What’s the best way to pass butterfly guard in BJJ? This is the question I received recently from Callum.

In BJJ I refrain from ever saying that a move is the BEST way to pass.

For the simple fact that, what’s the best for me, may not be the best for you.

Body types, athleticism, styles. All these things play a role in dictating the type of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques we are going to favor over others.

But in this video I share 2 really SIMPLE Butterfly Guard passes you can use for Brazilian Jiujitsu training.

The biggest advice I have for these passes is to focus on the control 1st rather than the pass.

Remember, BJJ is about control 1st and foremost and being able to control someone’s body will allow the offensive attacks like submissions, sweeps and guard passes to come.

The 1st pass is a basic hop over pass and the 2nd is a easy kick out pass.

I hope these butterfly guard pass tips are helpful to you for your BJJ rolling and competitions. Again, pay close attention to the details on the controlling of the position. This is probably the most important part.