel Hook From Side Control
21. Knee Bar From Half Guard
22. Outside Heel Hook From Knee Shield
23. High Hip Knee Bar From Half Guard