Footlocks/ Kneebars

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Suloev Stretch Hamstring Submission – Kneebar from back mount

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A brief breakdown of the Suloev Stretch submission. Named after Amar Suloev, it is a hamstring stretch submission that looks similar to a kneebar and is executed from back mount as your opponent tripods up to escape. ...

The 2 Most Powerful Kneebar Finishes vs a Bigger Opponent

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Here are my two favorite ways to finish from the kneebar position when an opponent is much bigger!

Powerful Foot Lock from 50/50 guard in BJJ

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Lloyd Cooper, Top UK BJJ Black Belt, Scramble sponsored athlete, highly regarded Gi/No Gi grappler and head coach of Combat Base Goole is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on one of his favourite...

Adding Some Bite to the Underhook Half Guard with the Kneebar- Kenneth Brown

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The focus was on the kneebar from multiple positions, and if you pay attention, you may pick up some principles that can be more broadly applied.

Footlocks: When Do You Control Both Legs, and Which Leg Do You Attack?

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When do you control both legs in a footlock, heelhook, or leglock attack?

Biting Down on Ankle Lock with Savage Efficiency

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Great insight into grip and which part of the body to use to make the ankle lock so much more painful...

Taza Foot, Cummings Butterfly & Inside Triangle HeelHook Foot Positions – Kent Peters

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Heelhooks Explained: Taza Foot, Cummings Butterfly, Inside Triangle ☠️

Knee shield half, DLR sweep and and unconventional kneebar – Budo Jake

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Budo Jake shows a simple way to pass the knee shield half guard. From the bottom, Jake shows a De Le Riva Sweep followed by an unconventional Kneebar.

3 Good Reasons to Use the Newschool Footlock

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David Morcegao Shows 3 Reasons Why the Newschool Footlock is Awesome!

Jeff Glover on his leglock game

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Jeff Glover on his leglock game

BJJ Scout: Leglock Defense feat. Magalhães , Gordon Ryan, Felipe Pena

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A study on saddle defense tactics.

Honey Hole setup from Top Side Mount – David Avellan

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Most people from bottom side mount are worried about upper body attacks like arm locks and chokes. So when you fall back for a leg lock, they are really caught off guard. Make that leg lock a 411 or Honey Hole and...

Half Guard Reverse Ankle Lock with Rodolfo Vieira

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Half Guard Reverse Ankle Lock with Rodolfo Vieira

Topside Ashi Option Counter to Hidden Heel Defense – Kent Peters

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Another option to catch a heel hook when you are having trouble exposing the heel from ashi ➡️ Hidden heel ashi ➡️ topside ashi blown knee pin ➡️ Taza foot inside heelhook

Straight footlock For Short people

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Do you struggle to finish the straight footlock on taller people?

Shin on Shin Guard Sweep to the Straight Footlock

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David Morcegao goes in depth on this Shin on Shin Guard Sweep to the Straight Footlock, showing all the little details that you need to be successful.

The Outside Heel Hook Master Class By John Danaher

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  The foremost leg attack specialist on the planet- John Danaher teaches his outside heel hook to 5x World Champion Bernardo Faria. Watch how Bernardo, who despite being a world champion is a heel hook newbie,...

Craig Jones (Team Polaris) Z-Guard Kneebar At Sakuraba Quintet1

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  Craig Jones Quintet kneebar Entry BreakDown, Craig Jones BJJ, Sakuraba Quintet1, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Sneaky knee slice pass to belly down footlock- Gile Huni

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  Gile Huni, editor of and instructor at Kimura BJJ Serbia shows a sneaky and quick set up for a footlock off a knee slice. Gile is speaking in Serbian in the video, although the main points are to p...

Inside foot trip and quick leg lock. Sambo combinations

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Inside foot trip and quick leg lock. Sambo combinations that could be used by any grappler. Takedown "Posadka"

How to Solidify and Tighten Loose Leglock Positions

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e techniques to tighten up and solidify your leglock submissions regardless of whether you're using Ashi Garami, the 411, Outside Ashi, 50/50 or any other lower body submission.

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