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How To Do Suplex Armbar by Demetrious Johnson

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This video demonstrates Demetrious Johnson's amazing finish he pulled off against Ray Borg.

How To Counter Double-Underhooks

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Double-Underhooks can be one of the most difficult bear-hugs to stop in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and even Wrestling. Here, Nikolas Collier shows you a powerful way to counter the infamous Double-underhooks.

2 Ways to Do Step Across Body Lock Takedown

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  In this video Kyle Cemanra shows us how to do two different body lock takedown's the first one is a basic one the second one is when your opponent defends.

Settting Up Sode-Tsurikomi-Goshi

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Sode-tsurikomi-goshi variations demonstrated by Richard Nash at Abergavenny Judo Club.

Osoto gari by Shintaro Higashi

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Incredible details!

Judo Olympian Shows 2 No Gi Takedowns & Nasty Submission From An Overhook

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  Here are 2 great No Gi takedowns and a nasty submission using an overhook from Matt D’Aquino. He is a 2008 Beijing Judo Olympian as well as nationally ranked freestyle wrestler and National Champion in Brazi...

50 Most Effective Judo Throws- Vladimir Popovic

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Vladimir Popovic, Judo black belt instructor at Trudbenik-Cortega JK in Belgrade, Serbia, shows a set of 50 effective Judo throws.

Modified Drop Seoi Nage- Kurt Osiander

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In this video, Kurt Osiander shows a modified Drop Seoi Nage that works well for BJJ, using a double sleeve control:   A video posted by Ari Kay (@thearikay) on Aug 24, 2016 at 9:12pm PDT

Club and dig – Snap Down -Schultz Headlock – Danny Prokopos

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Denny Prokopos  demonstrates Club and dig to snap down to Schultz Headlock choke

Sambo Suplex – Hip Toss – Kirill Sementsov

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Nice throwing combination from Sambo specialist Kirill Sementsov!

Double sleeve Seoi nage/Seoi otoshi – three variations in half a minute – Judo

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Double sleeve Seoi nage/Seoi otoshi - three variations in half a minute!

Reverse Seoi Nage – Xuanyi Ang

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Xuanyi Ang, Judo Black Belt, Singapore National Champion and coach at Jagsport (The Budo Academy) in Singapore is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on the Reverse Seoi Nage (Shoulder Throw) in Judo.

Sambo variation of Judo Osoto Gari modified for NoGi – Kirill Sementsov

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A simple yet very effective set up for Sambo Otkhvat throw variation (Judo Osoto Gari) modified for No Gi grappling

The Arm Drag – 1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack

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Learn the Armdrag Jean Jacques Machado style

Jiu-jitsu Gripping Fundamentals Part 1

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Keenan shows some great tips and tricks in this first part of his BJJ Gripping Fundamentals

Standing Wrist Locks to Submissions

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Here's a few cool transitions for Wristlocks while standing

Collar Tie Triceps

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Cary Kolat teaches his 3 sec rule for tie-ups changing off from Collar Tie to Triceps Tie

Grip fighting basics – Controlling the inside lapel correctly

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This little grip trick will make all the difference in your game

Hip Throw Off A Single Leg Counter

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Darren Branch is Royler Gracie Black Belt from Cleveland Ohio. He shows us set up for the hip throw off a single leg counter.

Standing Wristlock – Daniel Rott

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Finish the fight still standing with this nasty Wristlock

Single leg to arm drag

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Kyle shows us how to do two follow up attacks to the single leg

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