Open/ Butterfly Guard Pass

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A BJJ Butterfly Guard Pass So Smooth But Surprisingly Simple

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This is one of my favorite Guard Passes in BJJ. And I've called in the Surfboard pass since I learned it. What's great about this pass is the functionality of it mixed with the appearance of being "fancy" or advan...

Pass butterfly guard – Roger Gracie

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Who struggles to pass butterfly guard? Here's some details behind a pass I like.

Honey Hole Setup – Back Step From Top Open Guard – Avellan

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This is probably one of the fastest ways to setup the knee bar or honey hole from having no grips whatsoever. When done right, it is like you teleported into the honey hole. :) The back step into the honey hole sho...

Open-Guard Passing Concepts | Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

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Open-Guard Passing Concepts | Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

Butterfly Guard Pass by Justin Hill

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Butterfly Guard Pass by Justin Hill

3 Butterfly Guard Leg Smash Passes! | Evolve

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Gamal Hassan from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 3 butterfly guard leg smash passes.

Kurt Osiander’s Move of the Week – Open-Butterfly Guard Pass

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week - Yokada Air Force Base Uprising BJJ - Open-Butterfly Guard Pass

Passing from the Leg-Weave Guard- Dominique Bell

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Dominique Bell: This is from a camp I ran for the BJJ Amsterdam Academy leading into the 2018 European Championships. I'm teaching a passing position I use a lot, as it keeps you safe from attack, and gives you a ...

Butterfly Passing – by Mike Tremblay

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Butterfly Passing Recap Michael talks about tying all of these passing pressures together and how they work based on the response of your opponent.

What’s The Best Way to Pass Butterfly Guard in BJJ ?

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What's the best way to pass butterfly guard in BJJ? This is the question I received recently from Callum. In BJJ I refrain from ever saying that a move is the BEST way to pass. For the simple fact that, what's ...

Godoi Loop Choke Against Butterfly Guard

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BJJ black belt Matt Godden shows a nasty loop choke variation when attacking the butterfly guard.

Passing the Butterfly Guard with the Knee Slice pass – Gustavo Gasperin

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Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to pass the Butterfly Guard using the Knee Slice pass and some other options depending on how early or late you are.

How to Shut Down the Open Guard – Stephan Kesting

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Before you pass the guard you have to not get swept or submitted. Here's my checklist to shut down the open guard as I fight for my own attacks.

Headstand Butterfly Guard Pass – Marcelino Freitas

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TGIF all! My friend Marcelino Freitas saw my butterfly guard study and wanted to share one of his favorite butterfly guard passes. Please do check him out on I...

Butterfly Guard Pass to Reverse Heel Hook- Augusto Frota

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  Augusto Frota of Frota Academy shows a nasty reverse heel hook when passing the butterfly guard! Reversal heel hook ☠ Works for me, let me know if works for u as well ?...

Butterfly Guard Pass -Gustavo Gasperin

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Gustavo Gasperin  shows some fine Butterfly Guard Pass details

Top Butterfly Mount Retention – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters shows Some great details to retain this position!

Countering the Butterfly Sweep – Stephan Kesting

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Countering the Butterfly Sweep by turning your opponent's leg from a frame into a lever with Stephan Kesting

Essence Of Jiu-Jitsu – Leo Vieira & Joao Paulo Bertuccelli

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Leo Viera helps demonstrate some essential details for executing a pass and grip fighting while passing. [Portuguese audio]

Armbar from Standing Guard Pass – Daniel Tavares

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 Daniel Tavares shows a nice quick finish for when you're facing an opponent in butterfly guard!       A finish from top for you guys. #sasteam #danieltavaresbjjacademy #kidsbjj #kidscl...

Back Take from Guard Pass

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 Back take by going around the hip, instead of under.         Back take by going around the hip, instead of under. Check us out @ ••• #waiau #waiauco #berimbolo #bj...

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