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Fedor Emelianenko: Clinch and takedowns work- Seminar 2013

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42 Takedown Techniques in Just 6 Minutes BJJ Grappling – Jason Scully

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  Jason Scully: In this video you will find MY favorite takedown techniques that I personally use successfully on a regular basis in training and in competition. These technique reflect my game and are all ...

Simple Concept To Massively Improve Your Takedowns | Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

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  This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu concept by Kit Dale will massively improve your takedowns and throws. Want More Simple Tools that Improve Jiu Jitsu Fast? Go to WWW.BJJBUILDINGBLOCKS.COM

Osoto Gari for No Gi- Karo Parisyan

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  Popular UFC veteran Karo Parisyan demonstrates his vicious and unstoppable judo throws and takedowns modified for mixed martial arts competition.

Ouchi Gari No Gi – Karo Parisyan

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  Popular UFC veteran Karo Parisyan demonstrates his vicious and unstoppable judo throws and takedowns modified for mixed martial arts competition.

Drop seoi Nage No Gi – Karo Parisyan

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  UFC Veteran Karo Parisyan demonstrates one of his most successful MMA Judo throws the Drop Seoi-Nage.

Uchi Mata No Gi – Karo Parisyan

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  UFC veteran Karo Parisyan demonstrates this traditional powerful Judo throw, the Uchi-Mata, mmodified for Mixed Martial Arts competition.

Standing Kimura Throw – Karo Parisyan

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  UFC veteran and top contender Karo Parisyan demonstrates this devastating Kimura technique from the standing and ground positions.

Russian Armdrag- Darrel Gholar

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    A second example from the World Martial Art's Vale Tudo Takedowns, Darrell Gholar demonstrates proper takedown offense and takedown defense techniques as taught by him to the Brazilian Top Team. Kn...

Drop Seoi Nage- Travis Stevens

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  Travis Stevens who is a Black Belt Judoka (and Olympian) and a Black Belt in BJJ (was Brown Belt at the time of filming this video) shows a great drop Seoi Nage.  

Arm Drag to Double Leg- Marcelo Garcia

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  Instructional video from Four time Brazilian jiu-jitsu World Champion Marcelo Garcia. This is the man that Eddie Bravo calls the best in the world.

High Percentage Wrestling Takedowns

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  Ken Chertow is a US Olympian and a NCAA Championship Coach. Here you can learn from Coach Chertow personally at his year round and summer Gold Medal Training Camp. Take a look at this drill that will help yo...

High Percentage Upper Body Takedowns

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Rob Hermann, Head Coach for USA Wrestling's Greco-Roman program; 1996 US Olympic Greco-Roman Head Coach; 2000 US Olympic Greco-Roman Assistant Coach; 5x World Team member Give your wrestler and team a distinct ad...

How to adapt Judo for BJJ

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  Mike Lee (http://www.h2oma.com/) and Stephan Kesting (http://www.grapplearts.com) talk about how to adapt Judo for BJJ, including how to maneuver inside the guard, and how to throw someone who is bending ove...

Tito Ortiz – Head Snap Wrestling Takedown

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Jimmy Pedro – Tai Otoshi for BJJ

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  4x Olympian and US Olympic Judo team coach Jimmy Pedro shares a very nice body drop or Tai Otoshi technique with some potential modifications for the jiu jitsu game.

Jimmy Pedro – Osoto-Gari for BJJ

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  All Jiu-Jitsu matches start from standing, but at a lot of schools rolling starts from the knees. Some traditional Judo throws and take downs can be extremely effective and put you in a better position than ...

Seven takedowns every BJJ fighter should know

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Jay Valko's list of the seven takedowns every BJJ fighter should know. www.valkobjj.com. Like us on facebook for more videos: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Valko-...

Ronda Rousey Takedown Study – Judo in MMA (Redux)

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  From BJJ Scout.

Knee Osoto Gari for BJJ- Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens

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  2x US Judo Olympian & Renzo Gracie/John Danaher Black Belt Travis Stevens & 2012 US Olympic Judo Coach & World Judo Champion Jimmy Pedro share with you the best takedowns for Judo & BJJ!

2008 Worlds BJJ Take Downs & Throws

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  2008 Worlds BJJ Take Downs & Throws featuring Bill Cooper, Lucas Lepre, Kevin Casey, etc

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