Open/ Butterfly Guard Pass

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Back Take from Guard Pass

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 Back take by going around the hip, instead of under.         Back take by going around the hip, instead of under. Check us out @ ••• #waiau #waiauco #berimbolo #bj...

Advanced Guard Passing Sequence – Rafa Mendes

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 Once known and feared for his berimbolo guard, now feared for his dynamic passing       The amazing Rafa Mendes // Once known and feared for his berimbolo guard, now feared for his dyn...

Guard Passing Drill – Jeff “Big Frog” Curran

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Pedro Sauer Online Training Academy presents some guard passing drills by Jeff Curran

Standing rolling loop choke – Marcelino Freitas

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Marcelino Freitas instructs on how to execute perfect loop choke while facing an opponent in butterfly guard

Passing the Guard and setting up D’arce choke – Nicolas Renier

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Black Belt in Luta Livre and BJJ, Nicolas Renier shows an interesting intense way to pass open guard and set up a D'arce choke in no time (warning: Nicolas speaks French but it's pretty easy to understand and observ...

“Glacier Pass” – Gunnar Nelson

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Technical video tour with Gunnar Nelson (who will fight soon in UFC), who shows the "Glacier Pass."

Guard Pass Sequence – JT Torres

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        @jtorresbjj with the trespassing technicals ! #showtheart #alltechnique #bjj #jiujitsu @atosjiujitsuhq #atos A video posted by Show the ART [ALLTECHNIQUE] (@showtheartx) on...

Loop Choke – Luka Anacoreta

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Luka Anacoreta (2x European champion and World medalist) shows a nice finish for the Loop Choke         Check out the new video, Loop Choke! #anacoretajiujitsu #lucaanacoreta #lu...

The Stack Pass – Andre Galvao

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Andre Galvao demonstrates the Stack pass     A video posted by Andre Galvao (@galvaobjj) on Apr 25, 2016 at 11:16pm PDT

Achilles Lock – Tom DeBlass

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Fun setup for the Achilles lock by Tom DeBlass Fun set up for the achilles lock with Choke Lab filming yesterday. #Repost @choke_lab with @repostapp ・・・ For all our leg hunters out there here is a choke_lab...

Back Take Pass – Leo Viera

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Leo Viera shows his trademark back take pass on Lucas Leite. Make this visually attractive move a part of your game asap!   A video posted by For Seminars 9093744183 (@lucasleitebjj) on Apr 18, 2016 at ...

TT Pass Variation 1- Rafael Mendes

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The famous guard pass developed at the TT academy in Sao Paolo and demonstrated by world champion.

Elbow Position in Guard Pass – 1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack

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This little positional detail can make all the difference to you when passing the guard

Matt Arroyo – Butterfly Guard Pass

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Matt Arroyo shows a Butterfly guard pass that can be used either with the Gi or in No Gi plus how to secure your Side control position

Combat Base Drilling To Knee Slide Pass

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Some conceptual drilling mechanics that will vastly improve one's passing game

Matt Arroyo – Slick Heel hook/Ankle Lock

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Watch as Matt Arroyo shows how to get a slick ankle lock or heel hook of your choice when someone is trying to get back to guard!

How to Steal Your Opponent’s Sole and Pass his Guard

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Stephan Kesting explains how the concept of stealing your opponent's sole will help you pass his guard in BJJ

Toreando Pass To Armbar

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Check out how to Armbar right away after the Toreando Pass

Butterfly Guard Pass

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This little detail with your hand will make all the difference when passing the Butterfly Guard

Butterfly Guard Pass “Bus Driver”

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3rd degree Bjj Black belt Pedro Vianna shares a Butterfly Guard pass that looks simple but works wonders when well performed

Knee Over Pressure Pass

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One of those passes your opponent will beg you to complete it fast and just pass