Open/ Butterfly Guard Pass

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Rodolfo Vieira’s Guard Passing Study Part 1 Pressure Passing

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Learn the secrets of Rodolfo's pressure passing

Countering the Butterfly Sweep – Stephan Kesting

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Countering the Butterfly Sweep by turning your opponent's leg from a frame into a lever with Stephan Kesting

Rafael Lovato Jr – Side Smash Pass from BJJ Library Seminar

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  Rafael Lovato Jr presents the Side Smash Pass from Headquarters position. Get instant access to Rafael Lovato Jr's Seminar at: Come train BJJ in San Diego and stay at the BJJ Hos...

Back Take Pass – Leo Viera

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Leo Viera shows his trademark back take pass on Lucas Leite. Make this visually attractive move a part of your game asap!   A video posted by For Seminars 9093744183 (@lucasleitebjj) on Apr 18, 2016 at ...

Armbar from Standing Guard Pass – Daniel Tavares

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 Daniel Tavares shows a nice quick finish for when you're facing an opponent in butterfly guard!       A finish from top for you guys. #sasteam #danieltavaresbjjacademy #kidsbjj #kidscl...

3 Butterfly Guard Leg Smash Passes! | Evolve

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Gamal Hassan from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 3 butterfly guard leg smash passes.

Heel Hook From The Top

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UFC Light Heavyweight fighter and BJJ black belt Anthony Perosh shows how to perform a Heel Hok from the top postion

Passing the Open Guard with Pedro Sauer

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  8th Degree Coral belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Pedro Sauer, shows the mechanics of passing the open guard when your opponent is controlling your sleeves. Notice the fine details in this instructional.

Davi Ramos ADCC Flying Armbar technique breakdown

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Davi Ramos pulled off a very slick flying armbar at ADCC. Noah Tillis gives us a breakdown of how it happened!

X-Pass to Arm in Ezekiel Choke- Michael Liera Jr

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Sit Up Guard Knee Cut Pass- Michael Liera Jr

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Michael Liera Jr. shows a knee cut pass vs a sit up guard that he used on his way to becoming 2014 Jiu-Jitsu World Champion at Brown Belt.

Elbow Smash Butterfly Guard Pass- Mahamed Aly

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Elbow Smash Butterfly Guard Pass- Mahamed Aly.

The Sanchez Guard Pass

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This video demonstrates how to perform what is called the "Sanchez". It is a guard pass where you control the underhook and chin and use a forward roll combined with a bridge.

Pass butterfly guard – Roger Gracie

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Who struggles to pass butterfly guard? Here's some details behind a pass I like.

Roger Gracie, Lasso-Half Guard Pass

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  In this video Roger demonstrates a guard pass when your opponent has you in a combination of a lasso-half guard. Assisting him is 2014 No-Gi World Champion, AJ Agazarm.

Butterfly Guard Pass -Gustavo Gasperin

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Gustavo Gasperin  shows some fine Butterfly Guard Pass details

The Front Step Through Pass

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Like always the most simple technique is the one that works best.

Teaching the Big Pressure Guard Passing Game

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Secret unvealed, learn the Carlson Gracie pressure guard passing

Power Knee Slice using Palm Down Grip with Xande Ribeiro

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    Xande teaches how to pass the guard with the power knee slice using the palm down grip. Get full access to the "Mastering the Knee Slice" series with Xande Ribeiro at:

Matt Arroyo – Slick Heel hook/Ankle Lock

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Watch as Matt Arroyo shows how to get a slick ankle lock or heel hook of your choice when someone is trying to get back to guard!

Butterfly Guard Pass

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This little detail with your hand will make all the difference when passing the Butterfly Guard

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